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  1. Yup! I gave up trying to run Genesys because it's too much work to convert entire settings, and when I presented the idea to my players after a mock battle to show how the dice system worked they complained that it took too long to tabulate the dice, I suggested a roller app, but they didn't want to burn their phone battery at the table. As a GM there's just not enough material available without building most of it from the ground up to really dive head first into a setting as deep as Star Trek. Instead I ran my Star Trek campaign in Fate Accelerated/Core, and we had an amazing time! We're currently on an end of Season break from Star Trek, scheduled to resume for Season 2 in the spring.
  2. Trying out my first game, turn 2 I chose House Logos. I played Library Access first card of the turn: "Play: For the remainder of the turn, each time you play another card, draw a card." Then played Wild Wormhole "Play: Play the top card of your deck." What is the proper order these effects resolve? I assume that when you play a card its effects resolve completely before other effects take place, even previous standing effects. Thanks!
  3. The Star Wars supplement "Stay on Target" has a lot of beast themed Talents that can (and have) be converted to Genesys. Also you could give them the tier 3 "Animal Companion" talent for Beast Tamer to represent a beast they've already tamed.
  4. You might look at heroic abilities from Terrinoth. You definitely could reflavor them, and write new ones into fighting styles. Heroic abilities grow with characters for every 50 xp gained without investing xp.
  5. Yeah, that's right in line of what it probably should be. In the Core Book, there is Defensive Stance tier 2 talent, that does the exact same thing for melee attacks. I'd definitely allow the exact same talent except for magical checks, within medium range range. The talent probably could be called "Improved Counterspell". You could keep the "targeting your character thing", but if you drop it, I'd trade it for something like instead of medium range, change it to short range. Improved Counterspell Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: Yes Once per round, your character may suffer a number of strain no greater than their ranks in Improved Counterspell to use this talent. Then, until the end of your character’s next turn, upgrade the difficulty of all magic skill checks within medium range targeting your character a number of times equal to the strain suffered.
  6. I was just re-reading the vehicle rules for an upcoming campaign. Let me see if I can help out with some of these questions, though by no means am I an expert in the vehicle rules of Genesys. Q1. If a vehicle has non-zero speed, it is moving its forced movement. And reposition is the only maneuver/action that grants range band movement. So the answer would be yes. Q2. I don't think so. There is no maneuver to "move" per se, other than reposition. A vehicle's movement is the forced movement based on their speed which happens either at the beginning or end of their turn. You totally can fly to one range band away: say a vehicle is flying at 1 speed that's 2 range bands of forced movement. If the pilot is at short range, and attempting to move to medium range, then they can move from short to medium back to short, then reposition to medium. Effectively spending one maneuver to move one range band. Q3. No. I see no problem with it being 1+ speed. Q4. No. I mean you could, or you can just use reposition for essentially the same thing. I was thinking of Star Wars stuff, I was like "Why would you be engaged in melee with vehicles?" Then I thought about mecha settings where that totally would happen. I'd just use reposition for essentially the same maneuver as moving into and out of engaged. Q5. But that's not true. Vehicles move because they have a non-zero speed. Reposition essentially 'corrects' overshooting your desired destination by one range band. Personally I really like Genesys's vehicle movement rules a ton more than the Star Wars games. It keeps in mind that vehicles that have greater than zero speed are constantly moving and flying around. Where as at personal scale a human can be standing around in combat, or at least taking very few steps that wouldn't constitute a full maneuver, like footwork in fighting. You're not moving trying to gain distance, rather you're simply stepping around to shift your weight. A vehicle doesn't have that kind of stationary position, unless it's actually stopped relative to the other things around it. Honestly, if you were so inclined, I doubt it would be a huge deal to change the reposition maneuver from "1+ speed" to "any speed". I can and have totally seen Star Trek ships blast a thruster to move over a little bit but otherwise start and end at zero speed. Which would be difficult to show off in the Genesys system as it sits. Also it would make sense for like a mecha settings where two mechas are sword fighting in space engaged, which should probably be at zero speed, but as long as they were going the same speed it wouldn't matter, then one wants to disengage. But also in the same scenario the mecha could just do an accelerate maneuver and move two range bands for essentially the same effect, except they'd be two range bands apart.
  7. Thanks! Looks good. Tactical combat is not a hexcrawl, not even close. Thanks for trying though.
  8. Hello community, I am curious if there are any Genesys rules and/or mechanics that support or would enhance a medium fantasy hexcrawl exploration campaign?
  9. I am setting up a Star Trek Genesys game also. I am basing a lot of the gear choices off of Star Trek Adventures, because I want to run a Star Trek Adventures game, but I hate the Modiphius' 2d20 system. I am basing the weapons off of various gear from the Genesys sample settings. Like a Phaser type-1 is simply a laser pistol from the Science Fiction setting example, and I added a Stun setting Gear in Star Trek probably should be downplayed especially as rewards since in modern Trek nearly everything can be replicated, so all common gear should be 100% available as long as the characters have access to a replicator. Restricted gear like Romulan Ale or a Dominion plasma rifle could be used as motivators for gear. Combat probably should be downplayed a lot too since Star Trek combat (remakes, and Discovery notwithstanding) in most Star Trek battles even when the enemies start shooting at the officers, they stop and try to talk instead of shooting until the enemies are all dead. My campaign is also post-Voyager so I am adding in the option for players to play freed borg drones (based off of biodroids in the cyberpunk example), and toying with the idea of adding holographic crew members with mobile emitters (basically robots from sci-fi but without wounds, only strain). Otherwise most of the rules can be lifted from the existing sci-fi setting example, space opera setting example, and ship rules.
  10. How do you plan on handling this? I think that this may come up in many magical games, as well as scifi/space opera games where there are holographic projections. Currently I'm working on a post-Voyager Star Trek campaign, so holographic crew with mobile emitters are definitely possible. But also for the illusion magic when things try to attack a mage's mirror image type spell, or attack an illusion of a dragon or something. Should they just be immune to damage, or some other narrative effect? Or take strain to represent dwindling energy of the illusion/hologram? What are the community's thoughts?
  11. Used in combat, and for combat are two very different things. Once per encounter, for 1 round. That's what I was trying to do without pigeonholing it. Thanks everyone I've nailed down the talent I want to use!
  12. Nah, I just don't want Vulcan Nerve Pinch to be primarily a combat talent. It's more of a narrative story beat done outside of combat. Since in most Star Trek, combat is done with phasers or ships' phasers at range. Making a talent where brawl does stun damage during combat is exactly what I don't want. I don't want Vulcan Nerve Pinch to be a combat talent. That's why it's Brawl vs. Resilience check instead of a Brawl attack check. I know what stun damage is and what it does. The point is that this talent isn't meant for combat. A Vulcan rushing forward into a firefight trying to Nerve Pinch a dude who is shooting at them is idiotic. Most of the time we see a Vulcan Nerve Pinch in the Star Trek shows it's in some tense scene where the situation might explode into combat, and the Vulcan Nerve Pinches the adversary, then they drag the enemy to the brig. What's what I envision this talent to be used for, not used for combat. I apologize that I didn't explain this earlier. The responses makes sense that because I didn't explain it well enough that you all didn't understand.
  13. Thank you for all the responses. All good notes, however the spirit of the Vulcan Nerve Pinch is not an attack that does stun damage. Spock grabs an adversary's shoulder and puts them down for a little bit. So the Pressure Point talent, while a good recommendation is not something I am going to use. I agree Concussive 3 is too much for 5xp. However I do want to point out that under my system of "Background talents", that 5xp must come from the character's starting XP, and it costs more later. I could see it being a Tier 3 talent later though. How about changing it to Concussive 1, making the talent Once per Encounter, and it deals zero damage? Vulcan Nerve Pinch Tier: Background (Tier 1) or Tier 3 Activation: Action Requirements: Vulcan, or Brawn 4 You have learned numerous techniques for the stimulation and control of nerve impulses collectively called neuropressure. Some applications of neuropresure can be used to swiftly and nonlethally incapacitate assailants. Once per encounter you may make a Brawl versus Resilience check against an engaged target to afflict the staggered condition (treat Vulcan Nerve Pinch as having the Concussive 1 quality) . This Brawl check is unable to inflict strain damage.
  14. Hello community! I am working on my Star Trek Genesys campaign and coming up with some species background talents. I am sort of stuck on the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Here's what I have so far: Vulcan Nerve Pinch Tier: Background (Tier 1) or Tier 2 Activation: Action Requirements: Vulcan, or Brawn 4 You have learned numerous techniques for the stimulation and control of nerve impulses collectively called neuropressure. Some applications of neuropresure can be used to swiftly and nonlethally incapacitate assailants. Once per round you may make a Brawl versus Resilience check against an engaged target to afflict the staggered condition (treat Vulcan Nerve Pinch as having the Concussive 3 quality) . Is it too powerful? Not useful? I made it Tier 1 with the idea that this easily could be a talent that a Vulcan can start with during character creation. I am also working with the idea of Background Talents: Talents that can be taken during character creation as a Tier 1 talent by spending starting XP, but if a character doesn't take it as a background talent during character creation, then it changes to a different Tier. Also, I made the requirement Vulcan or Brawn 4 because we've seen other characters in Star Trek do a Vulcan Nerve Pinch who were not Vulcans (namely Data from TNG). So either a character who is Vulcan or sufficiently strong character can learn to perform a Vulcan Nerve Pinch. This is the part I am least attached to. I wouldn't mind if it was a Vulcan only talent. I'd love some feedback, thanks!
  15. While it's not grouped up under knowledges, isn't Streetwise already its own kind of special knowledge skill? I have added an arcane knowledge skill to represent knowledge of magics and other mystical things, using the modern definition of 'arcane'. I like Lore and Education as subdivisions of knowledge. I consider wilderness information and training under the survival skill. Just my 2 cp.
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