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  1. All small except the Hound's Tooth which is large.
  2. They will probably announce in alpha order too.
  3. X-wing announcements incoming... https://twitter.com/teamcovenant/status/589172563072286722
  4. Team Covenant said that they teased "big announcements" at the panel, just not any Ep. VII stuff. https://twitter.com/teamcovenant/status/589167907956924417 Could be anything though, not necessarily X-wing related.
  5. Personally, I would switch out Backstabber for Dark Curse. More durable.
  6. How about two interceptors and a phantom?
  7. I can only hope. I good offline way to build squads in iOS would be great.
  8. drylndsurf

    X-Wing Command

    This is probably getting overlooked due to the new ships announced at GenCon, but I'm pretty excited by what's apparently called "X-Wing Command". From the shots here (https://twitter.com/teamcovenant/status/500317670131388416/photo/1) it looks like it's some kind of online tool for sharing campaigns, tracking your collection, and building lists. There are a lot of good list building tools already out there, it will be interesting to see if FFG can improve on those.
  9. I was kinda thinking that too, but on a large ship at least you won't be immediately ionized the next round unless you're hit by another ion attack. it does make you more vulnerable, but for the cost it may be worth the risk. You'll just have to make sure the second time you use it your in a place where you don't mind going 1 forward next turn.
  10. That was a great game. I felt like your list was very effective at neutralizing the Phantom. Stress just messes them up big time.
  11. Whenever cards refer to the "firing arc" they are referring to the arc printed on the card which does not include the 360 arc from turreted primary weapons. In the case of the Firespray, however, it does apply to both the forward and aft arcs because they are both printed on the base. You can read more about it in the FAQ.
  12. That stinks. Sorry man. But on the bright side... If they are liquidating you may be able to find some good x-wing deals at B&N in the coming weeks.
  13. Sorry if this has already been discussed: Did anyone notice that the Decimator comes with an evade token and the 2400 doesn't? Perhaps one of the Decimator's cards grants it some evade tokens.
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