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  1. So....was there anything going on for netrunner at the great plains convention? I dont lurk around netrunner forums often....since. ....I never get to play. (Whats worst is I just left my gamming group....its hard for me to leave the house, and im sick of having to be around people I dont want to just so I can play games) Wish I would have saw this post earlier. ....the only thing in this god forsaken town is magic....and I am NOT doing that again.whole life wasted on chasing cards and i cant do it anymore. (Do I sound disgruntled??? Because I am )
  2. Alright- for Whatever reason- Hobby town straight up lied to me. They said only a few players where showing up, and that they had OP. When I went in today- they guy told me only two people have ever showed up....and havent been there for a long time....... Im a sad panda to say the least.
  3. HobbyTown USA Lincoln NE We have Netrunner events scheduled every Wednesday at 5:30pm, and are part of the organized play forums on Fantasy Flight Games website. Apparently not many people are showing up. So lets spread the word. I will try and be their tomorrow- but I have a son so its not garanted. has anyone ever gone to this???
  4. Also.....maybe you should try Gauntlet Games. The guy at the counter said that people play it there often. Have you looked into that?
  5. Wednesday is hobby towns "Play whatever you want day" right? What are people playing that they are not playing Netrunner??? X-wing maybe?? (I would be there if I wasn't so busy on Wednesday.)
  6. Apparently Gauntlet Games has a lot of Android: Netrunner players, and are trying to establish a game night for it as well. I have yet to play Android Netrunner, as Mage Wars has encompassed my entire being for the past few months, but I don't think I can miss out on this game! Just thought I would throw that out there, just in case you wanted some more options, or you are in need of some more players. Happy Gaming!
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