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  1. Thanks for the reply. I know the section you mentioned and it's because of how it is written in relation to the previous section that leads me to believe that there is a functional difference between talents/powers that allow you to "gain" versus those that allow you to "add". It's very possible that I'm reading too much into something that's not there and I'd really love it to work the way you're suggesting. So for my own peace of mind, I sent the devs a message for rules clarification.
  2. I thought these kinds of Force power Control upgrades only allow the player to gain Success or Advantage if the initial skill check is successful (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook p. 281, section on Combined Force Power Checks). In other words, the PC has to succeed on the check first without considering the Force pips and if successful (one uncancelled Success), then they can spend pips to gain more Success or Advantage to boost the results. This is different from Force Talents (like Intuitive Shot) that allow you to straight up add Success or Advantage to a check before resolving success/failure.
  3. While skimming through various forum posts to brush up on my understanding of Force Power Move and how “Force Push” could be replicated, I came across an underlying assumption from many posts/posters that (to me at least) seemed off. First, the descriptions from the Force & Destiny Core Rulebook. Basic Power: The user may spend FP to move one object of silhouette 0 that is within short range up to their maximum range (my emphasis added). The default maximum range is short range (my emphasis added). Range Upgrade: Spend FP to increase the maximum range at which the user can move objects by a number of range bands equal to the number of Range upgrades purchased (my emphasis added). Because the description seems to differentiate between a starting range and a maximum range, I'm led to believe that whatever target you intend to affect, must start within short range of you, no matter how many Range upgrades you have or how many FP you spend. However, the assumption I’ve come across seems to be that purchasing Range upgrades increases both the starting default range (short range) as well as the default maximum range (short range). TL;DR Which is correct? Range upgrades increase just my maximum range. Or, range upgrades increase both the starting range and my maximum range.
  4. From page 4 of the "FFG Developer Answererd Questions" stickied topic.... Hello Mr. Simms, You can only generate one Critical Injury per hit, so one hit against a minion group can only generate one Critical Injury. Therefore the additional Advantage would not kill additional minions. Hope this helps! Sam Stewart Senior RPG Producer Fantasy Flight Games
  5. Awesome work Kualan! One thing I noticed, in the low-res version, p 43 is in-between p39 and p40. I quickly checked the rest of both hi-res and low-res documents and only found the above page in the wrong order. Everything else looks amazing. Looking forward to reading it this weekend.
  6. I'm returning to this awesome app after several months away, with what I think is a new installation. However, whenever I try to open "Conjure" in the Force Powers, I'm getting an exception error message. It's not happening for any other power (or any other item for that matter) except for Conjure. Anyone have any thoughts/ideas?
  7. Yeah, "Split Fire" would be a better name to fit that description.
  8. I get what you're saying from a GM-perspective, so I had to double-check the description: "After the character makes a successful combined check with two Ranged (Light) weapons, each additional hit generated as part of the attack can be allocated to any other target within range of the weapon." (Fly Casual p33) My interpretation would be, you could target at Short and then hit at Medium, which seems pretty bad@ss. Doesn't even need to have the "quasi-autofire" effect you're suggesting, to be effective. Say you've got a Nemesis with Adversary 2 at Medium, and his Minions at Short. If you can hit the Minions at Short with appropriate Advantage, then you get a hit on the Nemesis at Medium, bypassing his difficulty.
  9. I dunno, Spitfire seems pretty cool as is. You can target at Short Range and then if successful with appropriate advantage, hit a different target at Medium Range, or even Long if you get the talents/gear without having to up the original difficulty of Short Range.
  10. I thought so too for the longest time, but the rules for "Two Weapon Combat" never talk about targets in the plural, but rather a single target.
  11. Wow! Why so daunting? More like Formidable. Must have been some cliff!
  12. It's not "Light Side approved" if the motives/reasons behind the action are pernicious. That's what makes the Conflict mechanic important and potentially "balancing", with respect to Force Powers.
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