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  1. Thats right and I really like the fact it's just better now
  2. @esplanades I totally agree with you BUT if you look at the Upcoming-page of FFG you see that we will only get The Black Serpant adventure pack before Mountain of Fire will be released (which most of us think will happen at GenCon). The other two remaining packs of the Harad-cycle are still "In Development" which is very sad especially considering the fact that the deluxe box came out in late 2016. Essentially that means we will "only" get one full cycle in a one year span which puts the LOTR LCG in the dead-last spot comparing it to the other LCG's of FFG. #feelsbad
  3. Careful wolframius that was a borderline-"The game is dying" post.
  4. They will need it These Hosts are nothing to sneeze at. We handled them with a nearly full geared Beregond (Gondorian Shield + Raven-winged Helm + Burning Brand + Armored Destrier). Only Captain of Gondor was missing because the encounter deck stole it from us before the Brand was equipped (**** you Sorcery of Carn Dum!). That's "only" 2 damage per round (taken care of by Warden of Headling) and the Host itself was put to the sword by some really angry Booming Ents. I definitely can recommend Ents in this scenario because you have some time to build up your board state in phase 1 and they are great at taking archery damage to there advantage!
  5. That seems incorrect in my eyes because you still could end up drawing that side quest in your "normal" starting hand. Thurindir triggers after drawing your hand (and possible mulligan) and you can search your deck for another sidequest (if you still have one in there).
  6. http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/2281/middle-earth-auction-gondor-and-company
  7. As an addition there the quest card Sahir's Betrayal does instruct you to " Make the set aside Shrine to Morgoth the active location, Grotto side faceup. " However it does not say "return any active location to the staging area" like for example the second quest card in Watcher in the Water did.
  8. @Seastan Hi! Sorry for not showing up for such a long time. To stay true to your list I would pick Bard the Bowman as my 6th hero. He is listed at 6 in your list so I guess I have to plan 7 threat correct?
  9. At least you will have the chance to play this. We in Germany will like not have that opportunity unless someone buys the English PoD's and runs a privat event (which still would miss the german version and the fellowship goodies). It's really frustrating because we still muss Belegost as PoD in german so Annuminas even as PoD seems a long time away (or more like "not gonna happen").
  10. As Sprotte mentioned Eryn Galen Settler seems to be a straight up misprint. Can anyone else confirm that? Would be a real bummer...
  11. Sooooooo if you don't want to use his Response because you for example play multiplayer.... Is he worth 3 resources for 2 willpower? I would say no but wouldn't be surprised if people think different about that.
  12. Idraen should also be locked because I bit my Valour-Vote on her together with Mardi and Aragorn(LE) and was not outbid on any of these 3 since Feb15. If so I could start building that deck and try to get a partner deck going if I can get another 3 heroes.
  13. That's simply because he came exclusively at GenCon and didn't find his way to the fellowship events like Legolas did.... :( Real bummer for everyone who simply can't afford to go to GenCon but well at least there are pictures out there to print a copy for yourself and put it into the sleeve with the original Gimli.
  14. It was 47 out of 60 (Niklas and I build up some defense ) so not even close Great quest and truly a great experience everybody should try out if they get enough people together to play epic multiplayer in real life or via OCTGN.
  15. Passive abilities always check the game status. So when Beorn gets his text back, any attachment will be discarded immediately. It's different to restrictions on attachments because a condition like "can only be played on a lore hero" is only checked when you want to play that kind of attachment. Once it's down you don't need to pay the cost for that attachment anymore and since it's attached to a character you don't need to "play" that attachment again. I hope you guys understand what I tried to say here
  16. Hm maybe I will go two handed, too Prince Imrahil (Le) - 7
  17. There is the COTR Discord Channel where you could meet up with people. I'm not familiar with how to send invites to that channel, can someone else do that?
  18. Mardi provides the needed tactics symbol and Aragorn could potentially get it via Roheryn if I go this road. But first I have to get that hero lineup which seems difficult to pull of but we will see.
  19. Amarthiul - 12 Aragorn (Le) - 10 Idraen - 12 Valour-Mode here I come
  20. Yeah and maybe try a 3-Hobbit Lineup + Aragorn/Theodred/Eowyn to beat that quest if you don't have more then Core-Set + Black Riders. I could see this combo go it's way to victory with a lot of help by Sneakattack+Gandalf to deal with some nasty Nazguls.
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