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  1. You just gotta know where to look https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/android-netrunner-the-card-game/
  2. They don't? They were released AS PDFs so people could make their own, because FFG wouldn't have time to print and ship them. That was the point.
  3. WotC can't dictate to FFG what games to create. They could however have withheld the licence. Equally, Asmodee may have made the decision, as the parent company of FFG. Or Eurazeo, as the parent company of Asmodee (don't forget that Asmodee went up for sale recently, Eurazeo may have been looking to make the balance sheet as attractive as possible). Or Hasbro, as the parent company of WotC. It's easy to cast blame about, but none of us were party to that decision, so it's just speculation unless we get an official statement (which is highly unlikely).
  4. And yet others in the past have been annoyed when FFG print multiple copies of the Shards and Fragments, (for example) instead of printing more variety (like they did by including minifaction cards in this deluxe). Seems like no matter what you do you can't win.
  5. The revised core is a much more balanced "out of box" game than the original core, so if you can get one and want it as a boxed game by itself, I'd say go for it.
  6. Some hope for you both; FFG have tweeted that a second print run is being rushed out in time for the October cutoff.
  7. Some good news; FFG have tweeted that R&R is having a second print run rushed through.
  8. Except that's exactly what they did with Conquest.
  9. More likely they can't talk about it, period. This is part of how contracts work. Look up non-disclosure agreements.
  10. It's VERY unlikely there'll be any reprints now, simply because of the lead times on products. Once it goes to print, there's the manufacturing and shipping queues, and any delay to that process means likely missing the October cutoff (which would be very tight to hit anyway) and any stock not sold at that point is money lost. Are you US based? I can have a mooch for Old Hollywood for you in the UK, if you're ok with having it shipped from here.
  11. Paraphrasing: otherwise, what's to stop you shoving the rulebook for Warhammer 40k through a thesaurus and publishing it as your own unique game?
  12. FFG don't monitor or respond to these forums. If you want them to listen to you, contact them directly.
  13. "Runner", by itself? Unlikely. "Netrunner" specifically, in the context of a card game? Almost certainly.
  14. Because for many of us, we don't want a complete game. We want a LIVING game - one that continually grows and evolves, with a shifting metagame and a dynamic card pool (plus ongoing Organised Play support).
  15. Every single thing FFG have done suggests they expected to get the licence renewed. They wouldn't have scheduled a Core 2.0 if they didn't expect it to be an entry point into a new metagame.
  16. Nobody I know sells an LCG on that basis. An LCG is a lifestyle product, and the core set is sold as either a self-contained game to play by itself (and against itself), or as the gateway to the larger metagame and all the additional purchasing that entails.
  17. This topic. Dead horse. Mep, if you're so certain that FFG are wrong on this then I urge you to go out there and make a comparable product but at the price point and marketing/distribution method you suggest. The market will bear out if you're right or not. Like it or not FFG have run the numbers, as Grimwalker has stated time and again. It would cost significantly more than $50 to make a Core set that includes the same variety of cards but with full playsets of everything without absolutely gutting their own margins to the point of not being profitable to produce; and as the MAJORITY of LCG sales are single-core only as a buy-and-try, there is literally no incentive to a company to wreck their margin on a product that won't promote future purchases as a result.
  18. The reason you might be having trouble with this is down to the timing chart - it's a non-intuitive part of Netrunner that a run is declared successful BEFORE any accesses happen. So, you approach R&D. You commit to access. The run is successful, and any cards that trigger on "when run successful" happen NOW. (This also includes any cards that pay on a successful run, like the no-longer legal Desperado and Temujin Contract, but NOT cards that trigger when a successful run ENDS, like Dirty Laundry or Dedicated Response Team). You decide to force the draw or not. Then you move to the access step and access whatever is the top card of R&D.
  19. You mean like the Sunny card included in the card fan in the linked preview? EDIT: Sorry, did you mean you wanted the details? I think I misread your post.
  20. Yes, Mass Commercialisation works with Satellite Grid.
  21. I think Grim may have been referring to the fact that Netrunner is set in New Angeles, not Los Angeles...
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