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  1. Where? EDIT: Nevermind.
  2. a) FFG don't read these forums b) They're already correcting (by now have corrected) the MWL
  3. Disregard; didn't realise there was a second page and this was already answered.
  4. Whether the card is good or not remains to be seen, but I'd think that being able to get a temporary free rez is an appropriately strong ability for a 3/1. It's on par with Unorthodox Predictions.
  5. Cell Portal derezzes each time the subroutine resolves. The Corp must be able to rez it each time.
  6. An old movie.
  7. Depends what you want from the game. Myself and most others will recommend a second as there are enough cards you want to add to your collection. The third set is really only for completionists.
  8. Excellent answer Grim. My only minor niggle (and it is a minor one, but it makes my brain itch not to say anything) is the use of gendered pronouns to refer to Apex (it matters to some people).
  9. Temujin doesn't HAVE a trash cost.
  10. Sounds xactly as I would interpret it. This probably belongs to a separate thread but I thought it was an interesting choice to include the grim rule in the rule book and to call it a rule rather than a guideline or suggestion or something similar. I totally see how it fits in the theme of the game and is a good suggestion - just the choice of calling that a rule is odd imo. What if there are players that like to spend 10min on the internet to clarify a situation before they continue playing? Would that be "cheating"? Also, if I decided to interpret the conflict in the best possible way, and it turns out to be the right way, would that be cheating? I mean I am totally fine because I can choose to play whatever I want. I just remember feeling odd when reading the rulebook. I know the comparison is a bit of a stretch but it felt a little bit like writing a suggestion to play in candle light and calling that a rule. Anyway - it is not really important - I just thought it was an interesting choice. It's perfectly plausible to imagine with future releases that there may be card interactions that even a thorough and literal reading of the rules might not give a clear single correct resolution. In those situations the Grim Rule will come into effect while we wait for an official site response.
  11. Forgive me if someone beat me to this; I've not read the whole thread - but you CANNOT simply equate a resource to an action in determining cost. It ignores both the free resource you get every turn, AND any additional resource acceleration your deck contains (such as Hot Streak, Burglary, Emergency Cache, Sure Gamble etc.). Not to mention tempo, which is REALLY hard to quantify (as was mentioned above).
  12. Correct, you have to have to potential to actually change the game-state by initiating your action.
  13. I don't see any problem with some of the cards like 'discordant voices' etc being carried across, but some are clearly encounter specific. On top of that, fog on the train might just be a little TOO odd
  14. For default campaign play, you always start a campaigh with 0 XP, which means only level 0 cards. As you gain XP you can include higher level cards up to your character's highest level allowance (so Skids can include any Rogue cards, and Guardian cards level 0, 1, and 2).
  15. Actually Roland is one of the best to deal with that due to his Investigator ability combined with cards like Evidence!.