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  1. As long as both players are building from the same pool there shouldn't be any major issues*. My only real concern would be choice-paralysis - too many good card combinations to explore. *Caveat - I have not even begun to imagine all the possible combinations or exploits of the campaign cards combined with the larger cardpool.
  2. Yeah, I'm hoping to swap sides and play with revised core cards now.
  3. My campaign partner and I enjoyed it a lot. The story is so-so; the legacy aspects were a lot of fun.
  4. Yes, because it's en either/or option. When presented with a binary choice like this, you make the decision, then deal with any resulting consequences of that decision, but the other option never gets picked (however, you MUST choose an option you are ABLE to fulfil). With Fairchild, the runner could also, for example, use a prevent effect to avoid trashing the installed card (such as LLDS energy regulator). Compare this with a card like ****** and Grab, which specifically states you may take a tag to prevent a connection being trashed - the wording here means that taking the tag is a cost. If you prevent the cost, you haven't paid it, and so the thing happens. So, the difference: The first card, is choose A or B. Deal with A or B happening. The second card is A happens, but you may pay cost B to prevent A. Black Level Clearance falls into the first category. I hope that helps, rather than confusing matters further.
  5. Don't do more than the card tells you. You aren't instructed to remove the advancement tokens, so don't. If the ICE is derezzed, you'll be glad they were there. Alternatively, you might use them with Trick of Light or Constellation Protocol, or, as you mentioned, RPC. You cannot use Dedication Ceremony on a scored Atlas, as scored cards are not installed. Even if you could, you wouldn't be triggering the "when scored" ability again.
  6. Not a dumb question at all, Netrunner has a lot of non-intuitive rules. Basically, cards which trigger when accessed always work unless otherwise stated (such as Snare! like nungunz mentioned), or have their effect preceded by another card effect, causing the trigger condition to become invalid before it can resolve (such as Film Critic and Explod-a-palooza).
  7. The more I thought about trying to come up with some kind of a workaround punishment, the more it seemed there were niche applications for abuse. It seems like the easiest solution is to pick either 1 or 5, and treat all illegal bids as this, forever. Then there's no incentive to bid illegally for any reason (as it's just like a legal bid) and any accidents are just dealt with like a legal bid but with a (possibly) sub-optimal pick.
  8. Sorry if this is actually covered but I can't find it. The honor dial physically allows for a non-bid, but the rules specify a number from 1-5 must be bid. What do you do if one player (deliberately or accidentally) reveals a dial without a number showing as their bid?
  9. Where? EDIT: Nevermind.
  10. a) FFG don't read these forums b) They're already correcting (by now have corrected) the MWL
  11. Disregard; didn't realise there was a second page and this was already answered.
  12. Whether the card is good or not remains to be seen, but I'd think that being able to get a temporary free rez is an appropriately strong ability for a 3/1. It's on par with Unorthodox Predictions.
  13. Cell Portal derezzes each time the subroutine resolves. The Corp must be able to rez it each time.
  14. An old movie.
  15. Depends what you want from the game. Myself and most others will recommend a second as there are enough cards you want to add to your collection. The third set is really only for completionists.