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  1. Like all StarCraft threads, this is a necro, but I wanted to add a clear answer. This is for Brood War (never played just the original StarCraft): Sacrifice unit (A) attacking Cloaked unit (B). Cases: (1) A cannot attack B because of Flying/Ground capabilities. Result: Nothing is destroyed. (2) A can attack B but does not have sufficient strength. Result: Nothing is destroyed. (3) A can attack B and has sufficient strength. Result: B is destroyed. B's Cloaking allows it to withdraw and become un-destroyed. In all three cases A and B survive, but in (3) the Cloaked unit is forced to withdraw.
  2. Tech Startup • Neutral • Asset • Rez: 0 • Trash: 1 • Influence: 0 When your turn begins, you may trash Tech Startup. If you do, search R&D for an asset, reveal it, and install it. Shuffle R&D. Question: Must I install the revealed asset in the same server as Tech Startup?
  3. Can someone at least tell me the name of the non-Smyrna planet on tile 1A? "?icca" - I cannot figure out what that first letter is. Thanks!
  4. This BGG thread [1] referred to an even more recent tweet from Lukas [2], also contradicting the FAQ. The issue appears to be that mandatory triggers take precedence over optional triggers. Since ST is mandatory and AS is optional, ST preempts AS. [1] https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1375404/conflicting-ruling-lukas-re-account-siphon-and-sec [2] https://twitter.com/RukasuFox/status/585261622391771136
  5. FAQ 2.0 (3/25/2015): If Security Testing is used on HQ and the Runner plays an Account Siphon, can she choose which replacement effect to use? Yes. Both of the cards have the same trigger condition, so the Runner can choose the order that they resolve in (and thus which one is used). This text is unchanged from FAQ 1.6 (10/15/2014). However, this tweet from Lukas dated 2/6/2015 directly contradicts the FAQ: https://twitter.com/RukasuFox/status/563894763322355712 ST and AS are common in Criminal decks, and players may put ST on HQ only to change their minds and want to play AS instead. Which is correct, the FAQ or the tweet? Thanks.
  6. I stopped playing a few months back due to all SM, all the time, and I just came back to check out the scene. I tune into Team Covenant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6idP3MuktXY&t=10s Evidently not much has changed? It somehow seems worse even than the year-long dominance of NEH in A:NR.
  7. First games tomorrow! Jumping right in to 5-player, going to use all the Morrslieb Chaos Decks, going to leave out the eight Expert-level Old World Cards. (The new "Horned One's Due" is supposed to always be in there, right? Anyway I haven't read any complaints about that card.) I don't think any of us have ever played this game before. Pretty excited. I told everyone to leave their Euro-whinging at home and get ready for rampant unfairness.
  8. One of the great things about SC:TBG/BW is that games do not take an entire day, unlike GoT. Hoping for the same from Forbidden Stars!
  9. Can a single PPVP both supply credits to play Trade-In and be trashed by it in the same action?
  10. I fervently hope that any second edition does not make Android a "Cluedo" murder mystery with an "actual" murderer that you have to discover. I know you didn't suggest this in your post, but it's a common theme of these message boards and reviews of the game. This is not a failure of design, it is a failure of setting expectations correctly. The way the game plays out feels very true to the kinds of characters we are dealing with: the "suspects" are friends or enemies of the detectives, or people to whom they owe a debt or against whom they hold a grudge, or whatever... yes, your detective is trying to manipulate the evidence, that's what that part of the game is really about. Maybe the detectives are lying to themselves about their motives, and only the players see it with clarity. Or perhaps the detectives know full well what they are doing, but the ends justify the means... The same goes for the conspiracy. Your detective tries to link up Jinteki. Why? Because your detective's gonna get whacked otherwise, or the corp will terminate your detective's lover, or any other rationale you want to dream up. I love it. The game is a free-for-all for digging deep into this gritty world... A review cited a few messages back in this forum said it felt strange that leads are manipulated by a fellow player rather than a die roll. Of course they are! That is your detective manipulating evidence, planting leads, or whatever. Yes, it is a back-stabbing brutal world out there... I think a second edition should make this clear on the first page of the revised rulebook: that this is not a "Cluedo" style game. So much angst and pain on these forums could be alleviated. A real murder with a neatly tied-up solution? Not in the Android universe.
  11. Ah, I get it with respect to Nasir. The FAQ states An ice is considered “just rezzed” for Nasir’s ability if it is rezzed at any time during timing structure 2 of a run. So even though the AC ice was just rezzed, it is not considered to be just rezzed for Nasir, so none of his effects take place. Thanks!
  12. When in the timing structure does the Awakening Center rez its ice? I cannot find an answer in the FAQ or on the net. My hypothesis is that it is in "3.2: [...] ...Or the run continues [...]". If the ice is rezzed, then the runner encounters the ice and timing structure 3 begins immediately. Some implications: no paid ability window until the encounter with the AC ice begins, and Nasir loses all his credits but gains none, since the ice was not rezzed in timing structure 2 of the run (per Nasir's FAQ entry). Is this interpretation correct? Thanks!
  13. @XUR: Wow, the blends on your Zerg faction are beautiful! I'd like to paint up my armies, but I'm pretty inexperienced. Any advice on techniques that worked well for the Starcraft armies? Also, I figure you went with green and blue ID colors for the other zerg and terran factions, but what did you pick for the other protoss faction to contrast with what looks like a gold metallic? silver? or a more red/orange gold? Moar pictures!
  14. So, barring card effects, the only situation in which one can get rid of more cards than strictly necessary to get under a limit (such as hand size) would be when the runner is allowed to trash any number of programs if a new one is installed?
  15. Can you discard cards from Grip or HQ if you are not over your hand limit?
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