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  1. Krios tugged at his snug tunic eyeing how far it pulled away from his body. “Shopping? My favorite. Can’t wait to see the selection” he said wryly.
  2. Krios is more of a physical being. More useful in this scenario if things go horribly wrong. He might be a little useful in sneaking into or accessing physical places
  3. "Right..." Krios leaned in and his low voice got lower. "I believe there was some talk of peacefully accessing the port systems - from this diner - to get access to the ship?" Krios looked around hoping one of his fellow Padawan's or one of the new-comers would come forward with the next step.
  4. I've been gaming for around 30 years and here's my top games list (no particular order): Saga Edition Star Wars: With Skill Challenges it has a lot of narrative/cinematic options. It has a lot to offer and is a complete system. You can play it as tactical (or not - I usually haven't) as you want and add narrative/cinematic flair all you want. Some characters can be unbalanced (but this grip also easily applies FFG Star Wars). FFG Star Wars: Fun game with a lot to offer (no need for detail here). Recently finished running a ~3 year campaign which was a lot of fun. Parts of the game took some work to get to work but I'm pleased with it. Legend of the Five Rings - 4th Edition. Amazing setting for role-playing. 4E is complete with a ton of options. Balanced and fun. The One Ring - A great character system that plays well to the themes and tropes of Lord Of The Rings. D&D 5E - Fun and simple, well balanced. Each class given distinct and fun options. Current game I'm playing in (3rd campaign).
  5. Krios looked around, and leaned in a bit and in a low husky voice said to Zoroku: "If you think we can trust him...go for it. Having outside allies is always good."
  6. There really aren't classes in this system and Careers aren't really the same at all. FFG uses the concept of Careers a lot to organize material (a book for each Career for example) but really it only has a minor effect on building characters. You only ever only have one Career which you choose at character creation. The only real limitation this places on you is that you can only purchase Signature Abilities from your career (powerful talent trees you can buy into eventually). It also makes it a little cheaper to buy Specializations in your career. It's easier to think of things in terms of Specializations rather than Careers. Specializations belong to Careers (though some belong to none and are considered Universal, meaning they're considered part of every Career). Specializations (and your Career) make given skills cheaper to purchase. You can buy any skill you want but if it's a Specialization skill you can buy it a little cheaper. So some of the barriers/features that multi-classing offers in d20 systems isn't really relevant - proficiencies, skill access, etc. You can buy whatever skills you want - 5XP cheaper if it's in any your Specialization or Career. Specialiations offer up Talents for purchase that give you the ability to do cool things - often involving skill checks - so players will seek out a specialization that offers Talents that match their character concept. Some Talents exist in every Specialization (like the ones that boost your attributes) and some occur in many/serveral while others are unique. Some (many) Talents are 'ranked' meaning the more you get the more powerful the effect.
  7. It covers aspects of it but it's also kinda bitter about d20 as it casts d20 games/players as straw men "bad roleplayers" (but repeating they still enjoy the game).
  8. Stealth: 3eA+1eB+1eD 1 success, 3 advantage Boost from @Shlambate So we failed (needed 2 net success) but have 3 Advantage going into whatever happens next...any ideas @Shlambate on spending the Advantage?
  9. I say we split up. 5 net success is tough. Also could be fun story wise as it’s more dangerous in another sense for pairs or smaller groups. So who wants the big Lasat to tag along?
  10. Sounds like a good idea. Are these skilled aided checks - e.g., best characteristic and skill of participants? Krios has no ranks in Stealth, 3 Agility.
  11. Yeah, it’s a reasonable interpretation. As far as plain words on the page, interpreting it as “you’re blocking these kinds of attacks” is the simplest plain interpretation (which the devs themselves use). This is what I meant by reading in terms and concepts. They thought they were communicating a simple concept and others are reading more complexity into it - which is why I referred to it as literal/strict.
  12. That’s a strict literal interpretation that as Donovan Morningfire mentions above is not how the devs themselves play it (they also mentioned this on an Order 66 podcast as I recall). I think you’re reading in terms/concepts (like a hit generated by a check vs a hit not generated by a check) that were not intended and are not found elsewhere in the rules, only implied in a particular strict grammatical interpretation of one text. Even if one wants to use strict grammatical interpretation one could still interpret that text above as “check” simply meaning that the source of the attack must fit something those skills cover (e.g., not a “hit” from Bind or other Force power but a hit from a type - melee or ranged - of weapon). GMs are always free to run it how they wish.
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