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  1. Same old thing doesn't actually say pay all costs it says paying it's play cost. The additional click of a double event is an additional cost not a play cost therefore no, you do not have to pay the extra click. Ice is not in a server, ice protects a server so you can not trash bioroid ice with the gun. If you somehow manage to get a rezed piece of ice on awakening center (FAO and for whatever reason the corp decides to rez it) then yes, you can use the gun to trash it.
  2. 56 cards is way too much. For a runner deck you always want to be at the minimum allowed cards (45 for Kate). So the first thing you want to do is cut 11 cards. You do that by figuring out what your deck actually wants to do. You say you want to tear up the HQ and R&D but really you just have a couple of interfaces and some maker's eyes I don't really see any emphasis on multi-access cards like Mediums and Nerve Agents. Instead you're making a link deck but the only thing that actually increases your link are 2 rabit holes 2 dyson mem chips and 1 toolbox (5 out of 45 cards is not a great chance to see these cards every game and forget about 5 out of 56). You also concentrate on the link 0 memory breakers even though they're not very good at all (ZU is ok, the rest are bad) and most likely your link will come from Dyson mem chips in which case you don't need the discounted memory cost of the breakers. You don't need paintbrush because you're not Kit and you have a full suite of breakers so you are definitely not going to be hurting for memory. Express delivery is not very good. Especially if you have to waste influence on it and you have quality time in-faction. Public sympathy is not very good either, but you will want 2 maybe 3 plascretes. Sactificial construct is a very meta-dependant card. If your opponents don't play a program destruction deck you don't need it. And most of the time it's better to include some clone chips instead anyways. So to summarize: change your breaker suite to something more standard (Corroder/Gordian/and a favorite sentry breaker) get rid of all the bad cards that don't really do anything for your deck, and make sure your deck has only 45 cards Hope that helps.
  3. You are correct. Especially since they include upgrades and, as of yet, there are no upgrades that can be advanced.
  4. I agree but at the same time Feint does not say "up to 2" it simply says 2. I could see it going either way.
  5. Yep, the most common example usually given is a Rototurret with an ice carver out becomes impossible to break for Atman at any strength.
  6. I'd also like to add that not only can the ice be strength 0 it can be negative strength as well (and you still don't have to trash it). This is rare, but can be relevant for breakers like Atman.
  7. The suggested decks are actually horrible and are not really meant to be played quite honestly. RP has been getting a lot of love lately. I'd look into building the at deck.
  8. It's difficult to reuse the draft packs. The draft packs come with 40 cards but they are pre-arranged in pods of 10. So you would have to mark each 10 cards in the draft pack if you wanted to re-use them. Also you'd have the issue of knowing what's in the draft and therefore being able to make the decision of which cards are the best easier so that would be a problem for the draft
  9. The game has been crazy popular and is gaining new players all the time. Is it as popular as magic? Not even close. Will it ever be as popular as magic? Probably not. Living in Minneapolis are you in the best possible place for competitive Netrunner. Yes
  10. I've tried IRS in my GRNDL deck and it doesn't do a whole lot of good. If you get it early it's pointless because it doesn't end the run (the most important subroutine for a rush deck) if you get it midgame then Yog makes it pointless. And even if they don't use YOG stacking IRSs is not a way to win with a rush deck.
  11. If a general multi-purpose console like that were to come out it would have to be even more powerful then Desperado and we don't want power creep in the game. However there are already consoles that suit a specific gameplay better then Desperado.
  12. Lukas ruled on it. You gain it immediately and can use it to break bioroid ice. http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3269-official-rule-clarifications/page__st__120
  13. Actually what Feesh is saying (and I agree with him 100%) is not that you can just get by with cards but that there are decks that are actually better without the cards you think of as auto-includes so maybe look into making those decks. Although I must say that Sure Gambles/Hedge Funds are pretty hard to not include everything else on your list is not 100% mandatory. For instance Kati Jones is a resource and therfore decks that almost always go into tag-me mode will not have much use for her (Account Siphone recuring decks). If you're looking into a deck that doesn't benefit from Dirty Laundry look at a Noise-Shop deck. That deck doesn't rely on running for winning and deck slots are at a premium because you want to stick in as many Viruses as possible. Same goes for Plascrete. Noise has a more effective way of preventing SEA source Scorch Scorch. It's called not running. Also Imp is good for getting rid of their scorches and SEA sources. I've seen many many non-shaper decks that don't need RDI becuase the influence is much better spent elsewhere. And sometimes Mediums are better then RDI anyways. As Feesh said rush decks benefit from annonymous tip much more then JH. So you can build all these decks, put in 3 proxies for Sure Gambles/Hedge Funds and you'll have optimized, tuned decks without having multiple copies of the "auto-includes".
  14. In Tournament play you have to submit your decklists prior to the start of the tournament so you have to decide what factions you're playing before hand. You can not switch out decks (or alter the deck you're using) during the tournament. Casual play is (obviously) casual so I don't think there are any specific rules.
  15. If you choose a different server with card #2 and card #3 then you will gain credits when you make runs on the other servers. If you for some reason choose the same server then nothing happens/ Replacement effects (which is what this is) can only trigger on one card.
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