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  1. Thanks for the feedback, all. I was just disappointed in the design oversight more than anything.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can answer. Can the human racial "non-career" skill bonus be applied before choosing your career specialization? For example: 1. Choose human as your species. 2. Choose colonist as your carreer. Mark 8 career skills and choose 4 of those skills to gain free ranks in. You have now choosen a career, therefore qualifying certain skills as "non-career" skills. 3. For your human species "non-career" skill bonus, rank 2 different skills that are not part of the previous selection of 8 skills from your career choice. In this case, we'll gain a free rank in medicine and cool. 4. Choose your specialization. In this case, we'll choose doctor. Mark 4 skills (cool, medicine, resiliance, education) as career skills. Choose 2 of those skills to gain a free rank in. In this case, we'll again choose medicine and cool. 5. We now have effectively gained 2 free ranks in both medicine and cool. Based off my reading, it doesn't say *when* to apply the racial skill bonus (which I think is a design oversight). So the above order of operation should fall within the RAW. Is this legal under RAW? I know cases like this the usual answer is "it's up to the GM." But I'm hoping for something more concrete. Anything in the RAW that would make the above illegal? A developer ruling for RAI would also suffice.
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