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  1. Its right below this thread on the forum https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/190891-plot-noteshooks-whispers-on-the-storm/
  2. No problem at all. I will add anything else else from the mission as i work my way through it. Only preparing Act 2 at the moment. But I just posed a thread with some plot notes to Whispers on the Storm if you are interested.
  3. Here are a couple of my plot lines from the mission and hope they are of use to others. 1) If the groups ship is weak or small then consider giving them a leg up in the final battles. The system has a lot of asteroids so i assumed it had a minining industry and from this nukes for mining! This isn’t too daft, feel free to wiki Operation Plowshare in the 1960s. Handy in the final battle against the Crystalline Entity/Christmas tree baddy. Deploy via shuttle pod piloted by servitor. Or an unlucky crew member (for better skill stats) who has been promised a big cash bonus to their family. Bonus points if they send the pilot on the mission with an "Arch Militant" bobble head on the dash board to keep them sufficiently motivated/intimated to do a good job. 2) As above. I dropped the seed which the group picked up on that Magos Tevla had the "Administrator account" access codes for Installation 23's computers as it was part of his remit for maintaining the system. Get him to the bridge and he can bring on the security system to help purge the facility just like on Cog and bring its guns to bare on the enemy ships. This would involve Tech Use challenge tests during a gun battle on the bridge for him to gain control of the systems. However, my lot decided to do a boarding action onto the external hull of the command level of the installation. Placed demo charges on the windows, blew them, vented the command centre to space and sauntered inside to hack the system with Tevla and vent the rest of the station. You get the idea of how they like to play. Suffice to say they did not gain bonus XP for saving people. 3) As above again. The group wanted to bring some system ships with them to the final battle. Initially I said no as any system ships they had were needed to defend Svard/Cog/Patrol. But they were insistent and put the plan across of surveying the refugees on Svard for crew. Surely in a small system based on mining large parts of the population would have done time as crew on the ships? Ok then but you have no ships. With this new found crew, they converted them into armsmen and set about chasing down pirates, boarding their ships, attacking the bridges and venting the entire ship to space for a "quick clean". With this they got 4 system ships (1D5). 4) On first getting to Svard they cannot raise comms with any of the hive cities. So the group shuttle down to the largest city and are promptly attacked by a gun cutter. Cue opposed pilot skills tests to either, get a weapons lock on the enemy/keep them at bay/they get a weapons lock on you depending on success/both fail/you fail. No matter what they crash either by being shot down or debris from the enemy craft hitting their shuttle. This then starts a survival mission with them trekking through the snow tundra, fighting off hazards like falling in frozen lakes or fending off hungry wild life. This is also a good test how much food & water they are carrying and their gear in general as my group all bought survival suits but lacked other must haves. They eventually met up with a PDF patrol that was diverted to the crash site, they turn out to be Whispered controlled. Have fun springing that one on them while they sleep! The lack of communication was put down to a jamming signal being put out by the whisperers from another Hive city which was over run. On rescue this was promptly bombarded from orbit until the jamming signal stopped. I used this to show just how close to losing the system they are. The campaign book makes it out that they are half way through the civil war so to speak. I decided to accelerate things to a knife edge from drama. You could also have a "mini Whispered crystal" attack them at some point. I did not use this here, but don’t forget there is artwork in the book of PDF trooper being attacked by one! 5) This can be used with (4) or on its own if the players simply land unopposed in the Hive city. But while on their way to meet the Crystal Council the group pass through a refugee camp of people through throughout the system. Emphasise the poverty, lack of food, medical supplies, general horrors of a civil war. Kyle Reese’s flashback scene in Terminator was my inspiration here. Have the group do some awareness tests to notice being pickpocketed and choose a random item from their kit list. Keep it small and to watches, food or medical supplies, but if they really fail then make it bigger items and maybe multiple items as the thieves found an easy mark. At this point the crowd parts as two adults calmly walk towards you dragging two screaming children. The children are crying "mummy, daddy, what is wrong with you? You are hurting me!". Awareness/Scrutiny tests to notice they are all soaking wet. The parents, with blacked eyes talk to the players in a synchronise monotone voice. It is The Whisperer! General blurb of the chat is the system will fall, you cannot stop it, the Yu'Vath are awesome, your empire will fall and all humanity will burn. At which point they light flares and ignite the promethium they had soaked themselves and they kids in. What to the players do? Mine ran forward and dowsed the kids with their cloaks. One player aced their initiative roll and used acrobatics to leap to the kids quicker and put the flames out. They then medevaced the kids to Keels ship and used them as a PR symbol to rally the population to their and the Navy’s side against The Whisperer. They got bonus XP for that. But if they done a Han Solo and shot first, then they would have ignited the promethium and burning the kids thus giving them negatives to any their efforts to rally the population to their side. You could also have snipers try to pin them while running to help the kids. Yeah, I am a little evil. 6) While searching for Installation 23 the players uncovered a mining operation. On investigating it they find large doors into the asteroids interior and to cargo bays filled with shuttles. Obviously refugees had fled here but where are they. They also notice that some of the shuttles have been scavenged for parts, including one for its plasma engines. On pushing into the asteroid they find the refugees but they are brain dead and acting in a zombie like fashion and attack the players en mass both at range and melee but with reduced WS/BS stats. You can also add in a mini-whispered crystal which can control up to 1D5 enemy per round to have them run at "full power" and attack you using full WS/BS and tactics. After a few running battles they eventually come to a cavern where the whisperers have set up plasma engines on a mining cart in front of a blast door and are in the process of powering them up. There are a number of mini crystals here controlling a large group of enemy. On clearing the room they can either try to open up the doors themselves (there is a comm panel to the other side they can use to talk to people) or power up the engines and melt through the doors. Suffice to say they should use the inter-comm and persuade the survivors on the other side to open up. Here they will find the mine foreman who can give them access to the nukes if the GM things them needed, or they could find Intel on where installation 23 is or they could even find surviving sculptors from Silence. If they powered up the engines then the survivors can either be killed outright, or take major casualties meaning medicae rolls for major heat burns and suffocation to see who they can save. They also discover that the ores and minerals in the asteroid create an affect similar to a gellar field meaning that The Whisperer could not easily control the refugees hence the mini-crystals acting like amplifiers. 7) The players could also come across another asteroid but with a small drug operation being run by one of Magos Tevlas Acolytes. He is using that to fund his experiments on plants being mutated by Yu'Vatch energy and seeing the affects. These experiments have results in some very interesting warp-narcotics which the players can sell on the Cold Trade but receive corruption points for sampling his wares. Or they could destroy all work on the warp plants, and either set up a normal drug operation for profit or turn it round to produce medicine. Morphine is only a couple of chemical steps away from heroin after all. 8) The Additional Locations list in the book mention a Citadel of Psykers. I ran this as a space battle to save the space station but the inhabitants would only talk to the players via hololith. A brief negotiation process begins but they quickly agree to help screen the population for those tainted by The Whisperer to help ease the fears of the wider population, more so post war. They also agree to allow their station to be towed to a higher orbit above the dust cloud so that the solar station can be brought to full power levels. If the players set up a laser/microwave power transfer system they could transfer the power to anywhere in the system to help with the rebuild process. They could send it to Cog for extra Profit or to Svard hive cities for other rewards? Or even to the drug asteroid to expand its facilities?
  4. Hi all I am currently running The Frozen Reaches and thought I should share some resources I have made. These are to help the players and myself organise the war and hope they are of use to others. All links are to Skydrive and files can be download by clicking the 3-dot button on the top right of the screen. Battlemap (GM) This is a map of Damaris with a box for each area detailing its strength, AP value, special rules and units stationed there. This is so the GM can easily calculate the total strength in each area and reduce defenders strength as needed. This is an A3 PDF. Use your favoured PDF viewer to print it over multiple sheets of A4 to make it a usuable size. You might have to lower the print scale slightly to make it fit 2 pages. Battlemap (Player) Same as above. But with data removed so that the players can not see the "mechanics" of the war. Military Assets (GM) Excel sheet with all available assets and their stats. My players got all the NPCs plus they brought their own toops. Add in any other assets your players have plus the additional resources from their spending PF such as space mines Military Assets (Player) Same as above. But with data removed so that the players can not see the "mechanics" of the war.
  5. Hi LoneKharnivore thanks for replying. What you are saying makes sense and is how i am reading the rules, yet the example on pg206 of Into the Storm was confusing me. The reason I assumed there was a Negative disposition is near the end of the example it says "The difficulty is further modified by the fact that the Trade Minister is now Skeptical (–20)". I could could not understand a disposition change from (+30) to (-20) on a fail of 2 degrees. Now i realise this (-20) is not actually used in the rolls. It reflects a momentary attitude change where the tests reflect the overall situation. It can be used to help describe the situation and for the GM to roleplay the NPC. Thanks for the clarification and I am slapping myself to save you the additional hassle So using the simpler (CORRECT!) rules my Point 5 would become: they failed their roll by 2 degrees taking their disposition from +30 --> +10 Which would make the maths for Point 6 make sense when removing that -20 modifier.
  6. Hi all, Sorry for the jumble of text below but i am running into a problem getting my head around social interactions using the expanded rules from Into the Storm (pg 204-207). I am specifically looking for help on my points (4) and (6) in the example below from pg206. From Point (4) below. If you keep scoring successes in Charm and increase its disposition, then switch to Blather for the first time, do you use the disposition from Charm because it is your highest bonus? Bascially a Global Bonus? From Point (6) below. Even though failing a Decieve their Charm disposition holds at (+30), as with above i assume this is because it is the highest disposition bonus. Yet there is also a (-20) from the failed Decieve even though they are using Charm, i assume this acts as a Global Reduction? So what if they tried Intimidate which they have not used, would it gain Charm's (+30) and Decieve's (-20)? If they tried Decieve again to raise/remove its (-20) would it gain Charms (+30)? Thanks -------------------- From my reading the formula for working out the total modifier for the tests is: Disposition(Table 7-1) + Negative Disposition + Outcome (Table 7-2) + Pass previous test Breaking down the example on Pg206 i assume the starting disposition is Challenging and affects all stats. 1) The first charm test by Lidiah using the above equation would be: Disposition(Table 7-1) + Negative Disposition? + Outcome (Table 7-2) + Pass previous test 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 Which she passes increasing the Charm disposition by 1 level to Ordinary (+10). 2) Jarrion tries a Lore test. Normally a (-30) but gains a (+10) from the previous successful test making it a (-20) which passes. 3) They then try a second Charm test: Disposition(Table 7-1) + Negative Disposition? + Outcome (Table 7-2) + Pass previous test 10 + 0 + 0 + 10 = +20 Which they pass and increase the Charm disposition by another level to Routine(+20). 4)They now try a blather with a +30. I get that they have +10 from the previous successful test. But where is the +20 from? I assume that because Charm disposition has been increased by 2 then all stats have been? So you use the highest positive bonus? Disposition(Table 7-1) + Negative Disposition? + Outcome (Table 7-2) + Pass previous test 20 + 0 + 0 + 10 = +30 Which they pass and yet again increase the (now global?) disposition by another level to Easy(+30). 5) Yuri now tries to Decieve. This has a negative outcome so a (-10) applies. Disposition(Table 7-1) + Negative Disposition? + Outcome (Table 7-2) + Pass previous test 30 + 0 + (-10) + 10 = +30 They fail be 2 degrees after a fate point 6) They try Charm again to smoothe things over. As they failed the previous test they do not gain a (+10) bonus but Charm still has a base of (+30). Why is this? Did only the Decieve Disposition reduce because they failed a Decieve test? And did it reduce two steps for the 2 degrees of failure? This would mean: Disposition(Table 7-1) + Negative Disposition? + Outcome (Table 7-2) + Pass previous test 30 + (-20) + (-10) + 0 = 0
  7. Hi SCKoNi. I would be very interested in this but i do not know what my availability will be after November as I have a promotion coming up in my job. But you do know you have posted this in the GM section of the forums? You might get a better response from the main RT forum. There is also RPG.net if you havnt tried. Good luck and have fun makng your players cry
  8. In the end i did not get the 10" tablet, they had sold out! Anyway i have been playing using a 7" table to test the theory and it works well. I am typing up my notes in MS word and using hyperlinks to link to hands outs. Tap the link, and hold up tablet for the group to see so saves on paper and makes it all slicker. I save this as an html file so it can be loaded in Chrome on the tablet. This also means i can use sound effects or videos to help bring in extra atmosphere. All i have behind my board is core rulebook, tablet, small notepad and dice. A lot less clutter from having a pile of loose paper or even a laptop. initiative and notes i just use the notepad, it is a lot less hassle than switching apps and i find it quicker to write than type. And once i get the larger tablet i wont need the rulebook as i will buy the PDFs to run off the tablet for ease and more space. Same again with tabletop 40k. So yeah, i highly recommend it if you have one. Even on a small tablet for just your notes it is very handy for hand outs and playing sound effects. The larger tablet take it a step further by being easier to use for reading rulebooks and for making it easier for the players to see those handouts you are holding up.
  9. Hi all, is there a list of the official scenarios and what order to play them in or what player level is needed? I know i can tweak things to the players levels, but i want to make things easier for myself while trying to keep things concurrent as they play without them getting too powerful too quickly. I am using the higher XP levels for increasing rank so have plenty of time to use lots of scenarios. So far i am planning: 1) Forsaken Bounty and Dark Frontier 2) Into the Maw 3) Whispers on the Storm 4) Warpstorm Trilogy 5) Soul Reaver Is that the correct play order? Where would the scenarios from the additional rulebooks fit in? For example Scared Heart from the Faith and Coin rulebook.
  10. Errant Knight other than hangouts/roll20 do you use it just for looking at the books?
  11. Gegorius21778 The main reason i am thinking tablet is i have the chance to get a dual core one for cheap. shadowclasper what programs are you using for RT? Most of the info i am finding online is more D&D specific. I will probably still use battlemaps and such. My players like the physical aspect of moving miniatures about.
  12. I am thinking of picking up a 10" tablet to keep all my rule books on and for running games with. Has anybody had any experience of this? A quick google search says it is great, but a lot of the apps they use are D&D or PF ones. Are there any good ones for RT other than the ones found on this forum?
  13. I am not just talking about player handouts, i am talking about GM materials. You meantion that you get your players to sketch the maps, but you had to create the area before hand to tell them what to draw. For Whispers on the Storm i had to create my own maps for Svard, Silence and cog plus the additional areas. These were area in general maps so they can decide which routes to go or areas to avoid, but also the maps for combat areas. If you look at the Paizo stuff they provide all that for you and are much more detailed. So do they later adventures get more detailed and useful for the GM compared to the starter scenarios?
  14. Hi all, im thinking of starting a new RT group and need a bit of advice. What i want to know is do the published materials improve in quality for the GM? The last group i ran had fun, it was fun for me and we got the first two scenarios done. However, for me it was a right pain to prepare as there is a lot missing from the published material. For example maps, trying to create an area of sufficient complexity for the task in hand without turning it into a serious time vacuum i found to be a real pain. Especially as a first time GM. Into the Maw provided the main maps required, Whispers on the Storm had no maps what so ever. The one it actually did provide was more of a diagram of Installation 23 and was very difficult to decipher, especially since i am meant to give it to the group for them to form their plan of attack. That and the scenario seemed half finished with simple notes of extra parts stuffed in. Whispers on the Storm had a list of Additional Locations for the GM to use for expanding the story, a nice idea that i do like but felt i had forced use these as i found the scenarios far too short without them. Svard -> Cog -> Installation 23 is too quick for what is meant to be a very important scenario with the rewards it holds. Those additional locations accounted for more then half of the groups total play time and were fun, but that was a lot of additional work for me. In comparison i was speaking to my Pathfinder GM about how Paizo do their scenarios and he could not believe the amount of work i had to put in and how little FFG provide. Even something as simple as artwork to help bring the scenes alive, Cog is described brilliantly but a picture to hold up would be infinitely better. The materials provided by Paizo give him everything he needs so he can just focus on making it fun. I want to run RT, i like the game, i like the universe and i want to make a real effort for this group to last. But i dont know if i can justify the time and head aches needed to put together a basic nights play
  15. So my first time GMing went well and the group seems to have enjoyed themselves. And i thought id share some of the more memorable moments. At the Ork ambush near the star mirror instead of helping Lady Ash or waiting for the Orks to capture her the group decide to send the servo skull on a bombing run! With its maximum lift capacity of 9kg it could carry 18 frag grenades tied together in 3 groups of 6 with one primed and the pin strung to the skull at the correct length to pull the pin out and detonate on the ground from 7m up (Explorator done a logic roll). It carried them in a piece of cloth with one end tied to the skull and the other to an actuator in the skull (there must be one to work the multitool) to open the cloth and let them drop. A -10 BS roll to drop them, with a scatter roll and a distance of 1d5m. 1 on target, one far left and one far right. They sucessfully took out all the orks! But with all the dust that was kicked up, and because our Astropath gave Lady Ash a warning to look out she had plenty of time to react and run off for now. But she would have to run off quick as the players then sabotaged the star mirror and once back on ship bombarded it from orbit. And also a couple of salvos into any ork encampments for good measure! But alas Lady ash when she returned did not live long, but did go out in a hail of glory. The RTs glory! When she ambushed the players on the bridge the astropath was able to make a sucessful agility roll on hearing the airlock cycling to throw a blind grenade. This meant they couldnt see her or the servitors, but they couldnt see us with their augments due to the chaff! The players waited for them to emerge from the end of the consoles and had done a mix of delayed and full aim actions. They made quick work of the servitors with dual auto pistols with manstoppers, hell guns and plasma pistols. And also some very bad rolls from the servitors when trying to shoot with their heavy bolters helped a little. Lady Ash however decided not to follow the servirors and instead to jump over the consoles. She failed her agility roll, landed flat on the ground at the feet of our RT who done a full auto burst with his red dot auto pistol at point blank range and scored 7 DoS... With the shock of losing his trusted aide (and our time quickly running out) Fel called off his attack on their ship and left the area knowing he had been bested.
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