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  1. You can do random (kinda sealed) on TTS, but a good portion of players enjoy picking their deck. Chains would help bring a deck "down" for sure. I have not seen chains being used online.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tOiimDbUEM
  3. Well I created a very basic Keyforge interface on TTS. Its called "Keyforge" It should pop up in the next hour. But I have no decks. I needs full deck scans, that can be easily read. Help me keep a lookout guys. SShttps://www.facebook.com/groups/keyforge/ Screenshot can be seen on the FB group.
  4. Mike1977


    Either way, as someone else mentioned above, some clarification on this rule would be nice. Is this a courtesy rule?
  5. I'm looking at a screenshot I saw online... So the cards in the box are sealed, but you can see the contents of the pack before breaking the plastic? I assume the box is sealed as well?
  6. What are the spots for and what are they called? Text is too small to see.
  7. Mike1977


    I wondering if it will be treated like chess... You can say check, but you don't have too.
  8. Mike1977


    Any thoughts on this rule?
  9. Looking now... do you have a link?
  10. Nothing yet guys? The 2 starter decks, or 2 random decks and we are in business for Tabletop sim or IRL. The community would appreciate it.
  11. ...and spreading it out on a table and seeing what works and what doesn't, and then adapting as needed during game-play. Ex: This card should always be discarded... Or must never discard this one... Always play this card as quickly as possible...
  12. Lets be honest, its not realistic to think that your going to buy only 1 deck and play only that. A general breakdown would be nice with regards to the deck quality odds... My fictional odd...
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