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  1. We have a thread all about what we don't want to see in the game, so why don't we take a bit of time to talk about what we'd like to see in the game. I'll kick things off with a few of my big wants: 1) Asymmetric Objectives - while the current objective system is great, it's pretty apparent that they wanted to ensure that both players interacted with them in very much the same way. I would love to see some objectives in the game that ask for different play styles from each of the players to do well. 2) Small Game Support - I'd love to see some official support (including Scenario cards) for small scale games. 400 points, 1 Commander, 1-3 Troops, and up to 1 each of Support and Heavy units on a 3x3 board... This would be a great format for introducing the various Scum factions into the game and see which ones players want to see more of. 3) Large Game Support - On the opposite end of the scale, I'd love to see some official support for 1600+ point games, complete with AT-ATs, Fighters, and whatever other big battle stuff we want to see. Also, guidelines for running a massive multiplayer game would be very much appreciated. 4) A Faction/Subfaction system - Rather than having a separate faction for each group of characters that could show up, I'd rather see a Light Side/Dark Side/Neutral setup where you choose Light Side or Dark Side, and that limits the figures that you have access to. This would lead to some odd combinations, sure - rebel and clone troopers running side by side would certainly tilt some heads, for example - but it would allow more experimentation in bringing new stuff into the game without committing too much to any particular faction or era. So, what do you all want added in to the game?
  2. There's not a lot that I absolutely would not want to see in this game... But, there are a few things that I doubt could be handled well, and could end up utterly dominating the game: The Yuuzhong Vong would completely mess with the balance of the game, so should probably be well avoided. Granted, their biggest strength wouldn't be as large of a factor right now, but still... Jedi Troops could work well for a Command or Heavy unit, but absolutely should not be standard troop choices. There's just too much that they could do to mess up the game for them to be standard troop choices. Hm... I think that really wraps up what I absolutely don't want to see in the game. There's a lot more that I absolutely would love to see - particularly in regards to alternate play modes (for example, a 0-1/1-3/0-2/0-1 400 point setup on a 3x3 map would be perfect for the small scale skirmishes that Scum and Villainy would be well suited for), but that's a subject for another thread.
  3. Besides, there's nothing really saying that a Command level unit HAS to be a single heroic character. Why not have a more generic hero unit as a Commander (or, more accurately, their unit leader) rather than the heroes we've had spoiled so far.
  4. Maybe they'll bring the ATAT and the various air fighters for their equivalent of Warhammer 40K's Apocalypse game scale. They definitely require too much commitment to work well with the 800/1600 points that Legion is based around unless you really mess around with scale/speed, and they would tend to overpower the other units in the game due to the insane level of damage that they could take from traditional forces (the AT-ATs were looking at what, 3 T-47s each to take them out, and that was with a 'cheaty' tactic to neutralize nearly all of their firepower and expose their weak points first - so, we're probably looking at 600 points minimum for each of these bruisers, and probably more with the scale we're looking at for this game). Still, I would like to see them work something out to make them useable, even if it is part of a special scenario for each of these massive units.
  5. Another example of a system that can definitely work - though it is definitely not simple by any stretch of the imagination - is the same as we see in BattleTech. Essentially, you would have a separate battle map that would cover a large area above the battlefield for the fighters to engage each other in, with them occasionally flying down to the main board for a few rounds of fighting before flying off again (or dying horribly at the ground level). Either way, I think that we have the basic tools for this to work well on the table as well - Cover and Armor work well to represent the speed that they would be flying into the battlefield at, the Speeder rule would go a long way toward limiting how long the fighters could remain on the field. Combine that with a few new rulers to force them to go faster and limit their maneuverability, and I think we may have a nice recipe for this to work out nicely - especially if you can expect them to only apply their strength for 2 or 3 turns throughout the game.
  6. I wanted to do something easy while still being distinctive , and I've finally decided on basing my terrain for this game on a copper rich planet with a lot of copper-based minerals - primarily Chalcopyrite and other peacock ores, which will allow me to use a gold undercoat, then drybrush them up with a varieties of blues, greens, and purples to give everything a rather unique look. Not quite sure what I'd do for vegetation and plantlife there (still need to do some research on that aspect of it), but I think it would be a great way to contrast the more natural earth tones of the rebels as well as the stark blacks and whites of the Imperials.
  7. While there's quite a bit that could still be done with the Rebels VS Empire that we are looking at now, there's quite a lot that I would like to see brought in as well. From least exciting to most (in my opinion): The Sequels: While the designs are cool, we again have a low-cost Resistance VS a high cost First Order, which is a pretty close match to what we already have. There would be a few unique models that can be brought in, but most of what we've seen have been essentially redesigns of what we'll already have in the game. Scum and Villainy: There's a great deal of creative material in the setting to flesh out this faction, but the neutral factions don't really have a dedicated armed force (at least, not during the Original Trilogy time period). Still, as a way to fill out the rosters for both sides, this would be a great option for players to go with. The Prequels: In terms of variety, I would say that the Prequel Trilogy would be the second best choice for bringing variety into the game. You would invert the high cost Dark Side VS low cost Light Side dynamic that we have with Alliance VS Empire, and each side has a few dedicated subfactions that could introduce some very interesting dynamics into the game. As much as I dislike the prequels, they really would make for a great Miniatures game. However, there is one section of lore that I think would well outstrip the potential of all the previous options, and which was unfortunately not included in the poll - that being the time of the Knights of the Old Republic. You have the Old Republic and the Jedi on the Light Side and the Sith Empire on the Dark Side with plenty of interesting figures for both sides, and the various underworld factions are quite well defined in here, giving you plenty of options for neutral factions and models.
  8. I started out with craft paints myself, and while they are a great way to get into the hobby - particularly when you're just starting out and learning what's what, they have 2 drawbacks that mean you don't want to continue using them once you get good - those being Lightfastness, and Color Fastness. What Fastness means is how well the paint holds its color over time - Color Fastness refers to general storage conditions (how much the paint deteriorates just because of its chemical makeup), while Light Fastness refers to how well it holds its color when exposed to light (and yes, light can damage the color of something - if you've ever wondered why some museums put so much protection up around some of their more colorful artifacts, and nearly always in dimly lit rooms, that's why). You'll notice that most Craft Store acrylics don't advertise either of those ratings - and there's a reason for that. They're designed for quick kitsche artsy projects that are on display for a few months before being mothballed or binned - and they work for those purposes wonderfully. You can tell what I mean if your friend has any pieces that they've painted from a few years ago (4-5). They'll likely not look as good as you remember them being - and no, that's not just nostalgia speaking. The colors will be dimmer, and have less contrast between them, meaning that it actually does look worse than the original paint job. But, again, for learning the craft - they're a great way to get in cheap and figure out if you like it or not before dropping the big bucks on the good paints.
  9. I believe the exception to the general rule on this is that Advantage can purchase one Boost die per character affected by it. So, if you roll enough Advantages on a check, you could give your character and each other character in the group a Boost die on their next check VS that opponent, but, RAW, could not give any single character more than one Boost die from that roll alone (though I'm not entirely certain if this effect stacks from multiple checks).
  10. From my reading there are three places where this could be applied - post Species selection, at which point all skills are non-career skills, between Career and Specialization selection, at which point you only have half the career skills that you're going to have, and before spending XP to enhance the character. The first two occur during character establishment, so I would say that those don't work - in the first case, because you don't have any Career and Non-Career skills, in the second, because Career and Specialization selection are all part of a single step, which means that you can't pick a career, put the two points into two non-career skills, then pick a Specialization that gives you those skills anyways. In short, no, I don't think you can do that, and I would call you on it if you tried to pull it in my game.
  11. Of the two options, I'd lean more toward The Clone Wars, particularly the episodes focusing on the Bounty Hunters and criminal elements over the Jedi and Clone Troopers. While Clone Wars was a good series, and very entertaining, they seriously overpowered the jedi in that series, and looked at it as if the Jedi were the ultimate fighting machines (reaching a peak in the infamous battle between Mace Windu and the droid army - with Mace winning). With the way that series was portrayed, the jedi didn't need any backup or allies, they were good enough to take on an entire army on their own. This doesn't fit in with the Prequel trilogy (where Jedi were shown to be about the equal of a squad of battle droids) or the prequel trilogy (where the Jedi shown only had a slight advantage over their equivalents, usually in being able to make much more difficult shots reliably). The Clone Wars kept the Jedi at the right level of power, where they were the elite leaders, but still required backup from the Clone Troopers under their command. Just my 2 credits on the matter.
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