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  1. AND lets not forget a nintendo 64 game... I was gonna say that. I love the game, but the problem is if you haven't played it by now, it's way too hard to go back and get it, unless you've got a lot of money... I really wish Nintendo put it on their Virtual Console... LOVE that game i have it. in a box at my dad's house. but i have it
  2. i have Team Covenant ones. they are amazing and i got them in about 3 or 4 days from the time i ordered
  3. oh that is, as Introverdant said, is a reflection of the CR90 (Tantive)
  4. do you have photobucket? save the picture to your computer, go to photobucket and upload the pic to your album. click on links and copy the link for message boards/forums (should be the one at the bottom of the list) paste the link into the textbox and post
  5. no, you are not alone/ i thought the nolan trilogy was ok (rises was definitely the weakest of the three) but they were certainly not as mind blowingly good as a lot of people and the media make them out to be. i think i liked heath ledgers joker the most out of all the characters throughout the three movies because he was so creepy and frighteningly real. ledger, Mark Hammel are the best Jokers ever especially Hammel's joker from arkham city. **** what a great Joker story. but i will say that even though i mostly dislike dc characters, i would loose my mind if they make a live action Harley Quinn. she is my favorite dc character.
  6. DC fan boys upset that WB will never make a movie half as good that's not batman, dawn of justice has big boots to fill and I doubt WB can pull it off given how bad green lantern and man of steel were. That's because DC stands for "dumb characters" . On a serious note, I totally agree with that statement... most DC movies suck rocks. Obviously the Dark Knight trilogy is a separate discussion because that was more Christopher Nolan than anything WB specifically did. And even then rise was a severe disappointment, "oh crimes going down because we lied about harvey, well i'm clearly over the life defining moment in my life time to retire" And what a waste of cat woman, and the tacked on happy ending...and the cop being called robin but with a Y!!!....i need to go punch a kitten, a cute one! stay away from my kitten!! she is a marvel fan and hates superman like i do! I was just thinking, I must of missed that one. But that was the one with Bane wasn't it? Cuse I avoided that one. I didn't mind Man of Steel though, at least they finally made a movie that made him as powerful as he should of been. Sure there were issues but it was still the best one of the bunch IMO. At least he didn't fly around the world backwards to reverse time, or have artificial kyptionite inspired by a pack of smokes. no, Man of Sigh was terrible. not only is the whole movie one big whine fest but the "hero" literally tells people to stay inside where it is safe then proceeds to destroy the buildings he just told the civilians to hide in while fighting the enemy. not only that but he threatens the government and the country he says he will protect! smh zack snyder hasn't made a good movie since 300
  7. Have you ever heard of ComicBook Girl 19? she calls the X-Men movies the Wolverine Men. I find that hilarious and true since he is like the focus of all the movies except First Class. Wolverine is my favorite character and even i think they need to focus on the TEAM rather than just him
  8. what exactly did you not like about Winter Soldier?
  9. and Singer might not be directing Apocalypse since he might be in prison
  10. I get that. I even expect it, since most Marvel movies actually take place in the Ultimate universe to a point. Nick Furry being played by Sam Jackson for example...But take Drax for example, he wasn't the same as he was in the comics. Perhaps they wanted to avoid a lengthy backstory for him. Just as a fan of the GotG comic, Infinity Watch, and the Infinity Wars mini's it was clear that Drax the Destroyer wasn't the same in the movie. Not that it really robed any enjoyment of the movie just a moment of "Well that's different but I'll go with it." I had an issue with this as well, however Marvel changed Drax's character a few years ago in the comics to the knife wielding version he is now. I didn't like the change when it happened at the time, and it really hasn't grown on me since to be honest lol. Honestly, I like that the MCU is taking some of the basic story arks/characters from the 616 and the ultimate universe, and mashing them together to not only modernize some of the material, but give us something that's fresh and familiar at the same time. Now if only the fans could ban together to boycott the garbage coming from Fox and Sony and allow Marvel to bring home some their other properties. *sigh* wishful thinking. hey i have been saying that disney spent 5 BILLION DOLLARS to buy the rights for Star Wars, why dont they just pull the trigger and buy back the licenses from Fox and Sony. they WILL make the money back in like two movies. huh if you mean marvelized as in TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME MOVIES then yeah. i would hate that too ( ) look i admit that First Class, Wolverine, and DoFP were good movies... there were MAJOR problems with them. from freaking Azazel (Nightcrawler's father with Mystique) even in the movie (he was created in the early to mid 2000's) to Darwin, Havoc (being older than Crapclops [i hate scott summers]), Banshee, and Mystique being the "first class" of X-Men, to Silver Sumarai as a freaking Mech and Viper even having powers, To the future sentinels and Wolverine replacing Kitty as the one to go back and fix everything, i think Marvel running the show would make a seesawing franchise into an amazing one. and as for the "Marvel Movies Are all the same" argument, that is completely missing the TYPES of movies they are. Captain America First Avenger is a period, military piece. Winter Soldier is a Political Thriller/ Spy Movie. Avengers is the Team up. Iron Man is the "great Power/ responsibility" IM 2 is the consequences of your actions movie, IM 3 is the finding your role movie. Thor is the redemption movie Thor 2 is the sons of the father/becoming the father movie. they are all different
  11. i will look for that next time i am at my local game store, thanks!
  12. thanks for the advice, i will try it on one. personally i like the gloss, makes it look fresh off the assembly line.
  13. i'd like to see yours, i bet it is sweet. that is fine, like i said before i liked how the clear blue shines painted over the white. it really distinguishes my ships on the table.
  14. what type of blue do you suggest? thanks! thanks! thanks, maybe it is an imperial guard shuttle.
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