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  1. Many good solutions on a minor problem. I´m just thinking what after a 6-months gaming the KT will be over-geared, but think a proper mix between keeping and paying with special prize signature wargear can be a good middle thing. If you have more to go for keep on shooting here, nice to read what others do!
  2. We have been playing for about a year with our current group and i still am a bit unclear about the loot found on missions. This one time at ork kamp, we found the old space marine armoury hidden away and found som items we all bulked up on and carried home for the DW, woho renown! But we all needed the items carried home and could have improved the kill-team so much we could take on alot harder missions. But as the all caring marines we are, we make do. Just as marines always do! I have scouring the books for the info and remembers only that when giving out renown you can get an extra bonus "if the characters sacrificed loot for the emperor to the chapter instead of keeping it" - if you check the renown list you will find which one i mean. so onward to the questions then: 1: Should the team normaly keep things they find ? (if they are clean and works properly ofc) 2: How do you handle this as GM.s ? Keep in mind the artefacts/gear/pens found are not Relics, cause relics is returned to Chapters! If this thread has come up before, just direct me so i dont double do things here. If the team keeps things they will rather quick make the "Signature wargear" a lower priority choice, and turning away from "marnies make do,
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