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  1. If you want some tips against expert Ultron look for some AOE style skills. Squirrel girl can ping all the drones for 1 (wiping the board). Black Panthers energy daggers can do the same. Or be saved for the end GK long everything for 2. Consider bringing tac team and getting 2-3 out before you flip Ultron so you can clear the drones each round and focus damage on Ultron. Relentless Assault can also help manage droids and focus down Ultron.
  2. As a rough order of magnitude, how many comics do you think you've read while preparing and designing cards for this game?
  3. Added Episodes 10 and 11 - I've been behind on the FFG forums sorry.
  4. Added Episode 9, enjoy! The whole gang is back in town!
  5. Thanks! Always point these out I add them to my notebook to update in my best revision
  6. For me it's Black Cat's forced response. I missed the trigger in my first like you said 200+ games. She's so good I'd always forget about her enter's play forced response. It can hurt or help you too!
  7. I will do that when I get back from my current business trip ::)
  8. I’ve worked on some challenge modes to be mixed in with standard or expert villains. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10RCs-Vf3jU0GyHG-z7JN_U0ZqNYXaiDc You can just put an environment card into play to begin the game. You can use challenge 1 with any of the current villains. And I’m making a challenge card for each other scenario (just mutagen formula still to figure out). They do as much as they can to provide a challenge while still mainly focusing on the cards in a villains deck. Rhino example attached. its made to give the players interesting choices... is it worth it to get rid of that side scheme? Can we handle a charge?
  9. Nope. So you won’t draw for spider senses etc. the condition completely circumvents the attack/scheme
  10. I’ll look at other ways to do it. The point of the card is to keep players at the edge. If you get super high (spend too much time in either form) then the environment punishes you. This will hopefully force Green Goblin to flip more often.
  11. Mutagen formula for sure. On BGG I’ve been working on some 1 card custom additions that increase each villains difficulty. Here is the one for Risky Business if you want to try it out. It keeps with his shallow kill theme and resource management (you need to manage when your team runs out of cards in deck).
  12. Added Episode 8.5 getting back in touch with our team Canadian, Lester!
  13. I'd rather they reboot Warhammer Conquest as a star wars game 😛
  14. Not yet but if you are attending Gencon you can probably count on an FFG and community event or two 😛
  15. I think the problem is they released an early wave, my store in the US still hasn't gotten it's second shipment but some others have started to get them (TC, etc). Hopefully they reach you overseas soon, I've seen Green Goblin at some chain stores (Target / Barnes and Noble). over here so that may be an options too.
  16. If I was rating the Green Goblin encounters would be. Bomb Scare: (1) Masters of Evil: (2) Under Attack: (3) Legions of Hydra: (4) Doomsday Chair: (5) Goblin Gimmicks: (1) Mess of Things: (4) Power Drain: (4) Running Interference: (3)
  17. I just ordered the burger token boxes. I plan to use them to store the heroes + nemesis sets, then I keep my aspect cards in a binder. I'm a binder person 😛
  18. Yup link in the top post here https://discord.gg/aVCJkAb Not very active yet but we are ramping it up
  19. Yup! https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/412/shooting-fire-through-her-fists-hulk-aggression-captain-1.0
  20. I've been trying to build a deck around it and Hulk, you can check out the Captain Marvel enraged deck here on youtube (need to record the last three villains still). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lImtKmfklGg&t=579s
  21. Updated this list with Episode 7 (December). Episode 8 should be dropping soon, hope everyone had a great holiday!
  22. Hi All, I'll collect a list of our episodes here and update the first post with the latest. Current Episode is Ep 16. I've been a bit delinquint we've posted Episodes 12-16 since the last bump! These episodes contain a design interview with Matt Newman, an interesting way to play Marvel Champions like Smash-Up and our latest episode is a New Players Guide! Connect with the Marvel Champions Monthly Podcast: Discord: https://discord.gg/hubuCtd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarvelChampionsMonthlyPodcast/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarvelMonthly E-mail: marvelchampionsmonthly@gmail.com Youtube: Link Thanks for listening! --== Latest Episode ==-- Episode 16 - New Player Guide Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast about the game Marvel Champions designed by Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs at Fantasy Flight Games. Join hosts: KennedyHawk, Crimson, Lester, and Amerikano as we discuss our favorite card game. This episode is for all the new players thinking about trying out this game. We overview the game, discuss some tips for starting out and strategy tips for newbies. Later in the episode we discuss common rules questions/mistakes, ways to bling out your game, and community resources. Check out the time stamps below to jump to the segment you are most interested to hear. You can also check out our SHIELD Agent Training article series geared at new players with new articles being posted 1-2 times a month. 0:00 Intros 01:45 Overview of Marvel Champions 06:00 What to Buy? 12:40 Starting Out and Deckbuilding 24:20 Strategy Tips 36:00 Common Rules Mistakes/Questions 44:00 Component Upgrades 56:00 Community Resources (Link) 1:00:45 What other games might you enjoy? --== Current Contest ==-- No current contest. --== Episode List ==-- Episode 16 - New Player Guide (An entire episode devoted to helping new players make informed decisions and get up to speed on the latest Marvel craze). Episode 15 - Xandarian Worldmind (May 2020 Community Interviews) (We interview 13-`15 community members and get their take on the state of the game and how they perform a mulligan) Episode 14 - The Immortal Klaw (Villain Primer) (Our first villain strategy guide to #KlawYourWayThroughMay all about the Immortal Klaw) Episode 13 - Super-Hero Smash Up (We present a 25 card deck for each aspect which can "smash-up" with any hero) Episode 12 - Widow's Bite (Design Insight Interview with Matt Newman) Brief interview with lead designer from the Black Widow hero pack (Matt Newman form Arkham Horror LCG) Episode 11 - The Widow's Web (Topic: Black Widow) (We've retooled the show and cut the topics down to 1-3 segments - each show is around 1 hour long, recorded every other week) Episode 10: Hail Hydra! Campaign Box Discussion (In this episode we discuss the latest reveal - Rise of the Red Skull! We also welcome a 4th host to the show - permanently!) Episode 9: Black Panther Beatdown or Wakanda For-Never (Black Panther Aggression Deckbuild, new RRG updates, Legions of HYDRA discussion, Wrecking Crew opinions, Dr. Strange spoiler round-up, nuff' said!) Episode 8.5 - Notes from an Alpha Flight Crewmen (Recap Iron Man Leadership Deck, Discuss Iron Man Lore, Status card ruling quiz, Lester's Black Widow impressions) Episode 8 - Iron Man "Deadly Solutions" (Discussing how to build a deck with an example, modular strategy for Doomsday chair, and Black Widow recaps) Episode 7 - The Mightiest Avenger of All (Discussing FFG's spoiler on Thor and other recent topics) Dis Episode 6: One-Shot Getting Wrecked (Discussing FFG's spoiler stream and article for the Wrecking Crew) Episode 5: Gaming Mood (Discuss games with physical cards, Thor speculation, contest announcement, aspect reviews) Episode 4: It's Almost Clobberin' Time (Discuss prerelease weekend events, review each hero in the core set, standard encounter set tips) Episode 3: Investigative Journalism (Design team interview with Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs pre-launch) Episode 2: One-Shot Embiggen' (Discuss Ms. Marvel spoilers) Episode 1: Avengers Assemble ( Episode 0: First Appearances (Podcaster Intros, Discuss Comics and History with Card Games)
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