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  1. Thanks for all the helpful response! My first army is assembled and ready for battle this weekend! Great supportive community here 😄
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry for the rather basic question, we have played the intro game and loved it. So naturally I went and bought a bunch of expansions and got to painting. I'm now building my first army for a casual match in store and was slightly confused by miniature count. In the learning game each trooper unit consists of 4 regular troopers and a leader trooper. But the card only lists 4 as the miniature count. 1) If I use Rebel troopers should I plan to use 3 troopers + a leader so the unit leader is distinct? Or is the unit leader in addition to the 4 listed on the card. I think I get 3 + a leader figure. The learning game just gives a bonus to up miniature count? 2) If I use a heavy weapon or personnel upgrade do I replace a unit or add that figure increasing the overall figure count? I think the answer is to add them. Thanks I've glanced through the relevant topics in the RRG but wasn't able to find the answer and thought I'd ask here before prioritizing what to paint this weekend!
  3. Played our first quest and had a few questions. 1) When something appears in shadows is it always facedown? In particular, we wanted to know about some monsters that appear via quest effect. 2) What so shields do during a non attack action? I noticed both of our rest actions have the character +1 shields but I thought those only block counter attacks. Do I roll a black die regardless of action or only for combat? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks this looks great got a picture of your collection or a stuffed box?
  5. Just getting into Rune Wars and I already see myself buying way too much. What’s the best way to store your painted armies. For other ministers games I used Plano fishing boxes with extra trays but the actual trays in this game and size of miniatures make it hard to fit things. Any tips or suggestions on safe storage for minions? (Note we have tree people playing out of my collection so storing three armies in the core box has not been working ;))
  6. Hi all, I figured out how to change your display name. It was quite an annoyance. 1) Create an asomdee.net account 2) The accounts should be made already or linked 3) Change your display name on asmodee.net 4) Return to the FFG forums and log out then log back in (until you log out of all sessions, computer, phone, tablet etc... the name will not reset). Hope this helps some lost souls since FFG refuses to respond to any support questions here. ?
  7. Makes sense it's cheaper for the second dice because they are both tied to the same health pool whereas the non uniques get a new pool of health for each die
  8. Perhaps, but then, big name supports like the Falcon and BB-8 don't have deck construction points. I think the deck construction points only count when building your starting team. I doubt there's a "no more than X on the board at once" rule - that'd be too much bookkeeping for a game like this, eh? Agreed. I'd assume it's 30 points on characters to start and some deck building rule like only 2 copies of a card in your deck.
  9. There are a large number of pilots in the game that died before Poe was born. You can't really nitpick individual bits of temporal inconsistencies because the entire game is one. Are you sure. I thought it was pretty well established that Poe was a child during the rebellion via Star Wars Shattered Empire? He was no pilot but alive at least Maybe I read that timeline wrong.
  10. I can't say that I have any plans. Was worth a shot to ask
  11. This is partly true, with the LCG's the biggest problem is group think. I don't mind people trying decks off the internet but people get so honed in on the ebst deck possible refusing to admit the rogue decks and offshoots from the mainstream are A) viable options and B) healthy for the meta. Personally I avoid those mainstream decks in SW LCG as I find the oddball decks more enjoyable to play.
  12. Heh, I don't even regret Young Jedi. The games were so quick and intense. Tournaments for it were really cool. I think they possibly tried to push too many expansions out too quickly and my younger self couldn't really afford keeping up with it and the main Decipher CCG and other stuff all at once, but no regrets really. Actually, my only regret tied to Young Jedi is that I wish I hadn't sold my cards! Never sell anything, that is my motto Although they have been collecting dust for years I still have my full collection of SWCCG, Young Jedi, Jedi Knights, and WotC SW. My only regrets are that I didn't buy more of Jedi Knights, which was actually a pretty fun game. The 3rd set was super hard to get as it wasn't printed heavily due to the license being moved to wotc Hey Darksbane, any plans to add a SWD section to cardgamedb???
  13. Good question. From what I've read so far, it does look like you only get 2 characters and no Support cards are considered characters. It seems to me that characters never have a resource cost in the upper left corner, meaning you can't put them in your deck because there is no way to play them. But that's just a guess. We don't know the deckbuilding rules aside from the little blurb about point values. It's quite possible Phasma + 2-3 troopers will be a build you can make.
  14. packaging (which is 100% industry standard cardboard and foil) I hope they thoroughly test the packaging. Packing dice masters card and dice in the foil packs the cards often get bent and knicked. This isn't a problem there since there is no randomized shuffled deck to draw from. Here it could be a problem with bent cards. I'm sure FFG will figure out a good solution to this I just hope it's something they look at before distributing the first models.
  15. Well guys, lets get on the hype train. Gencon is just a few days away. What do you hope to see announced? What are the top three things you'd like to see announced this week at GENCON? For me they are: 1) A RotJ era Big Box Expansion 2) An app in development akin to what we have for descent 3) A web based map/scenario maker Edit - Of course I can't type early in the morning.
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