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  1. Depending on the type of PI, I could recommend going Enforcer. Here's a post I made in a similar thread a year ago. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/138776-how-to-best-build-a-film-noir-protagonist/ Leave it to the guys with the Noir style Cthulhu avatars to be on the same page. The more I look at Enforcer the more I like Enforcer as a Mike Hammer type tough guy PI and it makes me want to rebuild my first EotE character. My first was a Force Sensitive Exile Politico who used Influence (Control upgrade) to boost Scathing Tirade. (Didn't play long enough to get Sense Emotions too.) Never attacked with a weapon, just let my allies do my dirty work for me. This Enforcer character would get his hands dirty. Enforcer's PI type skills are Coercion, Knowledge (Underworld), and Streetwise. What more do you need to be a gritty PI who solves cases through spit, gumption, and being tougher than the other guy? Talents like Intimidating and Fearsome make you a force who can scare the bad guys into giving you information. Talk the Talk lets you "know a guy" to know every Knowledge skill for the low price of a Destiny Point. Ranged (Light), Brawl, Melee round out your fighting. Athletics, Resilience, and Vigilance would also be great skills for the tough guy trope. Discipline for knowing when to keep your trap shut. Piloting (Planetary) so you can get around town and solve the crimes. Eventually take the Unmatched Protection signature ability to crank the tough guy feel up to eleven. I'd mix in Politico for Charm and Deception, there are times when even a tough guy needs to lie to the bad guys (and cops "helping" him on the case) or sweep the dame off her feet. While you have them quaking in their boots with Fearsome you can Scathing Tirade them to do some (strain) damage and pile on more black dice. Other than Cool and Perception, I really can't think of any skills that you're really missing out on and buying a couple non-career ranks in those skills wouldn't be terrible. If it were me, I'd buy up obligation for extra starting XP and make a human with a 3 in Brawn, Agility, Presence, and Willpower. If you can't swing that, then to maintain the tough guy trope, I'd probably let Agility just be a 2 and just buy up Ranged (Light) or any other agility skills you might need. He's tough, not agile. I think this would work until the Bounty Hunter book comes out. I'd bet that there will be a PI type of career in that book. As for background, I'd make the character a grizzled war vet. Ever notice how it seems that everyone in Noir is either a tough guy or has a tough guy streak running in them? Noir was big in the mid-late 40's to early 50's. You know, just after WW2 where everyone was in the army and trained how to fight and kill. That's why every PI, bouncer, bartender, insurance salesman, ect knows how to fight and use guns. Seeing war molds a person and can harden their convictions. A hard boiled gritty PI has seen some stuff in their life. This is their motivation and why they fall on their Obligations, especially drinking. As this is Star Wars, you could do an older character who fought in the Clone Wars. You could also do an ex-imperial who got sick of the system and struck out on their own. To use Mike Hammer as a template, he was a war vet who left being a cop to go private because the laws and system didn't fit is take on justice but yet still has at least one buddy cop who he can rely on for information when needed. Being an ex-Imperial could have the same setup. Still has that one "good guy" buddy on the inside that can be leaned on for information while giving limited information back in return. A PI doesn't get paid (as much) and an ego isn't fed if the cops catch the bad guy first. This link to a Noir style slang dictionary might help get you in the mood for playing the character: Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang https://www.miskatonic.org/slang.html I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the assist, Desslok. I've been out of this game for a while (group switched to D&D and I've been having issues accessing the forums) so I was quite surprised to see the email notification that I was quoted. As commonly mentioned whenever this conversation comes up, there is little need to know all skills. Unless they've added new Talents or Signature Abilities that I'm not aware of, the only reason to know everything would be to use the Unmatched Expertise Signature Ability. Otherwise, there is no benefit in knowing skills as opposed to buying them as non-career skills, outside of saving 5xp per point. If you're looking at maxing out the ranks, then it becomes cheaper to do it with some as non-career. Scholar (as the last spec) with Well Rounded costs 80xp and nets you 3 skills. 5 ranks in those skills would have a 75xp non-career tax, so it would be cheaper to skip Scholar and max them as non-career. Politico (as second to last spec) with Well Rounded costs 70xp to know 3 skills, so it would be 5xp more to max them all through non-career.
  3. That's a terrible idea. I think a 12th level Cleric from D&D would be a poor fit in a Star Wars game. Right until you run into zombies.........then you'd change your tune............. Zombies... Tale from a game side track. Playing Star Wars and entered an old tomb. One of the coffins moved and someone inside sat up. Before the GM could finish the description and the dialogue I loudly announced that I shoot whoever it was that sat up. The rest of the players gave me looks of disbelief that I didn't at least see what/who was in the coffin. To which I explained: If this was D&D I'd wait and see if it was friendly or evil, but dead things aren't supposed to move in Star Wars. The GM had to think quick on his feet because I killed a ghost/zombie type thing that was supposed to give us some information. A 12th level Cleric would've been handy that day... Back on topic. I agree with the above. As long as the GM says it's cool, then you can mix and match between the three FFG Star Wars games. I will caution that this might result in a lopsided character or some powerful combinations from being able to get more ranks in a rankable talent than might be intended by a single system. Our doctor got so good at the doctoring abilities by mixing Medic and Doctor that we never feared getting hurt. But if the GM is cool with it, then be awesome.
  4. I agree with this at least regarding the career books. New eras would be sourcebooks IMO though maybe a little longer not full rule books. The rules, careers, and such would be the same all the book would need is an explanation of current events and factions, short descs of planets and regions and their alignments, and era appropriate hardware I agree, but I wouldn't be surprised if they started adding era source books for each line after they wrap up the career books in that line. Really, they could look a lot like a region book. Fluff followed by races, equipment, ships, and adversaries with maybe some campaign seeds for what players could be doing that would be related to the events of the time but won't directly impact the major time period events.
  5. There is that one race that can fight with its tail using Agility. The name escapes me at the moment. If you create a house rule, I'd recommend following what the tail fighting uses. Which is Agility for the attack role and Brawn for damage.
  6. Does the movie release everywhere on the same day? If yes, then I'm leaning towards only a month or two for trying to avoid spoilers. My reasoning is this. This is a Star Wars gaming site. We are all fans of Star Wars. It's fairly reasonable to assume that if we care enough about the universe and the game that we'll all be seeing the movie fairly early on. If this was some random game site then I'd lean towards a longer expectation for being spoiler free. I'm also assuming that the movie will drum up interest in the game and there will be new people coming to this site that will have thread titles like "OMG!! TFA IS SO AWESOME!!! HELP ME MAKE A LUKE KILLER LIKE IN THE MOVIE!!1!!" I'm assuming that new people will get excited by the movie and will want to create something like what's shown and they wouldn't even think of not posting spoilers and would have never seen this tread. Speaking of. If we get a spoiler length of time nailed down, can we get a thread stickied with it in the subject line so that new people can see it?
  7. Now that's a REALLY good point to consider. Its not being used as a weapon in my scenario, its being used as a tool. Lightsabers are versatile like that But the argument then may be for the player to still use their lightsaber skill instead of Mechanics, Athletics, Coordination, etc. And if so, isn't it just the same problem of assigning a difficulty? Depends on if you view the lightsaber skill as a fighting style / martial art or if it's the skill for everything you need whenever you use a lightsaber for anything. To answer that question you'll have to ask yourself this: How would you rule if someone tried to force open a rusted/stuck door? Athletics, Brawl, or something else? Personally I'd probably come up with the difficulty with Athletics in mind and allow the player to use Brawl if they ask and explain how it's an applicable skill but assign a setback die or two for using a non-standard skill for what I had in mind. The slippery slope to avoid is if a player tries to do too much with a single skill. Let a player use a single skill (especially with no extra difficulty) for everything and you're just giving them an incentive to only put XP into that one skill. Personally, I'm not a fan of letting characters become one trick ponies that use a single skill for everything. For me it cheapens the game and character advancement.
  8. IMHO: part of the problem is that there aren't enough personal scale weapons on a vehicle. Like the guns on a speeder bikes. Those should just be personal scale. There is no reason why duct tapping a gun onto a vehicle magically makes it do x10 damage. I'm a fan of the houserule that is x5 on anything that isn't a starship or military vehicle. Standard speeder cars and trucks and bikes shouldn't be as tough as a tank or something built for combat or a starship.
  9. How long shall we maintain this self imposed spoiler free zone? Opening weekend? A week? Two? Month? For the record, I'm fine with spoilers as long as they are in threads clearly marked as having spoilers or in those spoiler dropdown window things.
  10. I've been doing the white board thing for about 6 months now - this **** thing is a godsend! Track strain, wounds - the whole nine yards! They seriously need to include one with each core book sold! I've been using one for a couple of years now. Buying a tablet sized white board was the best gaming decision I've ever made. Using color coded magnets (PC vs NPC) to track initiative is great. While the GM is setting up for the fight I'm collecting everyone's initiative and marking it on my board. Once I have the numbers written down I then organize the magnets in slot order. During play I call out if it's a player or NPC slot next. That way the GM can focus on the bad guys and not have to juggle so many different things. I feel that this does help speed up play. After the fight it's just a swipe of the thumb and the board is clean again.
  11. I agree. Droids would've been a better in universe choice than making up outside invaders. Either as a droid rebellion or as some evil guys creating the droids in a bid for power.
  12. Another way to go with the basic cybernetic implants is to say that he has all the cool stuff that he wants but it just doesn't work. It's all broken or something. Then he can quest to find the parts to fix the gear. Which ends up being at the same rate as if he was buying/upgrading anyway. Net result is the same as just having basic stuff except the fluff of the story is that it looks so much cooler.
  13. If you're looking at a poison in a book, then I'd ask how it's written. If it takes effect on a hit, then I'd argue the poison still works. If it's on damage, then I would argue it doesn't work. As for a homebrew poison, it's up to you. How do you want it to work? How do you want the NPCs to be able to use it against the PCs? How do you want the PCs to be able to use it against the NPCs? I can see arguments either way. It's all in how you dream it up.
  14. This. This too. I'm the type of player who often says things like, "I think this guy is up to no good, but my character trusts him so I'm going to follow him into the dark alley alone." Sure, it's a bit of a meta-game to tell the other players what I really think and discuss how I think the story arc is going, but I find it's a handy tool to use to play the character how they would act in that situation while letting the other players know that I'm just role playing. In fact, I do that when my character does something that I personally wouldn't agree. Let's say that I'm hot on the trail of my parent's killer and I just need one piece of information out of someone. If I want to play my character full of rage and anguish I might say the following. "My character is upset and needs to get that information by any means necessary, so he'll start cutting on the captive until he starts talking." I feel that pulling out to third person like that is useful to show that you're playing a game and making choices based upon how the character would react and not based upon what you think is right as a player. You can do it as a good/trusting perspective too. In D&D we don't search for traps on a hidden door until we run across one. Every time we find a hidden door we're always saying, "I'm just going to open the door without searching for traps. I mean really, who traps a hidden door?"
  15. You only want to know about soak in case of an emergency? My friend, if you're already underwater you're already soaked... HAHAHA /I'll see myself out...
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