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  1. Here is what Corey Konieczka wrote back to my questions: 1) Evading is not an attack. Attacking is only resolving Sauron's Attack step. 2) Yes. If the investigator wants to use an ability such as the typewriter, he must first evade monsters in his space. 3) Yes. This is an attack and therefore the Cult Robes are discarded.
  2. Hi! Got a big argue about ending of the game with Objective Card A. 1) What exactly does the word "attack" means? Does the investigator in Cult Robe need to make evade checks agains cultists? If not, how can I deal with him? Usually the most sane one goes into a final break, especially meaning that Aliens' Gate kills one of the guys, thus nullifying all my work against him. 2) Does the investigator need to make Evade check when interracting with monster but not "attacking" him? For example, with Holy Water, Typewrighter, Elder Sing? It seems to me, no, but the wording says "yes". 3) Is the Cult Robe discarded when I play trauma card "Friend?" on it's bearer?
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