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  1. Daeglan is right, MamoruK. Think about it, just to hit a single NPC, you'll need to at least two force pips to activate. One for the base power and one for strength. Against the targets resilience or athletics as the difficulty because you need to represent them resisting the power. And if it's a minion group of NPCs, you'll need the magnitude upgrade to throw more then one at a time. So that's 40 XP just to get that. Plus however much XP to increase your force rating so you can consistently get the pips needed to activate the power, and the XP to increase your discipline to where you'll can reliably hit, we'll call that between 25 and 45. Versus someone getting an auto-fire gun like the DLS-12 from Keeping the Peace for a lot less effort. Both have their give an take. The shooter doesn't have to spend as much XP but has to spend credits. The shooter doesn't have to use destiny points or take strain if dark side pips are rolled because they don't have to use that mechanic. The Force User can take the Force with them anywhere but the shooter can't take their gun into a nice restaurant. Both might attract law enforcement attention but the attention the shooter attracts is less Inquisitive. Now, back to the original topic, my head count has Daeglan and Dope. Now I have myself plus one, maybe two. But none of us are looking to GM.
  2. A rule of thumb that I use, and I stress that other people use too, is that if you are going to give someone a hard check(3 purple dice) you instead give them an average check(2 purple dice) with 2 setbacks. Sometimes an average check could be turned to easy with two setback but that's up to the GM. Hell, I even include setbacks on initiative checks if they can make sense. I almost never have problems thinking of reasons for introducing the setback dice, have the PCs been going while without describing themselves resting or eating or drinking? Have they been drinking alcohol? How fast are they doing something? Are the under some kind of pressure? Quality of the tools or workspace? Does the story have to do with them? That leads back to pressure. And so on and so forth.
  3. Yeah, I don't know what BRA is acronym for. Please explain.
  4. That goes for any of you. We play on Sunday night right now because we are trying to allow for an old friend of mine to join but we'll be playing on Sundays every week. The start time is subject to change. It can be between 4pm and 7pm. We play at Mothership Books and Games, 2121 W Parmer Ln #119, Austin, TX 78727.
  5. Hironzz, just join us at Mothership on a Sunday night.
  6. Does anyone know if the searching for the forum can be made better, and if so how to do it? I tried searching "Echo" and I get no search results. For this forum that shouldn't be possible.
  7. Absol, what does the math say about an article this month? I know we have lesser chance due to already getting one a few weeks ago and that they don't typically release news this late into the month, but I'm curious. Also, if they did, do you think it would be on the upcoming FaD adventure or a new product announcement?
  8. ****. I already got tickets to go see it with my Friends at Regal Gateway 16. We need to hang out sometime Brad.
  9. Sorry Hironzz, I didn't see your post until now. We didn't play yesterday be we'll be playing this upcoming Sunday starting by 4pm but we'll start arriving at 3pm. If you're still serious reply and I can give you the GMs E-mail address.
  10. I'm playing in a Sunday afternoon game at Mothership Books and Games at 2121 W Parmer Ln. We're in need of another player or two.
  11. My two credits advice is to avoid a FaD career for a person coming into FFG Star Wars from something like D&D. I've seen it a few times where someone whose never played in this system before starts as a Force User and they tend to be overwhelmed. They don't have enough of a grasp on the system and can't properly wrap their head around Force Dice, Force Ratings, how the powers and talents work in relation to them. Remember, they are already going to be learning a dice pool based narrative system. One the encourages putting the narrative above the mechanics, having rolls only when they are important to the story, and not looting everything.
  12. Or you could just do the crafting check as usual for the Guard Shoto but upgrade the check for every rank in Defensive that you want. Then you get what you want on a success but have to contend with the chance of a Despair. The inclusion of the stacking Unwieldy downside makes this really not worth it when their are crystals that have deflective, as well as the Reflect Grip attachment. Yes, you'd need to add a hard point to use it but that can be done through 3 Advantage/1 Triumph on a crafting check, the Tinkerer talent, or the Intuitive Improvements talent.
  13. With the exception of Manipulate, which would be pretty limited, you've hit all the Force Powers that can be used with Unity Assault. And even with another power thrown into the mix, I can't imagine a good build where this talent is a cornerstone. Unity Assault just isn't very good. I'll just use the powers you listed because I don't know Manipulate off the top of my head. Battle medication is the least expensive, costing 25 XP for the base power, a Range upgrade, and a Magnitude upgrade. You'll want all of these because it's unlikely that you'll always have the person you'd want to buff right on top of you. But it still requires you have Force Rating 2 to purchase, which can be expensive depending on your build and character concept. Next, Heal: This one is an XP hog. Force Rating 1 to buy, making the least of the three, but it takes a lot of XP to most of it. How much you heal is based on your Intelligent characteristic, so you'll want a minimum of 4 to make it worth it. Base power is 15 XP, plus 15 XP for a Range upgrade, and 5 XP for a Magnitude upgrade. Putting the power cost at 35 XP. And then if you wanted to use all these upgrades at once to get the most out of it, it'll take 4 Force Points to activate. Finally, Protect, this has the same basic problems as Heal but worse. How much you protect someone is based off your Willpower, so you'll need to buy that up to get the most out of it, and it's an Average(2 purple) Discipline skill check to use. So there is a chance you could still fail. It takes Force Rating 3 to purchase, making it cost that much more XP. Base power cost 20 XP, 5 XP Range upgrade so you can get to short range, if you want Magnitude it's 15 XP because you have to go through a 5 XP Strength upgrade. And just to do the base power with the Range upgrade it cost 4 Force Points. So unless you're lucky with your 3 Force Dice, you're going to have to use black pips consistently to use the power. To reiterate what I said at the beginning, Unity Assault isn't good. It's not something you aim for, it's something you spend 25 XP on when you already have one of the above powers and you have nothing else to spend XP on but don't want to bank to buy another specialty.
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