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  1. My vote is for Collapse of the Republic. I don't think Dawn has as much value.
  2. I was just trying to create a Jedi Knight and ran across this limitation. Did Oggdude ever make any mention of this?
  3. I just hope the issue with importing whole datasets has been resolved. I tried following all the unzip, rename, rezip steps but they didn't work.
  4. Howdy everyone, I'm currently having an argument with someone over the talent, Double or Nothing supreme. They are sure that the triumph doesn't count as a success and I'm sure I remember hearing somewhere that unless the talent calls it out, that it does. Does anyone have something that can clear this deadlock one way or another? Thank you.
  5. This is my biggest fear for the devs over at Edge working on new material in the first place. We knew what we were getting with FFG but I worry about the devil I don't know. And to add to the conversation in a meaningful fashion. I want a Corporate Sector book, if its still quality.
  6. Popular thing to do at my tables is shoot the lights and then use a flashlight on the baddies. Sometimes the GM gives them a boost because they can just shoot at the light, but it doesn't negative the 2 or 3 setback from the darkness.
  7. Right now it's a matter of finding enough people with matching days.
  8. As far as I'm concerned, and that the RAW spells out, is that cover does not provide damage mitigation. It gives ranged defense that can make shots miss or not hit as hard. That's it. I'm firm on this because it would make the Prime Positions talent, first seen on the Warleader in Keeping the Peace on page 29, less useful. For those that don't know Prime Positions reads as such: When this character or an ally in short range takes cover, he increases soak against ranged attacks by 1 per rank of Prime Positions until he leaves that cover. Finally, soak applies to all damage that doesn't inherently state you take a wound, like some of the environmental damages do. If soak didn't apply then it would mean the Flak Jacket was the only thing that soaked blast because it's the only one I can think of right now that calls it out specificly.
  9. @drainsmith I've been on there, they don't have many Star Wars players. Mostly D&D or other games. @GandofGand I'd like to figure something out so you can play with us.
  10. I've heard of Bossk on a segway. Maybe look in No Disintegrations?
  11. Bump, any Austinites interested? You could be from Manor or Round Rock, too.
  12. Diversity before Actual ending and relatable characters. Not pro-war. University. Dinosaurs!(No really, it has an exclamation mark) Representation/diversity. Arthanian legends. Rival Houses. Sith Empire.
  13. Game Kastle is just a good old fashioned game store. What times are good for you?
  14. Some of them. A used copy of Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic goes for at least a hundred, but I've seen the next lowest price at 200. And if you had it brand new, Amazon values that at $1000. Would you get a grand for it? Probably not, but still.
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