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  1. When you have an encounter with a monster, does the encounter continue during thAt turn until the monster dies, or your character dies...or do you do just one roll for sanity and combat that turn and then you have to wait till your next turn to combat again?
  2. can this varian be played with the campaign included in the box. I have been meaning to get this game but will mostly be playing solo. I'd like to play the campaign solo, will these rules work.
  3. ok thanks, I get it. If a card gives a character the Rohan trait that means that character can benefit from any Rohan specific cards. Thanks --Nick
  4. Can someone confirm that the adventure pack only comes with two quest cards. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything Thanks --Nick
  5. The game looks interesting but I may have an hard time finding players to consistently play with so wondering if Solo variant is fun/challenging I already play Lord of the Rings solo and really enjoy it
  6. ok thanks. Ill be on the lookout
  7. I cant seem to find it online and the copies I do find are over $100
  8. thanks for your help. I played last night and was able to make sense of it. I got crushed but what else is new... Thanks again --Nick
  9. ok so if I understand it correctly I am going to start with objectives and attached encounter cards in staging area 1. I will go through the planning phase 2. Commit resources to quest 3. Draw additional encounter card and place in staging. 4. Do my threat level vs wilpower checks with all cards (non objective) in staging area. 5. Increase threat level or place progress tokens on quest card. 6. If there is a location card(even attached to objective), I can choose to travel to it. 7. Do a threat level check for all cards in stagin area and bring any enemies into the engagement area (even ones that are attached to objectives) 8. Go through combat phase and resolve If I kill an enemy attached to objective or complete exploring a location I can claim objective but I do not have to claim them right away. I can leave the objectives in the staging area until I decide to claim them. The cost of claiming some of the objective is pretty high so I may not do so right away or I may choose to only claim one in the beginning Then start back at 1 Let me know if I got this right Also, thanks much for your help. I am really enjoying this game. I just ordered the shadows of mirkwood adventure seried and looking forward to starting that adventure
  10. As part of the setup I put three objective cards in the stagin area and attach encounter card to each one. What do I do next 1. Are the objective cards face down and then I turn over all of the encouinter cards? or are all cards face up and then I have to face encounters or locations as I would normally based on threat level or choose to go to a location? 2. What if one of the cards is a treachery card that is a condition? Do I attach condition and objective to my character. Its a little confusing. Any help would be appreciated
  11. I just got the base game and I'm enjoying it. I was going to order "The shadows of Mirkwood" series but it doesn't come out until august. In the meantime I ordered the Khazad Dum expansion and the first three adventures of Dwarrowdwelf. Should I wait for the re-prints of Shadows of Mirkwood to come out in August and plays those before starting khazad dum and continuing? Any help would be appreciated
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