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  1. Thanks very much, Amanda! That was very helpful and informative. The changes sound interesting and I appreciate the tip about managing Strain vs successes. It sounds like they took some good directions with this edition, then. The Ring changes sound really good. I'll definitely check it out!
  2. First of all, holy crap there's an FFG L5R RPG! (and if I have to put one more abbreviation of anything here I will bleed from my eyeballs) I had no idea, because I hadn't heard of it. I've only hopped on the L5R train in the 4th edition and I'm not really "in the clique", in the sense that I'm not in any L5R group and have never Winter Courted with anyone (be gentle), so I guess that's a big part of why I only just found out about this thing. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a review of the FFG Edition because even deep-searching Google only turned up a couple of outdated reviews of the Beta - one was written by someone who didn't know the previous L5R RPG editions and the other review was apparently written by someone writing his first internet forum post mostly to complain that "system complex 'cause isn't D&D, which I'm used to", and while I feel for both of them I don't feel like an absolute satan for wishing to find a review written by someone who is familiar with both this and previous L5R editions. If there's any generous soul up and about I would love to hear more about the game and what are the improvements over the AEG line (particularly 4th edition, because that's what I have) as well as the pitfalls and problems with the system. I'm particularly interested in how much of the AEG mechanics have been kept, changed or gone out of the window - because I have to say, I was not a fan of the idea that if I dared to try and Zorro another samurai's kimono I would have to roll against a TN of the upper 50's with my 4k2, or that I had to drown most of my starting points into stats to try and get Ring values above 2 and that it also meant that going for two very different stats that didn't necessarily made sense for my character or that my badass Crane duelist is a dominating weapon in any iaijutsu duel but if a half-crippled bandit came at her in a skirmish she wouldn't be able to swing a katana to save her life (literally). Thanks in advance to any help/enlightenment!
  3. Pretty much every roleplaying game gives me the feeling I never have enough points to create the kind of character I want to play. Not that I actually have a group or anywhere to actually play these characters - I'm just a crazy person sitting in my apartment, making characters for myself (they keep me company, you see). But in the Star Wars games I feel that lacking even more acutely than I do most elsewhere - and yes, I understand 99% of RPGs have that "start low, climb high" mentality when it comes to character progression. In my case I was trying to create a Bounty Hunter and imagined my character as someone who served in the Imperial armed forces (I don't know if there can be female Stormtroopers but the Empire seems to have military personnel other than just those), discovered one of her fellow NotEvilSoldiers was a corrupt little weasel and when she tried to turn him in, he managed to discredit her and get her discharged. Unable to resume a normal life, she found her place as a bounty hunter. Ok, so I had a general sense of the kind of character she would be. Picking Magnitude and Motivation was fairly straightforward with very little mulling over, but when I got to Skill Ranks and Characteristics and buying gear, that's when things fell apart on me. My initial skill ranks I put into Brawl, Ranged (Heavy), Streetwise and Vigilance. Since I want her to eventually head in a Boba Fett direction (I want me some jetpack and wrist-flamer action, baby!) I picked the Gadgeteer spec and then my spec ranks went into another Brawl (I imagine she has to physically fight off and restrain people a lot) and Ranged (Light) - I wanted to put one of those in Mechanics but I felt weird about a former soldier-turned-bounty hunter not having any kind of training in how to use a gun. Since my character is Human, I have two more skill ranks to put in non-career skills, so I went with Cool (I want her to be quick on the uptake when it comes to shootouts and the like) and Stealth. I thought about putting it in Underworld or Outer Rim, but I couldn't figure out what Underworld does that Streetwise doesn't and in my experience, Knowledge-type skills are rarely useful in RPGs and when they are, you generally want to leave them to the brainy characters. So right off the bat, I'm noticing that I don't have points to put into some stuff that should be core competencies of my character, plus other skills she would need like Athletics, Coercion, Mechanics, Piloting (being able to fly a Firespray), Perception, maybe a rank in Discipline. Ok. Then it came time to spend starting XP and I figured I better sink just all of the XP that I can into Characteristics since those just won't reliably increase ever again. Right, so... Where do I put my points? I figured my character would need to be agile, strong and with a strong will, so I wanted to increase Brawn, Agility and Willpower just by one each and then think where to put the rest of th--... and then I realized I had only 20 points left and couldn't raise any Characteristic again. Intellect and Cunning aren't really things I want to increase, but my Perception, Streetwise and Mechanics all depend on those. I get it, guys. I'm doing everything wrong. I'm trying to make a well-rounded character when what I'm actually supposed to be doing is specialize and min-max one or two very specific things - like putting all the points into Agility and Ranged (Heavy) or something like that. I get it, but does anybody else get that feeling as well? Like, the system itself is forcing you to min-max, focus on a "role" just like D&D and forget about specific character concepts?
  4. So, in a galaxy already occupied by sourcebooks for the Colonist, the Explorer, the Smuggler and the Hired Gun, will we ever see a sourcebook for the Bounty Hunter? As one of those folks who didn't get a proper Doctorate in the Expanded Universe, I am very curious about the Guild, the Mandalorians, Boba Fett and on instructions on how to strap a flamethrower to my wrist and get a rocket launcher to go with my jetpack (for reasons that have nothing to do with the constantly, night-long blaring alarm coming off the factory near my neighborhood). I'd love to sink into the lore about how they go about bounty hunting and what a bounty hunters' game feels like. I personally ran into a few snags during Character Creation that I would love to see if there will be any fixes for. First of all, I ran head-first into a brick wall when I sunk most of my XP just upping my Characteristics to something that looks serviceable. Human with Brawn 3 (to see you better with, dear), Agility 3 (to hear you better with, dear) and Willpower 3 (to resist your jedi mind-control better with, dear). I'm curious if I did the "right" spread there, in terms of what's appropriate for a Bounty Hunter type. Anyway, when creating a Bounty Hunter character using the vanilla rules I tried to "take inspiration" from Mr. Fett, trying to re-create a few pieces of his awesome gear but apparently I can't. For starters, the rules on how to modify equipment are weird with the demand for "hard points" (a requirement that's pretty easy to miss, by the way) - which pretty much all the affordable, relatively light-weight armors from the Core Book seem to lack entirely. Now, I've looked at Boba Fett's armor, and the closest thing I saw to it in the book is the Padded Armor - which contains exactly 0 hard points. But that doesn't really matter since there's no way, using the vanilla rules as-is, to actually strap a small flamethrower to your character's wrist. The only flame projector present in the book is rifle-sized and falls under the Ranged (Heavy) Skill, while the Wrist Bound modification demands the weapon to be bound to the wrist be a small, Ranged (Light) thing. So... No? I accepted the fact that I can't start the game with a jetpack or in generally actually playing Boba Fett (and not die by sarlaac or run into Samuel L. Jackson's lightsaber), but I like to know that I can get at a shot at a pretty close experience by collecting and wearing all of his stuff (in a dimly lit basement, while dancing to "Goodbye Horses"). I'm not asking for much in life - I didn't ask for a hover-car, or a million credits or invulnerability. I just want to strap a flamethrower to my wrist (and maybe take a walk to the factory near my neighborhood, for some unrelated stuff). I realize that RPGs in general take the approach that players must start the game face-down in the mud with as little as possible to their name and then embark on a slow, years-long crawl towards what they originally wanted to play (maybe with the exception of Exalted, though even there the crunch doesn't really hold up compared to the promises of the fluff) - but I like to know that somewhere along the line there is gonna be a flamethrower that goes on your wrist and a rocket that goes with your jetpack. I'm not seeing those things as being possible in the vanilla rules at all right now. Has anyone already created a Boba Fett style Bounty Hunter with a wrist-bound flamethrower? How did you do it? Please don't tell me to just create my own weapon or anything like that - assume my GM is old-school strict about sticking to the books. If it's not in the book, it doesn't exist and I can't change or bend any rule.
  5. Do you guys know if there are any sites out there dedicated to Black Crusade, in the manner of sites dedicated to Exalted or Vampire? Is there anywhere other than Roll20 that offers this option? I have no chance of finding or founding a Black Crusade group in my physical area, at all.
  6. Hey all, new acolyte on the board here. So last night I was doing what any young man of stamina and charm would do on a nice free night - sitting in front of my Dark Heresy books and ogling at the assassin ladies in the GM chapter. But enough about me and my exploits. I ran into a frustrating patch I wanted to bounce off you guys in case you have an idea/solution in mind: I created a character and after some rolls, had in mind a Void Born Tech Priest, perfect for a group looking for someone who can handle a spacecraft (or ogle at the engine room), but here's the snag: I also took a shine to the Mind Cleansed origin in the Inquisitor's Handbook. I had the image of a grim former cultist who was "refitted" for service in the Inquisition, a penitent of sorts who begins by being detached and embracing his "reprogramming" but is slowly confronted with his sordid past by the wonderful Through a Mirror Darkly Trait that the Mind Cleansed have. My problem is that I like both origins. I like the Void Born origins because of the mood of a person who was born on the doorstep of the Warp and became drawn to it's corrupting embrace, and I also like it mechanically because of the Traits (Shipwise and Void Accustomed, in particular) that make the guy perfect for any cell looking for someone who can handle a spacecraft or at least be right at home on board one while he tends to its needs and desires (machine spirits and all). I want to dance at both weddings somehow - I don't want to give up on the cool Mind Cleansed storyline, but I don't want to throw the Void Born Traits out the window, either. Is there some way to curve this? To create some sort of gestalt ("Mind Cleansed Void-Born"?) or turn the Mind Cleansed into some sort of Template that can be fitted onto the Void Born Origin? Thanks in advance to any replies!
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