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  1. That doesn't mean the execution was especially sound, and judging by most of the responses, we don't want a lot of these changes.
  2. Yes, absolutely, because that way it's official and everything you need is right there. It's unfortunately the case that where there's one unofficial fan update, there's loads, and having a single official version where everything's in one place makes things so much easier than finding two of your players are using completely different sets of fan updates and house rules.
  3. Really guys, we're bringing **** Abnett into this? Seriously? Perhaps a better example of an Untouchable, that doesn't require loads of mental acrobatics to understand, is Jurgen* from the Cain series. Sure, he may not be an especially "powerful" psychic blank, but then again, nothing really overpowers him either. While I'm pretty sure the psychic dead-zone he generates is only very small as Cain has to stand very close to him, the fact of the matter is that it's still a psychic dead-zone; it's enough to give the daemon in The Traitor's Hand pause for thought and cause Amberley's pet psyker to have a huge panic attack (and, on the other end of the scale, inhibit the psy-negative effect of a Necron Pariah). *Jurgen may not explicitly be named as an Untouchable, given that it's all from Cain's POV and he only knows what Amberley's been willing to tell him, but I think it's pretty obvious what Jurgen's supposed to be. I personally don't see why Untouchable can't just be a single trait rather than having its own talent tree, as the idea of an Untouchable further developing his own Untouchability is rather jarring.
  4. I and my gaming group appear to be rather firmly in the 1.5 camp. My group accepts that original Dark Heresy has its flaws, but we don't want something that completely invalidates all the supporting material, supplements, splatbooks etc. that have since come out to gradually rectify such flaws over time through the inclusion of new stuff. We've quite frankly got a game that works and we don't want something that, to us, has not been thought out too well. One guy in particular just sat there scratching his head before saying "why would I want to play this?" So definitely 1.5 for us. Edit: Something else I should point out is that it would actually require very little effort whatsoever on FFG's part to make a 1.5, and it's what a not-inconsiderable number of people seem to want. With 2.0, FFG are going for a more difficult, more effort-intensive option that is proving to be very contentious and will more or less rule out interplay with other systems. I personally can't help but wonder why.
  5. Last night, I showed a less active person in my gaming group the new armoury stuff, the nonsensical changes to Penetration and armour values, and all that -- his reaction, and the reaction of the most regular attendee aside from myself, amounted to "PMSL". Paired up with the new Wound mechanics, which they just didn't like, the more sensible reaction was "we have two conflicting sets of mechanics that clash horribly". On the one hand, the damage dealing system itself generated a "well why on earth did they change it?" response, and the new wound mechanics resulted in more "PMSL" and "lolwut" reactions, before prompting one of them to say "it's just really messy" (identifying, in much less eloquent terms, some of the problems that other people have already expressed better than my groupmates could at the time). It's just unpleasant and silly. My group is extremely likely to stick with 1st Edition for some time to come, because we felt that the changes to Pen, Armour, and the combat mechanics were neither necessary nor especially welcome.
  6. I think they're doing that here as well -- keep in mind that we've had this beta for only a couple of days.
  7. "I'm at Impact 2 on my Right Arm, Energy 7 on my Head, and Rending 21 to my Body... I'm at Blood Loss (5) and Fatigue 3, I'm Stunned, I'm Nauseated, I'm Blinded for two rounds..." It'll be a pain. Exactly. Depth and breadth are nice, but why FFG felt they had to go this far is beyond me. I know there are a couple of people in my own gaming group that need to work to keep up with things at present; the sheer amount of stuff we'll have to watch out for with this is insane.
  8. That it does, but my group prefers the idea of an established bunch of Inquisition operatives, and I'm the only one in my gaming group so far that has a copy of Only War. I'll have to see when people's birthdays are. "Happy birthday! Here, have a new RPG that's actually good!" On-topic edit: What on Terra is going on with the new "2D10" tables? Why can't we just have a percentile table that's modified by various things? I understand that, for example, the effects of a psychic power going wrong are supposed to get worse if the psyker's putting more effort into it in the first place, but I find it's an awful lot simpler to have a D100 table with a whole range of accessible results, with a few simple modifiers, rather than one of these 2D10 tables where you have to juggle a lot more things. If I pulled out one of those tables and made my gaming group roll on it, they'd probably just get confused.
  9. Going to be brutally honest here, I genuinely hate this new rule set. Doubt my gaming group will be happy either -- we get on just fine with DH1E thank you very much, and while Dark Heresy needed an update, this beta is extremely poor and suboptimal. The talent trees are a throwback, the changes to the combat system somehow make it even more bloated, the armoury changes are just bizarre (and nonsensical -- most of the range/ROF/penetration complaints have already been explained more eloquently by other posters, though), and the skill ranking system is just plain counter-intuitive. Prior to Black Crusade, I found that the Rogue Trader rule set was a lot cleaner and smoother than some of the kinks Dark Heresy threw up. Black Crusade admittedly left me a little cold when it came out, but I've since warmed to it a lot more (especially since many of the changes Black Crusade introduced were further refined in Only War). If Dark Heresy's future incarnation became more like Black Crusade and Only War, rather than the current beta, that would not only give us a stronger game, but also maintain consistency between the various game systems. As it stands, I think I might push my gaming group for a straight move into using the Rogue Trader rule set for Dark Heresy style gaming, because unless the final DH2E bears little to no resemblance to the beta, I won't be playing it.
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