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  1. Now the shot has been fired... waiting for communication... Now i can be sad... like everyone else...
  2. What you've say Grimwalker is what i expect from FFG in terms of community management. Something sober that ensure FFG care about ANR players !
  3. So first of all sorry English is not my first language but i hope you will understand me. Now is a good time to have a community manager communicate about what's happening and why. I'm surprised that there is not yet official post/statement from FFG, i'm guessing there no one hired to handle the community because all that mess could have been avoided. I think Netrunner is "complex" enough to mostly grab "mentally mature" players, who can understand that some sites cross the line (jinteki.net) and some don't (netrunnerdb). the work from one made the other easier and maybe that's why it's bothering you, but there is probably middle ground solutions to save the community most beloved tool that is netrunnerdb ? In shorts this post is TALK TO US FFG have some cm handle the crisis ! (PS:make use of those purchase proof you provide in you games to start a convenient way to play online)
  4. ok thakn for the clarification
  5. i'm not yet owner of C&C -.- 1 of a kind program, i generally do that for icebreakers for exemple corroder and snowball *1 make me something to break barrier *2 ok i try cresentus *2 i'm may be too much carefull and think snitch is good to avoid very bad surprises (like hb brain damages ice on 4th click) i don't follow you why datasucker is a threat on archives ? force ishere to break code gate i case i encounter biger than 3 code gate and do not have a data sucker on rig or loaded with viruses counters (id like to go for gordian blade but it's 3 influence) yog = more datasucker ok but influence i think crypsis should be used very wisely and as i m not the only one who plays "my" decks and sometimes i see ppl loose because they too much rely on crypsis snowball is second of barrier breaker it is not great but can be depending ofthe situation i keep gabe for the money on hq so: -1 cresentus +2 crypsis +2 datasucker -1 snowball -1 ninja -1 force of nature -2 snitch -1 sneakdoor (i make it a mid/late game option) -2 cresentus (again) thank you for you tought i'll try this soon or later ^^
  6. Deck isn't finished yet and i come for brainstorming with the community,advice and stuff. I think i intend to focus the deck on central servers ice denial. Identity: Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional (Core) Total Cards: (50) Event (23) Easy Mark (Core #19) x3 Emergency Shutdown (Cyber Exodus #43) x3 Forged Activation Orders (Core #20) x3 Inside Job (Core #21) x3 Kraken (Humanity's Shadow #90) x3 Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow #87) x2 ■ Sure Gamble (Core #50) x3 Account Siphon (Core #18) x3 Hardware (4) Desperado (Core #24) x2 E3 Feedback Implants (Trace Amount #24) x2 Program (18) Crescentus (A Study in Static #65) x3 Femme Fatale (Core #26) x1 Snitch (Cyber Exodus #45) x2 Sneakdoor Beta (Core #28) x2 Parasite (Core #12) x3 ■■ Corroder (Core #7) x1 ■■ Yog.0 (Core #14) x1 ■ Force of Nature (A Study in Static #62) x1 ■ Ninja (Core #27) x1 Crypsis (Core #51) x1 Snowball (Trace Amount #27) x1 ■■ Datasucker (Core #8) x1 ■ Resource (5) Crash Space (Core #30) x3 Kati Jones (Humanity's Shadow #91) x2 So let me know what you think even if it's the stupidest idea you've seen in a while. PS: i would like to edit post name to "Gabe's ice war" but can't find a way sry
  7. You mister need to take a closer look to the cards oversight AI cost 2 "bubbule" i mean 2 influence .
  8. I everybody, i'll try to make my question clear but english isn't my mothertongue. So let us imagine a situation in wich the runner got 6 brain damages and public sympathy Your maximum hand size is increased by 2 (yes it's wierf who would do that). At this point everything goes "fine"with 1 card in hand, but then the corp manage to tag the runner and wisely decide to trash public sympathy. What happens according to rules ? my guessings are: -As no damage has been dealt runner keep his card in hand he is free to play it during his turn. - At runner discard phase, runner has to met his maximum hand size so he discard to get -1 card in hand ?! runner can't do that he looses. subquestions: Runner can go on playing with 5 brain damages, he can draw cards at his turn to play them then discrad any card left in his hand during discard phase, right ? Depending of what rules will state for the public sympathy case what if it's last card is another public sympathy? can runner play it like nothing happened ? Thanks for you patience,Have a nice day.
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