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  1. Sweet dancing tarrasques! Just got my shipment confirmation!
  2. Give in to the Dark Side... you can't resist the power of the Dark Side forever... (and we have cookies and pie too) I was doing the same thing, then I switched to Al Bundy and his 4 touchdowns in one game and went for it. come one... ...give us a 'WOOOOOO BUNDY' and do it! AAAaaaaand I broke...just preordered my copy! Shall I expect my cookies before or after my preorder arrives? Also...*ahem*...WOOOOOO BUNDY!!
  3. Gah! I'm so tempted! Must...resist...must...wait....must...stop...typing...like Shatner...talks!
  4. Yes except I don't think you can then download it when it's finished so that's an issue. That and the music fades out too soon. But, then again, it IS free to use.
  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing this. I may just pledge my credits to the cause.
  6. Excellent stuff! Definitely going to use these with my group!
  7. I haven't made any for the premade adventures, but I did make one for a mini-adventure I wrote (that is actually turning more into a full adventure, at this point...but anyway). It was for our group and, if I'm honest, not very well written. If need be, I can swap the text and rerender the whole thing in about 5 minutes. http://www.mediafire.com/watch/g74s04sr2h9vyqz/Final_Comp_1.mp4
  8. Cool Stuff Inc has it in stock. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/191257
  9. Awesome! Thanks! EDIT: Kallabecca - Yeah, it's weird. It appears to be the same adventure as "Shadows of a Black Sun" it's just renamed...for some reason.
  10. I would only if its important to the story. For example, as fjw70 suggests, if they have to get there in a certain time frame (chasing someone, beating someone to a location, meeting someone, beating a deadline, etc.). Or, thinking about it, you could also use it to flesh out or add fluff to an adventure on the fly (they miss the check and run into a group of pirates or imperials or rival bounty hunters or arrive at an abandoned space station instead or whatever).
  11. An excellent idea! While I have no plans to pick up the talent cards, as others have noted, I would definitely buy Rival/Nemesis/Minion and Vehicle cards. Hmmm...Maybe have an equipment or item deck too that could be used for random loot drops, as well? I'd totally buy those, too!
  12. Yeah, our group usually goes with the last option, "have them narrate what they hope will happen", then the GM will then modify/add to/whatever the PC's narration based on the roll.
  13. The GM. Depending on the scenario it'll be something like causing strain for the PC, setting off an alarm, weapon jam, etc. all handled in narrative.
  14. If you're wanting to focus on stealth and ranged weapons as an Explorer Scout. You may also want to consider a Rodian. They begin with 3 in Agility which helps stealth, ranged light, and ranged heavy. Plus, you'll be getting a rank in Survival and in the Expert Tracker talent, which sounds like would fit in with how you're wanting to play.
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