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  1. I'm still on the side that would like to see FFG come out and say, "Nevermind, here's a jungle expansion for 1st edition"
  2. Blasted! So made that I have a Mac right now
  3. Yeah, the "skills" parts solves it. combo isn't as good as hoped.
  4. I'm excited by this. I do think they are coming out a bit fast, however they seem to be correcting things as they go. The base game of 2nd Ed was in the shadow of Descent, an amazing game and really all 2E had going for it was pretty tiles and molds. W/o the comversion kits, only 8 heroes and not much for the OL...as a base game it was sad. So, I see why they keep pumping things out to create a high level of diversity and changed game play. Its smart and what they have to do in order to keep interest. Unlike 1E, the quests are much faster and less satisfying, so you have to do a campaign, and each of those goes quick and is not as epic as RtL, so a blitz of releases starts giving a lot more options. I think the realized that they have a beach head, but w/o alteration, tha will die off.
  5. So, universally my game group likes D1 more than D2 and we're all sad that D2 is what Descent looks like from here on out. That said, we still run campaigns for both at the same time. The most negative voice about D2 played OL this past time and was walked all over (in his mind) and complained that D2 is too luck based with less strategy than D1. We all agreed for a while, but I'm starting to re-think that critique. What does everyone here think about the luck based nature of D2? Is it more, less or the same? I think his issue is that the armor varies, and that does come to luck. Granted, this isn't the only issue...line of sight and large monster movement is just foolish, but the luck thing bugged us for a while...but I'm starting to think it might not be that much diff luckwise to RtL
  6. Also, none of uus listed new OL classes. I think a new one called like "Chaos Bringer" or something would be fun where the powers could go a lot of differnt ways and everything is a risk. Something like: "Play this card before rolling defence dice. If you roll a 3 or a 0 on a silver die, double the amount of wound you recieve. If you roll anything else the wounds are delt to the attacker" "Play this card at the start of your turn. Select a regular monster on the board and roll a black die. If you get 4 sheilds, replace it with any master and minion monster from any group ignoring traits. If you roll 3 sheilds replace it with any master monster ignoring traits. You may then reinforce the origional monster. If you roll less than 3 sheilds, replace the monster with a regular goblin at half health. You may not reinforce the origional monster this turn."
  7. I deff would like expansions that include or use other espansions. I always hated in D1 that the overlap was so small. In RtL you used either WoD or AoD or ToI monsters, never a mix. Here in D2 the swamp spaces in Trofellines (a non-3 letter abreviation???) are stunning and begging to be used a lot more than just in the few one offs. I'm trying to think of a way to make Trollfiens and LoW work together as one larger campaign, that way they aren't just rumors.
  8. That's actually what I was going for as a way to balance its insta-kill abaility. It should have a hard time moving or being placed
  9. Name: Avalanche of Pain Location: Frosty mountain area Heros: 2 new + conversion cards for ToI heroes as a bonus (maybe with ice bonus stats diff from the CK) Melee Healer Classes: 2 new Ice Lord (Melee) Defender (Healer) Monster: Yeti - 2x2 monster with +1 to defence base and has the ability to throw an adjacent monster at a hero to do a high amount of damage Frost imp - similar to fire imps...but frosty Mini-campaign Name: Sands of Death Location: Desert area Heroes: 2 new Scout Mage Classes: 2 new Jinn (Mage) Skalker (Scout) Monsters: Mummy- 1x1 monster that can bury fallen heroes Sphinx - 1x2 monster that riddles and stuns heroes that fail Basalisk - 3x4 monster, heroes can move through this huge beast, but 3 surges on an attack cause insant knock out Cerebus - 2x2 monster that gets 3 attacks per turn (rolling blue, yellow, green) Mini-campaign with a quest that connects it to a previous expansion (like moving from the swamp to the desert or vice versa)
  10. So, last night we had a bit of a disagreement on pit terrain. The OL used an Ettin to throw a hero in a pit, taking 3 damage (for the pit and the throw). The wording on getting out of the pit caused debate though. The rule says that when a hero is in a pit the only action he can do is get out of a pit (but oddly it mentions they have line of site outside the pit). So, the heroes read it like a stun effect, the only think you can do with that effect on is take the effect off. The OL read it like a stand up action where the only thing you can do on your turn is stand up. Any thoughts?
  11. No differnt than Kranon and the beastmen from 1st ed
  12. Well, the sphinx talk has me wondering why more mythic folk aren't here, I'd love a: Minotaur: some type of ramming power (like a charge +knockback). Phoenix: burn, fly, rebirth (not reinforced but returns in the same spot in 2 turns) Cyclopes: Like a giant or ettin Fenrir: A large wolf with a bleed ability
  13. I love the Sphinx idea...but I don't know why that would be a female monster. And, I think in the expansions if they introduce a new ability that would better suit a conversion monster it'd be neat if they would include that as a bonus. Would add value and playability, and the conversion kit wouldn't lose viability due to the heroes and the majority of the monsters
  14. And with the banshees, how about a Siren...make it a sonic expansion. Maybe the Siren can make all heroes in 5 spaces move 3 spaces in any direction or something.
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