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    Jaarka reacted to OggDude in Another Character Generator   
    You couldn't have sent that 3 minutes earlier?
    It'll be fixed in
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    Jaarka reacted to progressions in How to link modern technology and old style RPGing?   
    Hi, januswhiteknight.
    Thanks for checking out my Obsidian Portal!
    I've added a bunch of custom styles to my Obsidian Portal to make it look as much as possible like the Edge of the Empire rulebooks. I tried to match the text styles as well as the dice symbols.
    Here's how I do the text blocks:
    Here's a thread about it:
    Feel free to check out and borrow any of it if you think it'd suit you!
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    Jaarka reacted to Daeglan in How to link modern technology and old style RPGing?   
    One thing i will say is if everyone has tablets and a chat client you can pass notes to the GM with out other players reacting or knowing it was done.  Also the Gm can roll perception for the party and just tell those that heard or saw the thing. thus resulting in those players having to let people know in their own words. Or not letting them know at all. 
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    Jaarka reacted to Salcor in How to link modern technology and old style RPGing?   
    This is a great topics. If you haven't listened to them, the Order 66 podcast Saga series actually had some great discussions on this topic. I would recommend episode 146 pimp your laptop, and Episode 103 Play that funky music Proxy. Both of those episodes have influenced my tech at the table use.
    So as the GM I have been using my laptop since I started running. First is for session prep. Of course I use OggDude's program. I have heroforge from Lone Wolf Development, but no one has created a FFG star wars file; but honestly Ogg's is just as good. With his program I build my bad guy encounters and then print to pdf for use at the table. I am also working with Lone Wolf Development's RealmWorks. It is an amazingly powerful tool, but there is a learning curve. They have a lot of video tutorials. I also use Obsidian Portal for scheduling and campaign story telling.
    At the table I use adobe to view the encounters and drop sticky notes for the encounter specifics (initiative, wounds, etc). I use Syrinscape's sci fi player for ambient noise like blaster fire. It is great! I also have itunes up for Star Wars specific music. Finally I have OggDude's open for reference.
    I encourage my players to use paper since it declutters the table, but I am ok with tablets or smartphones. I also allow my players to use the FFG dice app since our table affects dice rolls oddly. I also give players bonus XP for post session in character posts on Obsidian Portal.
    Other than that Iwould like to explore some other tech use at the table, like forwarding the players handouts on there devices for example. It is star wars a just about everyone has a datapad.
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    Jaarka reacted to OggDude in How to link modern technology and old style RPGing?   
    You don't have to import all the characters.  In fact, characters are only part of your custom data.  You may also have descriptions, custom items, data sets, adversaries, groups, encounters, etc.
    What you want to do is perform a transfer from the launcher.  You set the data path to where you want it in your local Google Drive cache folder (the one that's shared by everyone).  When you start a transfer (there's a button for it), it'll ask you for the original data directory.  It'll then back everything up to a zip file and copy all of your custom data to the new path.
    Doing a transfer will get everything over to the new data directory, which will then be mirrored on the cloud.  And if your other users set their data path to the same cache folder as yours on their Google Drive client, they'll see the exact same thing as you do.
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    Jaarka reacted to OggDude in How to link modern technology and old style RPGing?   
    To answer your questions, in order:
    One guy has it up on his laptop during play, although I'd prefer that he didn't (I didn't write it as a play aid, but as a resource generator; you should use it to prepare games, not run games).  It's not normally a problem, but sometimes I'll find him surfing the net, and/or using my program to look things up, which can be distracting. Yes it can.  I have a common DropBox folder that all of my players use as their data folder.  All you need to do is have everyone install the DropBox client on their computer so they have a local cache directory.  I then invite them to share my data directory, they accept, and my directory shows up inside their local cache.  From there, you just set the data path in the launcher to point to that folder.  The same method should work with any cloud service that provides a local cache directory and shared folders. Another player will sometimes use a PDF character sheet created by my program on his tablet, and use some other program to annotate it with his touch screen, pretty much like he would with a pen on a paper sheet.  He's a techno-nerd, and likes geeking out with that sort of thing, so I'm not sure how well this actually works. Your table, your rules  Personally, what I did was buy 1/2" notebooks, slip in personalized title sheets in the front and spine, a 3-hole zipper pouch for wet erase pen, pencil, eraser, and character token, and, of course, a copy of their character sheet in sheet protectors.  They all thought that was way cool (I tend to spoil my players).  I prefer them to use this, rather than use computers, but I don't mind them updating their characters using my apps after the session.  Normally, though, I will get on my computer later on and add XP to everyone's character.  Since we all share a data directory on DropBox, they can run the program on their end any time in the next two weeks and spend their XP if they like.  They can then print up their character sheets and bring them to the next session, although they generally always "wait" to re-print them until they get to my house and use my ink  
    Personally, I find any sort of electronic device at the table (including laptops, tablets, phones, and portable gaming devices, especially the latter) to be distracting, unless the person is well-disciplined about it's use.  I'd prefer them not be brought to the table at all, but seeing as having fun with the game, and having a fascist dictator as a GM, tends to be mutually exclusive, I won't say anything unless it actually becomes a problem.
    Oh, and in a previous campaign, I did use MapTool at the table since we had multiple people playing remotely.  I set up a 30" TV on one end of the dining room table and hooked it into a laptop.  The locals could then use a mouse to move their tokens or click power macros or whatever, while the remotes did the exact same thing on their end and talked to us through Skype.  If the technology gods were smiling on us that day, it all went pretty smooth.  If they were being capricious (and they often were), we'd have internet issues, Skype issues, and other issues that would delay the game, sometimes for hours.
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    Jaarka reacted to The Grand Falloon in Effects of the dark side   
    I agree with working it into Obligation somehow, but it's best if you're good at playing that part up narratively.  I've considered a house rule that allows the character to ignore the Strain of calling on the Dark Side, but at the cost of Dark Side obligation.  This is the tipping point at which the character is no longer just influenced by, or flirting with the Dark Side, but is willingly embracing it.  Consider a character who uses Move to slam an enemy into a wall.  With white pips, he's trying to defend himself and his friends.  He strikes out of necessity, 'cause sometimes you just gotta do that.  With black pips, in most cases, anger washes over him, and he slams the enemy out of fury, and then has a moment of, "What the hell was that?!"  His friends may not notice any difference, but he's winded by the dark emotions that flow through him.  Now if the Force User has had a rough day, and is already suffering a lot of Strain, he may take those Dark pips and say, "Aw yeah, we are DOIN' THIS!" and embrace the anger to slam the enemy around.  In the last case, the player chose not to suffer Strain, but takes a few points of Dark Side obligation.
    Soon, this Obligation will add up.  When it's rolled during a session, the character is in a foul mood, and his friends are uneasy around him.  The lowered strain threshold means he may need to Embrace the Dark Side yet again, increasing his obligation and, well... you see where this is going.
    If doubles come up, it's time for a test of his mettle.  The character should face a significant challenge that threatens to turn him fully.  If he can go the whole session without using Dark Side pips and still has some sort of success, he can reduce his Obligation.  If not, he may Fall.  It's up to the GM and the group to determine exactly what that means.
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    Jaarka reacted to Doc, the Weasel in I am really having trouble realizing my character... is it me or the system?   
    Right off the bat, you are going with a sub-optimal build for that race/career combo. If you don't up your Cunning, you are going to find bounty hunters walking right over you (or right out, as the case may be).
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    Jaarka reacted to FangGrip in Galaxy Map   
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    Jaarka reacted to mrvander in Failed Astrogation Check?   
    Hmm, the first few of suggestions I feel answer if you roll threats/despair. If the check is outright failed, I would say they don't enter hyperspace. Proper calculations were not made and system fail-safes prevent entry. With that in mind, I don't always require an astrogation check unless there is imminent drama ("We'll lose them when we make the jump to hyperspace!") or they're attempting to navigate an extremely difficult route.
    The key here is that the failure actually mean something. If it's just a routine check and the player simply has an opportunity to keep trying until he succeeds, then there is no point in making the check in the first place. Even with all the time in the world, perhaps failing a check for a difficult route means the player can't try again until he finds some key information he's missing in his data to feed the navicomputer.
    Of course, if the plot hinges on the players getting to where they need to go, just "scene wipe" and get there cinematically. Leave astrogation out of it.
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    Jaarka reacted to Caied in Edge of the Empire Form Field PDF   
    My group was looking for a PDF they could fill out and share digitally over dropbox/etc.  I found one and modified it to provide a little more flexibility and convenience when filling out the form and wanted to offer it here in case others were interested as well.

    Based of DylanRPG's original form fillable character sheet PDF with some (a lot...) adjustments and changes.
    Sheets and variants are at the bottom of this post.
    Updated! Char Sheet v4 and Vehicle Sheet v1
    Vehicle v1
    Added base functionality as well as High Contrast/Low ink use version of Vehicle sheet  
    Char v4
    Modified 2nd page from the Core Book standard character sheet to include several new form fields Added 3rd page with extra talent spaces and large area for notes/additional gear/background information NEW Higher Contrast version to help save on Ink Cartridges if you'd like to print the sheet (I don't have a printer so let me know how this one works out) Adjustments to Obligation and Motivation box layout Re-optimized, both character sheets are around ~800kb  
    Char v3
    Improved performance Drastically decreased filesize (by almost 2mb!)  
    Char v2
    Added Auto-Dice generation based on stats/skills. (thanks for the inspiration Kallabaca) Generally improved some issues with alignment General improvements to appeal Updated PDF pages with higher res character sheets from FFG's website (using the same pdf style as found in the back of the core book, this resulted in a loss of the "critical injury" box in place of "Other" distinguishing features)  
    Char v1
    Fixed Tab order issues (you should be able to hit tab and correctly progress to the next logical form field) Added form fields for each section and subsection (i.e. weapon, damage, range, crit, special, etc for weapons) Check boxes for skills Improved alignment of form fields  
    Tested on
    PC/Mac iOS (note: Adobe Reader app (free) highly suggested as the 'lite' pdf readers in Dropbox and other apps do not display any custom forms or their data, resulting in a "blank" character sheet) iOS note 2: Adobe Reader App will correctly display the filled out sheets, but does not run the javascript necessary to update it.  As such any changes (in order to take advantage of the auto-dice) will have to be done in an appropriate program.  
    Example Character Sheet
    EotE Character Sheet v4
    EotE Character Sheet HC v4 (low ink)
    EotE Vehicle Sheet v1
    EotE Vehicle Sheet HC v1 (low ink)
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    Jaarka reacted to Nate in Compiled Resources List   
    Since there doesn't seem to be a post dedicated to fan-made resources, we can start this one.
    General Information--Wookieepedia
    A Slew of Adventures from Legends of the Galaxy 
    Players' Tools from Legends of the Galaxy, too
    PowerPoint Templates for Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrqh5onuc7jh0cn/EotE Module Template v0.9.1.potx?dl=0
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjk2fqm07dhbytx/AoR Module Template v0.9.potx?dl=0
    Online Shop Generator from Celofett
    A Clone Wars Sourcebook written by Emilejos 
    A Star Wars Language Translator by Arlo Di'Lya
    GroggyGolem's Resources (Dropbox) 
    Form-Fillable Character Sheet from Caied
    Form-Fillable Companion Sheet from SaraMcDohl
    Form-Fillable Vehicle Sheet from Sara McDohl
    Weapon Modifications Sheet from Bennxn
    NPC Cards from 9littlebees
    Letter Size
    A4 Size
    390 Names for NPCs from B.A. Simon
    Consolidated Index
    One Shot First Supplement from Maveritchell
    Adventure Template for Force and Destiny in LibreOffice from Depicacyx
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/79y4l65u5aarp4q/Force and Destiny Adventure Template - LibreOffice.zip?dl=0
    Discord Dice, Destiny Pool and Character Tracking Bot from Skyjedi 
    "The Stars are Silent" by LuckyBunny 
    "Murder on the Merciful" by Andynorton
    "Hunter and Hunted"
    "The Enemy of My Enemy"
    "Only Two Ways Home"
    "How the Grrth Stole Life Day"
    "Rendezvous at Ord Mantell" (Conversion)
    "Echoes of the Past" (Multiple Versions)
    Echoes of the Past (with ungridded maps)
    Echoes of the Past (with gridded maps)
    Echoes of the Past (pdf only for web viewing)
    "Bendu's Shadow/Stalitz Flight"
    "Fane of the Sith Lords"
    "Dreamscape" by Castlecruncher
    "Mists of Myrkr"
    "Pride and Piracy"
    "The Scrapheap King"
    "The Price Is Might"
    "The Quarantine Quandary"
    "Cold Comfort"
    "Shadow of the Broker: Trust Fall"
    "Shadow of the Broker: The Laws of War"
    Conversions of WEG Modules by Kyla
    A Campaign for Imperial Storm Commandos, with Pre-GEns, by Lagspike
    Operational Costs (by RebelDave, RusakRakesh and others)
    Trade Route Economics Spreadsheet by Nevermind
    User Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Kc1WTVH7ALdy1YeEcxOWFZSVk/view
    Star Wars: Rebels Sourcebook (courtesy of Jaspor, et al)
    Cartol's Emporium of Useful Things (by Jegergryte)
    Campaign Websites
    Bubblepopmei's Campaign
    "We Don't Need Their Scum" (2P51)
    "The Second Chance" (Jaspor)
    "Star Wars: The Next Big Thing" (I.J. Thompson)
    "Star Wars: Veil of Darkness" (GM Hooly)
    "Star Wars: Tales of the Solay Express" (GM Hooly)
    "Tumbleweeds in Space" (RusakRakesh)
    Simon Retold's Campaign Wiki
    "Unforeseen Fates" (Atraangelis)
    "The Force Unbridled" (Kyla)
    "Tempest Feud" (Lady Skywalker)
    "Misery of the Corrupted" (GM Teyvill)
    "After the Fall" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "Far Orbit Project" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "Fight or Flight" (swrider) 
    "Strike Force Isk" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "Trial by Fire" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "The Minos Cluster" (Kinnison) 
    "One Shot" Campaign
    Alien Species
    A Tatooine Supplement
    Kainrath's Mos Shuuta Supplement
    A Corellia Supplement
    A Hutt Space Supplement
    Star Wars Galaxy Maps
    Tales from the Edge of the Empire
    Triumph & Despair
    Jegergryte's Cubicle
    Dono's Gaming & Etc Blog
    d20 Radio Blog
    Sterling Hershey's Blog
    Shalemanse's Edge of the Empire Homebrew
    Consummate Gamer
    A Few Manevers
    Kainrath's Blog with Lots of Gear
    Bastion Kain's Blog
    Cardhu's Blog
    Tierfon Campaign
    Maveritchell's Page
    Sturn's Stuff
    OggDude's Character Generator
    Squirrelsan's Resource Thread
    (Including an Excel character sheet)
    Reference Sheets from Gribble
    One-Page Reference sheet
    Combat Reference Sheet
    Critical Cards
    Talent Tree Reference
    Valiant One's Character Creation Aid
    Daniel Cowdery's Starship and Vehicle Aid
    Ways of the Force
    Kaalamity's Companion Sheet
    "Order 66"
    "The Sabacc Table"
    Star Wars Crawl Generator
    (Thanks to Venthrac for the mention)
    Another Crawl Generator
    (Thanks to ArisSN for the mention)
    Star Wars Name Generator
    (Thanks to IceBear for the mention)
    Star Wars Soundboards
    Range-Tracking Tool from CharlieBananas
    A Version of the Intro PDF in French from Naglareph
    Expanded Mos Shutta from Maveritchell
    Mos Shuuta Expanded (gridded maps)
    Mos Shuuta Expanded (no-grid maps)
    Tatooine Props
    YT-1300F "clean"
    Stats for Rakghouls from DiegoOnasi
    BrashFink's Bennie Deck a la Savage Worlds
    Index of NPCs from Musket_Max
    Kainrath's Loot Table
    Stan's Combat Tracker
    Lots of Good Artwork
    Character Tokens by Kitty Kissz
    Liberiton's Article about Hutt Politics
    Rules for Sith Alchemy by Ian2400
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5zt67nvh8sope4/Sith Alchemy.png?dl=0
    French Character Sheet from Bobmoranne
    Resources from Joress
    Swoop Bike Sheet 
    Star Destroyer Stat Sheet
    Squadron Stat Sheet
    GM Combat Tracker
    GM Sheets for Tracking Gameplay
    Resources in German
    Resources in Spanish
    And Now for Something Completely Different
    "Edge of Sanity" Lovecraftian One-Shot Adventure
    Edge of the Union Western RPG
    Edge of the Kingdom Fantasy Conversion (Blue Dog, et al) 
    I'll continue to update this list as people add/remind me of new material.
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    Jaarka reacted to mrvander in WEG Inspired Easy to Read/Print Character Sheet   
    So another thread got me to experimenting with a "better" character sheet. My goal was to make it legible, go easy on the printer ink and make it as functional as I could. So here's page one of my admittedly WEG-inspired character sheet. Page 2 is to come and that will have all the usual "page 2" stuff that's not critical to refer to most times during gameplay such as credits, obligation, motivation and whatever else I can think of.
    Feedback and requests are welcome.
    ***Removed link - please see new thread***
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    Jaarka reacted to Bayard91 in New Starting Ship - Clydesdale-Class Gunboat   
    Hey look... It's Serenity.
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    Jaarka reacted to Spew in Playing Remotely? Try Hangout EotE tools   
    Sorry I missed the posts here.  
    @Ceodryn: Thanks for the feedback.  AFAIK the width that an extension uses is fixed.  I cannot make this larger or smaller, so I sized the elements to fit the available space.
    As MSI-6 discovered clicking on the dice will clear their value.
    @Azai, I know it is a long time since your post but for others that are looking for a Dice tool take a look at http://game2.com/eote/ 
    This Hangout Extension is based off that dice roller (written by the GM of our group).  Just point your browser to it and there is no need to log into anything.
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    Jaarka reacted to Fiddleback in Playing Remotely? Try Hangout EotE tools   
    Yes, basically Roll20 is an app for use in Hangouts as well as being available on it's own website. 
    Essentially, you (or your GM) lay out whatever graphics elements you want to use on a series of pages just like you would set up a regular campaign for that Zebras & Zeppelins game that everyone loves so much.  Being an Edge of the Empire Game you wouldn't needed gridded maps or anything necessarily, but in return you could do some really interesting, story enhancing things with Roll20 and EotE.
    For instance, creating Epic location scenes within the app to give players a sense of place.  Like maybe a screen cap of your favorite place in SW:TOR used as a backdrop so folks know exactly what the particular section of Tattooine they are in looks like.
    You could lay out a static 'opening crawl' in Roll20 to start your adventures with.  You could design your own card deck within the app and play Sabaac while you wait for people to show up, or as part of your game itself.  Wookieepedia has many fine images that might allow you to display what particular adversaries look like.  There is all sorts of stuff you can do, because Roll20 is pretty flexible.
    And now, with the dice app above, you can actually execute the whole game in the Roll20 app without having to rely on people rolling off screen and relaying what they rolled.
    There are a fair number of Roll20 videos up on YouTube if you need more concrete usage examples.
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    Jaarka reacted to Spew in Playing Remotely? Try Hangout EotE tools   
    We've been using these tools for a while now for our weekly game.  There are a couple of us that play remotely and we use Google Hangout to do so (although the last couple of sessions we all played remotely using Hangouts and the tool).  It has been working quite well and I thought I would make it available to the community.
    It consists of Destiny tracker, a roller (originally coded by our GM and posted in this forum a couple months ago) with the results communicated to everyone in the Hangout including the roll results that appear as an overlay to the video stream.
    You can give it a try here:

    This is what it looks like.  It is displayed as a side-panel next to the video.

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