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  1. I believe that the self-updating version's host has reached the data cap. When I attempted to download a fresh version of the auto-updating file I got a "data cap reached" error from the site. That would also seem to match the people that can get it to launch off-WiFi.
  2. Found another small bug. When using GM Grants to give a talent, it worked fine. My example was Forager. HOWEVER, when I then purchased the Force Sensitive Exile tree (that has Forager in it) it immediately docked me the XP. Doesn't seem to be a way to un-buy it (can't de-click it) because it wasn't purchased, it was granted.
  3. Very minor thing here: When creating a new species, the inputs to adjust stats, wounds, strain, starting xp, etc. are slightly too narrow. They chop off the final number. (For example: if making starting xp 105, you see 10 clearly but the 5 is chopped off) Thank you for the bug fixes so far! You're awesome!
  4. Hah! I noticed you were readying a bugfix and hurried, but didn't find it until too late. Keep up the good work, amigo!
  5. I didn't notice anyone else point this out, so here's a bug that I found: While attempting to manually input the Mandalorian Human race for myself, I discovered that the newest build doesn't allow you to create Sub-Species. It gives an error stating that it "Needs a Key" but there's no way to fix it that I can see. The baseline Mandalorians that I made have a key (HUMANMANDO to keep with other ones), but Sub-Species don't have a key input field. In past versions, I believe the key was auto-generated based on the parent species. Hopefully that can be fixed soon, as I want to make a Mandalorian!
  6. That made me laugh out loud. Well done. In this system more than any other, with the emphasis on cinematic encounters, I wouldn't be afraid to pump it up/down as you see fit. The players can always run away (in fact, it's almost a requirement for one encounter in the Beginner Box adventure), and can be encouraged to by the GM should it look like more than they can handle. You can also re-skin the encounter and run a one-shot to test it with your players (Training Droids in the downtime, a la SWTOR). Good luck with your testing!
  7. I wouldn't really agree with this. There are certain universal Force powers that can be used offensively. Was Yoda using the Dark Side to push Palpatine? If it isn't directly involving emotion, I wouldn't necessarily call it dark side. Just as someone could be lucky on the hunt (unbeknownst to them that they're sensitive to the Force and using the Sense ability), someone could be using the Force to strengthen their blows. Doesn't mean they're doing it in a dark way.
  8. That looks really nice! Definitely a no-fuss option. I look forward to page two.
  9. Unfortunately, the art for slave girl Leia will be based on present day Carrie Fisher. NOOOooOoOoOOOOoo! /DarthVader
  10. Nibbler is a great idea! Nothing says you can't bridge that gap. As far as pets go, is it specific to animals? If not, you could always go with a pet droid! Maybe it something more exotic like a dewback that you used to ride. Really, the sky is the limit. I would suggest checking out Wookieepedia for some inspiration.
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