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  1. I'm happy to remove the agility requirement and defensive properties and just have knock back.
  2. So I'm looking at playing a Genesys fantasy setting that is using terrinoth as it's basis. I'm looking at taking a melee [heavy] signature weapon. I see that it has knockback. And in its description it talks about picking a weapon. If I go with a great site do I get the traits like defensive and the requirement to have 3 agility or are those just wiped away and replaced by the stat line under signature weapon.
  3. Thank you everyone your fantastic in-depth answers. This helps a lot. Right now we are rank one. My rings are earth 3, water 2, fire 3, void 1 and air 1. I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out which rings and Shuji are important at the start that would help me hold my own or contribute a lot in a social setting as it almost seems like you need good rings for them all as well as a number of Shuji. Any suggestions as some early grabs?
  4. My title is a bit harsher then the actual reality. Our group has no courtiers. We have people who's schools are Shiba Guardian and soshi illusionist. But so far neither of them are leaning into much for social skills. I and another player are a moto conqueror and a kuni purifier. I'm the kuni, and I'm largely playing him as a magical bushi. We haven't been playing long, and I know my gm really wants to run some more involved social encounters. I do too, as I know they will be amazing as he puts in tons of work already to involve everyone and really set an excellent feel. The problem is I largely don't get excited by the classes that do it well. I'm primarily the person who plays the huge dude with the biggest weapon and heaviest armor, but I've really taken a shine to the two heavens duelist. My question is, is it possible to play a bushi and lean into social skills and purchase Shuji and still be decently effective in court. I have a few Kata I'm interested in 2-3 Kata, one I'll buy early and then the others I can pick up much later. I know this will slow my advancement as much of it is out of school for me. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Lets say I have 10 guardsman tokens with no damage, 2 leman russ with no damage and both have bodyguard attached. On the other side of the field I am facing AoE 2 from unit of your choice. How many / what survives. Assuming they go first and AoE right off the bat.
  6. Also with out knowing the background of the request, I would suggest you maybe limit tossing derogatory claims around . . . (Sorry for the second post, couldn't get it into the edit of my other post).
  7. As the player, I don't plan on walking the streets lugging, clearly a weapon that should be mounted on a vehicle or a semi-perm location. This is for when its time to take the fight to the imps. Walking down the ramp off the ship, wasting stormies left and right. Its also something I don't plan on seeing until the "higher levels". My Standard weapon is either going to be an auto fire bowcaster or a light repeating blaster. I'm more wondering if this is an option as I know most talents (deadly accuracy) don't apply to gunnery weapons.
  8. I'm getting ready to make a character for the upcoming AoR that our GM is going to be moving too and I and mostly doing it from rules in EotE. I'm envision him as Roadblock from G.I. Joe (the huge heavy weapons guy from the 80's cartoon - rhyming) but as a wookie using a heavy repeating blaster. I'm a little worried the GM may find this to be a little over the top / no possible. I'm looking for some kind of precedent in the Star Wars universe of a character using a weapon of that magnitude.
  9. Two more questions regarding two weapon fighting. Lets say you have a blast actuating module on a pair of pistols that you are two weapon fighting with. Do you get two set back dice due to the draw back of the modification?
  10. My Gm (who is god tier, if I have to say so myself) and myself have a question regarding how two weapon fighting works. I'll use my character as an example. From what I understand it would work like the following: using two blaster pistols agi 4 Ranged - Light 2 Firing at short range 1 difficulty die + 1 difficulty die for duel wielding For this example I rolled 1 success and 2 advantages. I spend two advantages on my second hit, I don't make a roll for my second hit, it automatically hits, and I would do damage of 6 (base weapon) + 1 (1 success) - soak + 6 (second base weapon) + 1 (1 success) - soak. The other school of though we have is: using two blaster pistols agi 4 Ranged - Light 2 Firing at short range 1 difficulty die + 1 difficulty die for duel wielding For this example I rolled 1 success and 2 advantages. I spend two advantages on my second hit, I do make a second roll to attack for my blaster, that generates its own successes which can then be spent for what ever? Edit: Also if you do aim, it two weapon fighting works this way, does aim apply to both shots? We can both see how it could go both ways mainly due to the line : If he succeeds, he hits with his primary weapon as normal. He may also spend (advantage symbol) (advantage symbol) or (triumph symbol) to hit with his secondary weapon as well. If both weapons hit, he may spend additional (advantage symbol) or (triumph symbol) to activate qualities from either weapon. So does that mean he has to roll a second to hit? Or does it simply mean that he can't spend any extra advantage until he has "paid" for his second weapons hit? Edit: Question regarding aim.
  11. I appreciate your anecdotal information but it unfortunately doesn't answer any of the questions I asked. Would it apply to rifle and/or carbine, would it be the E-11 only, or all models of rifle/carbine and which skill would it use while being fired in a pistol like manor. Light or heavy?
  12. Under Blaster Rifle/Carbine It goes on to speak about how stormtroopers use the E-11 blaster rifle with folding stocks, so they can be used as a heavy pistol at short range. Would it use the range light skill while being used as a pistol or would it still be ranged heavy? Also does this apply to all models or simply the E-11. Also does this apply to the carbine, or only the rifle?
  13. I think you can make it to 13 if i'm correct, maybe 14 with another specialization Brawn 5 base +1 dedication, +1 cybernetics (depends on if your gm lets the +1 brawn from legs and arms apply to soak) +1 soak for cybernetic armor. +3 for superior heavy battle armor +1 for Gadgeteer +1 marauder. should total out to 13
  14. Excellent, that is what I figured. Thank you for the quick replies.
  15. I'm getting ready for my first game of SW:EotE and I have a few questions about weapon modifications. For example I am looking at the Bowcaster accelerator enhancement. I know that it gives + 1 damage for 1 hard point. But for the mod options, you can give it +2 damage for +1 mods. Is that +1 damage per +1 mod slot? Or is it +2 damage for 1 slot? Same with the 2 weapon quality (Pierce +1) mods. So is it +1 mod for 2 pierce? or 1 pierce for 1 mod? I find their format a little confusing.
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