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  1. Hello Itchi, But on the resource ability I mean no this phrase. You can find it on Communism tech, but there is no one on Writing tech.
  2. Hello Itchi, Thank you for answer. Some ads here: 1. If spies resources can be used in an opponent turn, does it mean any resource can be used in the opponent turn? From the rules there are no difference between types of resources - or there are any official comments for spies case? I didn't find it in the official F.A.Q. 2. Regarding engineering ability - what does you mean?
  3. Hello community, We have a question regrading spies resources. These resources are used for canceling your competitors actions? for example in Writing tech - cancel city action in City Management phase. I didn't find any details in the Rules. Can I use this capability duiring only my turn of phase or during any turn of phase? Does it mean that in case of my turn is first - I can't cancel any action, in case mu turn is second - i can cancel only action from the previous player? Thank you in advance.
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