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  1. I applied for a Destiny seat at Worlds. I was not selected for a seat. I very much wanted to participate and was disappointed I did not get a seat. I am 100% fine with how the process was implemented. They have to parse out limited seating somehow, and a random lottery seems entirely fair.
  2. It is likely that everyone already accomplished this Achievement, long long ago.... As to the OP, awesome list, thanks for sharing!!
  3. Let me get this straight. In L5R I need to focus on fate management, the many and varied decision points, the potential plays of all the other clans, tie breaker stats, and the following: * social justice * Nazi sympathizers * Marxist/Leninist history * the merits of one ritualistic chant versus another I have to say that is more than I expected when I picked up my core sets.
  4. I have had several poor 1st round Dynasty flops (3 holdings for example after the mulligan) that left me with so much Fate carried over into round 2 that I was able to set up a strong and lasting board position that immediately got me back into the game, if not actually ahead. I agree with others that there are so many decision points (and so varied depending on board state, rings, fate, opposing clans, etc.) that the VAST majority of games will be decided by player skill and knowledge. Even a disastrous first turn where you lose two Provinces is not an auto loss, you can come back! I think many players decide to scoop because they see "inevitability" and just want to move on to the next game. This may often be true in MtG or other games, but I honestly feel it is not so in L5R. In fact, to continue to learn and improve I would advise players to play out what seem to be no-win situations. Not every game can be perfect execution of your plan, you have to learn to play from and through a weak position. Just my humble opinion. Thanks!
  5. Wouldn't this type of play just be a "Charge"? It seemed to me that this card was designed to be a "Charge" for face-down dynasty cards. I can even see a thematic difference between the two. A face-up dynasty card can see the fight and is just itching to participate, so they are "Charged" in. With a face-down dynasty card, the character is not aware of the fight, and needs to be woken up Paul Revere style, hence "Raise the Alarm".
  6. I presume the Action to add +1/+1 to each "defending character you control" applies only to the characters in play at the time this Action is taken. If a Conflict Character is added from hand, or a Dynasty Character moved or Charged in after the Action is taken, they would not get the bonus, correct? In other words, the game state is not continually checked for the number of defending characters in play. Is that right? Thank you very much!
  7. There is a portion of the player base (of any CCG or LCG) that considers losing to anyone, any time, anywhere, in any way whatsoever to be a NPE, and from time to time we're going to have to hear about it.
  8. Deleting my previous post. As answered above, the RR is very clear. TY!
  9. Pardon me if this was mentioned previously and I just missed it, but I always thought that "may" was specifically included for the Void Ring to prevent the attacking player from being forced to remove a Fate from one of their own characters (in the event they chose a Void conflict defensively, or if the defender somehow removed a Fate token, e.g. by sacrificing or a card effect like Wandering Ronan's). Without the "may", the attacker could be forced to remove their own Fate despite winning the conflict. That's what I thought they were trying to avoid. TY.
  10. Now that Luka is "removed" from the game, does the ruling still apply?? Just kidding. Thanks for this reference!
  11. Playing ePhasma(Awakenings)/Bala/Trooper. Very close game. My Phasma is already gone, and both my Trooper and Bala are down to 1 health each. My opponent has one character left with 6 health (Leia with 3 upgrades). Bala has two upgrades (a HO Blaster and a F-11D Rifle). Bala is exhausted but my Trooper is still available but without upgrades, and my opponent claims (he had Dug In and Best Defense and wanted to be sure to hold the BF). He confidently (but nicely) informs me that in addition to the Dug In and Best Defense he has also has Hit and Run and All In, so he likely has me beaten. So as a last ditch effort, I Back-Up Muscle my own Bala to defeat him, which redeploys the HO Blaster and Rifle to the Trooper. I then roll him in and hit 6 damage to finish Leia. It took a few minutes to convince him that Back-Up Muscle could be played on your own characters. It was a fun play!
  12. 1) This question is going to have to wait for the FAQ. There has been a lot of debate. and based on the wording of the cards it can really go either way. 2) This one can be answered. You are absolutely still Playing an upgrade when you reduce its cost by overwriting. Cad's action does trigger in this case. Refer to the Rule Sheet page 1, under "Actions - Playing an Upgrade": When you play an upgrade, you can choose to replace an upgrade that is already attached to that character. To do so, you only spend resources equal to the difference..... The language clearly states that the overwrite mechanic is still "Playing" an upgrade. I think the current FAQ also addresses this (page 26): What happens if I replace an upgrade with another upgrade that costs fewer resources? You play the new upgrade for free. Again, the word "Play" is still in effect. So go Cad!!
  13. I don't see any issues really with the core mechanics. I think they are solid. I do agree that getting new players into the game and encouraging them is difficult, not so much due to product availability (which I think has gotten much better), but due to their negative play experiences. In my area, I absolutely see the dynamic of experienced players using perfectly tuned tier 1 decks against new players with limited card pools. This is to be expected in a Store Championship, absolutely, or even in larger tournaments for the quarterly prize kits. But I see it time and again in casual weekly Destiny nights, leagues, etc. I sometimes think this game suffers from a little bit of "Magic envy." Magic of course has a massive established tournament structure, world rankings, pro points, Planeswalker points, etc. etc. There are many great Destiny players (who would probably also excel at any other game) who would like a Magic type meritocracy (e.g. "I have 3 Pro Tour Top 8's, a GP win, and am a Silver Level Pro"), but at present the best they can claim is a SC win (still a great accomplishment) and "I went 4-0 at my last Destiny night." In short, I think the Destiny community is so focused on records and legitimacy that it does not promote formats/events to actually grow the community. I am sure there are many areas and groups that do in fact try to foster and grow their player base, I just have not seen that in my area. My area seems to be about building a Destiny resume, so to speak. Sorry for the ramble, I seldom do so. I think a well designed draft product and format would go a long way towards alleviating this. I hope this is in the works. Thanks!
  14. I like this idea too, but I am pretty sure Poe/Maz would crush Superman/Batman or Iron Man/Hulk, even post errata
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