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  1. ...or the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA
  2. With such games, it is important to have friends who want to play. I love both games, but Eldritch Horror, I'm finding is more palatable for new players. It was extremely hard to introduce people to Arkham Horror.
  3. Mythos Deck Construction is one of my favorite mechanics in Eldritch Horror.
  4. Soundtrack to Frozen is always a winner. We do a song-along as we play, and ending on Let It Go as we defeat the Ancient One makes the victory all the more sweet. ...Jk...
  5. ...And FantasyFlight doesn't mind?
  6. I think #6 is supposed to be Antonio, TX as Jim Culver starts there, and his Personal History says, "Lately, some departed souls in San Antonio have been all riled up...Anything that scares the dead deserves old Jim's undivided attention."
  7. Is it possible to modify investigators from AH? It would've been awesome if FantasyFlight allowed crossover of investigators.
  8. Perhaps I'm reaching, but board games are a great social tool. To see how kids interact with each other and how they respond to new situations is very enlightening. They are between 13-17 years old.
  9. I'm a teacher, and have been one for, wow, 18 years!?! I'm always looking for good games for students, on those rainy school days when my classroom is full of kids just hanging out. I recently purchased Eldritch Horror, and noticed a lot of "teaching moments:" finances (going in debt is often a bad thing); geography (however, I do wish there were more details-perhaps I'll write the places myself); the learning experience of playing a co-op game (it would make a good study on how kids learn and interact with a new set of rules); and I teach scriptwriting, so I can imagine a game like this can help get over the inevitable writer's block. Any other ideas? I'll let you all know how it goes with my students, but first I'll learn EH with my sons!
  10. If there is more allowance for players to deem what expansions, etc. they want to play with, it would be great. I find tournaments that are locked to only certain expansions, investigators, Ancient Ones, etc. limits the amount of participants...and fun!
  11. It depends...My wife does not like the game, and perhaps will never play it again. It's too "out there" for her, but I saw another post where a husband plays it a lot with his wife. The value decreases, as I can't find people to play the game with. It's an awesome game, but I'm finding it very difficult to find people who are willing to peel away from their electronic devices.
  12. I'm toying with the idea of what card games call a "widow's hand," where the cards are flipped over for the third player. Of course, there will have to be some major modifications, and role-playing...
  13. Kuk

    Locate Players

    Name: Kirk Location: Santa Cruz area, California Local Hangouts: Epic Games or Legends.
  14. I was wondering if there are any local players. My family does not like the game, so it's hard for me to find anyone to play with. Perhaps if people reply to this topic with: where they live, and local game store(s) or places to play, then perhaps we can make a go of this!
  15. May I have your blessing for hosting an Arkham Horror game here in California during the same time?
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