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  1. In the Old Republic, the force users are unbalanced. Its a force user's paradise with a few gun toters who are so good at their own game so as to be almost forcelike themselves. You might simply let them convert light/dark pips to their own choice to give them a power boost. 1 or 2 points should be more than enough to up force user power over the mundane grunts.
  2. Did they say Arkanian? Yes, yes they did. SWEEEEEEET! Right then. Carry on.
  3. This can work quite well.......in theory. If it's your first time GM'ing though you may want to avoid it. If you're going to go with this though keep in mind what others have said. Make him or her a support character, the driver, the pilot, the guy your two players don't want to run but could come in handy. Many GMs will end up with an uber character that does everything better than the PCs which leads to boredom, bored players lead to no game. Keep your character very very lowkey and you may make it out alive.
  4. Same thing happens as when Qui Gon tried to get through that bulkhead door. The lightsaber did pierce the door with effort. So, if Supes just stands there and takes it, he gets pierced, if you swing the blade at him like normal, only a minimal effect. Unless of course you happen to be super powered yourself, but thats a whole different ballgame.
  5. I believe someone mentioned Mutants & Masterminds. That actually has stats for Superman in the DC Adventures books. It could also quite easily be used to make a Force user or a highly skilled "normal" person(Batman). If you're bound and determined to use the F&D rules what your probably looking for is more XPs. As I recall someone did a Starkiller write up as FR4 or 5? Give a search. Good luck. As for magic, I don't think its magic so much as psionics/mentalism. But hey, that's just my interpretation.
  6. Thousands of years ago our ancestors sacrificed children to their gods. Burned them alive. Did they get darkside points? Nope. It was done for the "good of the community", they truly believed they were doing the right thing. Saved by the old "evil is a point of view" argument. Lucky for them, they weren't force users though, because the Force has feedback, and every death takes its toll, regardless of philosophy. That said, some force users seem to have an immunity of some sort to that feedback. Look at Starkiller, Legend or Canon, not sure if he still exists these days or not, although Koda does, he could blast away with lightning non stop and never have the tiniest twinge of guilt. Naturally we won't even think about the 1000's of stormtroopers he mows down in a bloody red killing binge. Even I have to admit, some of those deaths may not have been made purely in "self-defense". Perhaps his immunity is from his upbringing at Vader's hands and he really didn't know any better. If that's the case then "point of view" becomes a lot more important.
  7. Carth?!? Ah, so you're running the video game. Which means one of the players is Revan? Guessing you're not telling them who it actually is yet. There is SOOOO much on Taris alone from the game, and a ton more if you let your imagination run. You have quite a few sessions ahead for you and your group and thats just the starting planet. Sounds fun. Are they all starting out as non force users? If you're using the link between Bastilla and Revan you'll be giving away some of the surprise. Come to think of it, what are you doing as far as npcs go? They include a pretty well rounded group in the game as it is. I'm guessing you're axing some of them? Only so much room on the Ebon Hawk to go around. Kind of intimidating for a new GM I'd think. Be prepared to change things, a lot. Be flexible and don't get too upset when your plans get steampiled by the players. Speaking of plans, try not to railroad the players into too narrow a decision path. As the GM, you've chosen to play from someone else's script but the players might want to add a few embellishments of there own here and there. Several different ways of saying basically the same thing, but it can't be stressed enough in this kind of situation. Either way, good luck.
  8. Pointy end goes into the other guy. Hope that helps. Sorry, just hadda say that....
  9. Nazi U-Boats, Pellucidar, dinosaurs. Man, this ones got 'em all!
  10. According to Amazon its up for sale Dec 31. Chronicles up for sale Nov 30. Of course, Amazon is notoriously inacurate at times as far as "In Stock" dates can go. Still, at least its something. Call it a New Hope.....
  11. Meeza no like the Gungan idea. Meeza say, youza gonna DIIIIIIIE. Nothing personal. Someone had to say it. Carry on.
  12. Everything Disney has supports their movies. If you work with Disney you too support their movies. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Force Awakens book before any other era stuff.
  13. Saw something last night that reminded me of this thread. Was outside a bar and this drunk stumbles out, immediately staggers over to his car and gets in. Meanwhile theres a cop parked half a block away. The drunk starts to drive off and the cop pulls him over. No surprise there, but here is where it gets good. I couldn't actually hear what was being said but I'm fairly sure the drunk was denying he was toasted. Cop had him walk a line, touch his nose, then out came the breathalyzer. On went the cuffs and the cop hauled him off. That right there is the Force in a nutshell. You can deny it all you want, but the more good or evil deeds a Force user commits, the more under the influence of a particular side he or she is.
  14. I think the boat this adventure has been on for so long is The Flying Dutchman. That would explain quite a bit......
  15. There are a lot of types of inaction. Being overly cautious and not taking action because you "sense" theres more to the story might be as bad as rushing in to help. This is what kept the Jedi council from becoming involved in the Mandalorian wars. "Difficult it is, the Dark side to see." Thats right Yoda, go meditate some more, because that really worked well. They knew the Sith had returned, inaction didn't serve the Light very well, but once again having fallen to the Light they were a tad blinded and chose to do little about it. Each side has its extremes and can be just as dangerous to anyone that follows along blindly. Ask all those dead Jedi how following the Light side worked out for them. You think them dying out like that was a coincidence? The Force cleaned shop on them just like it did to the Sith thousands of years ago when they got blinded by their own darkness. Basically what I'm getting at here is that extreme ends of the spectrum are dangerous on both sides, the Dark clouds, but the Light blinds. Problem is, once you're in, most don't realize how deep they really are until its far too late. Unless you're a player character;) Then you get the Lucas get out of alignment free card. Or in this game, free with enough xps.....
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