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  1. Ultimate Games & Comics will be one the only store in Kentucky hosting the Lord of the Rings Fall 2016 Fellowship event. This location is also the closest proximity for most of the surrounding states - Indiana, Illinois, Missouri etc. The event will be on Saturday, November 12th @ 2 PM, $20 per person to get the exclusive playmat, alternate art Faramir card and the Siege of Annuminas adventure deck. There are only a few of the 9 initial spots still available. Official information about the event is available on Fantasy Flight's site here. Contact Ultimate Games and Comics to reserve your spot today. Reservations are first come, first serve. Don't wait and miss out on getting in on this very limited playmat, alternate card and early access to the Siege of Annuminas adventure deck!
  2. This would be a great reveal at GenCon...
  3. This isnt 100% accurate as well. I bet more people play at home than any gameshop by quite a huge margin. You could completely remove a gameshop and this game would still thrive. People would just have to finally get over the fear of actually inviting a "stranger" over into their house. Thats the unfortunate part about it. There are too many "crazies" and there are still gamers out there that fit the stereotype of being creepy/smelly, and you dont want to be rude to people, but my wife and I dont want rude people in the house. In the end, a LGS is just a place for players to meet up. But I could easily run this game at the local Arbys/Panera/coffee shop, or again, just at my house. People just need to put forth the initiative to do it and dont be lazy. There are least several people on this board who run great events w/o owning a single LGS themselves.~D This, but for slightly different reasons. I live in an area with a little less than 10 game shops and I frequent one. That one game shop I frequent also happens to have one of the best prices in the country for games ONLINE. I buy 95% of my games from them online and then go pick them up. Not one time have I ever stayed to play there and I don't believe I would ever want to do so. If I choose a place to play I want atmosphere. I want the look of a nice coffee shop with hard wooden tables, nice lighting, a subtle scent of java and quality background music. What I do not want is white plastic tables, glaring fluorescent lighting and the smell of chinese food takeout with background music being M:tG players flicking cards back and forth. I will say, I can't think of much that would be better than playing The Grizzled in a nice cozy local coffee shop with some classic french music playing while sipping some nice milked tea.
  4. Jackelantern

    Is it too late to change Agent Blaise?

    Can anyone tell what is in his right hand? (on the art image)
  5. The prices already rose. Everything went up about 15%. Noticeably, just due to a larger price, was Rebellion, which went from ~$60 to ~$70.