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  1. IdahoSkies

    Find Your Twilight Imperium Players!

    Boise, Idaho. Drop me a PM if you are in the area or plan to be.
  2. IdahoSkies

    Question about the "scouting" rule

    AND at the end of the turn you still have to have a supply line, so you can't just "scout" behind the enemy with in that same turn creating a supply back to an invasion zone.
  3. IdahoSkies

    Fortress America is Card-Light?

    The cards are very similar to the older version (at least for the Americans). I don't recall having alternate cards for the invaders like in the new one, so if anything there are more cards in the new version. I will say I do wish somewhat that there were more of the partisan cards, but they are really well balanced in the game and I am sure a lot of play testing went into what works and what doesn't. Its a great game, one of my all time favorites. (It knocked Axis and Allies of its pedestal for me in the 1980s).
  4. IdahoSkies

    Any thoughts on the new pieces?

    I like the old tanks. I liked their disc shaped appearance, and I liked how they felt in the hand. I don't find myself holding onto one through out the game like I did before. I also liked the old style helicopters and lasers, but the new bombers really are great and the new partisan's are fitting with their baseball cap. Really gets me going.
  5. IdahoSkies

    New game gives advantage to the invaders

    I think its pretty even. I remember playing the "original" edition, and I still think that this is a fairly balanced game. We have never run out of time, even close. Usually by turn 8 it is very clear who is going to win, and I think its 50-50 on who wins. But we have not used the alternate invader cards.