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  1. Oh it would be deadly for sure. Probably why they won't let us!
  2. No, unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it, they are unique only one copy of a unique.
  3. Oh no it certainly won't do that there is more than enough room for that in fact this may introduce others to those worlds and be good for all of our communities. Maybe I can find a few more infinity players in the future out there.
  4. Yeah I hear you you certainly aren't wrong. As an obvious Star Wars fanatic I can tell you this game is a dream come true and there are a lot of us who will continue to pour in because we are invested in this universe. As someone who played 40k Orcs Nids Marines Necs I went around the table to find an army I could get into without success. I moved to Warmahordes for something different and actually found some factions I identified with. This however is Star Wars a universe that has a fairly successful film and book and cartoon and toilet paper business model that is far more penetrating and established than 40k will ever see. We will buy the box just to have the minis with no intention of ever playing the game. We are an invested and often times rabid fan base that consumes anything with the name on it. We will buy the minis to use in RPG's or just to sit on the shelf painted like models. We dress up like the characters and grew up swinging sticks at each other while humming and clashing. No 40k wouldn't make it if that were the extent of the game but Star Wars I would argue certainly can. Now long term you might have me there, hopefully they can solve that but I can tell you in the beginning you may want to preorder this one.
  5. Alovack Rebel Clan, Clan Fett, Commerce Jedi Rebels, Commerce Guild, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Corporate Alliance, Dark Lords of the Sith, Death Watch, Dark Regions of the Sith, First Order, Free Ryloth movement, Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic, Gungan Grand Army, Hutts, Intergalactic Banking Clan, Jedi Order, Lothal Rebels, Mandalorian Clans, Nightbrothers, Nightsisters, Nite Owls, Rebel Alliance, The Resistance, Shadow Collective, Techno Union, Trade Federation, Tusken Raiders, Twi'lek Freedom Fighters, The 2nd Dark Order, The Dark Army, The Prince Army, The 2nd Dark Army, 3rd Dark Order, Frailger Alliance, Second Order, Yuuzhan Vong. Sure there are some political things in there for giggles I didn't take out. I mean nobody really wants to run a banking clan army and I would hope they steer way clear of the Vong, but I feel like there are enough factions in star wars that are more than interesting material to pull from. That certainly isn't a comprehensive list just a quick google search. I think maybe you are putting to much emphasis on unique factions. There is one conflict in Star Wars lightside vs darkside is what it really boils down too. Good guys vs bad guys. That being said there are many opportunities to flesh out armies with several outlying clans the nightsisters could easily provide a boost to an imperial army or the Mandalorians could join up each one giving unique abilities and strategies to the battle. The rebels could get squads of Bothans Twileks or various other alien races with unique abilities and none of that is "shoehorning". IMO. I did see and sort of agree with an opinion on this forum that I hope they stay away from species specific armies like here is a squad of this alien and there is a squad of that alien, but that may be hard to avoid. I am for one excited to play a miniatures game whose lore and characters I am invested in totally.
  6. Honestly that is their strength. They are fighting a losing battle the struggle the underdog if you will is what the rebels represent. That thing in all of us that says we can't but we get off our asses and show the world we can. They succeeded in the Battle of Scarif winning by effectively starting the destruction of the Empire and the formation of the Rebellion. They also succeeded on the forest moon of Endor destroying the shield generator and making the Death star destructible both of those were ground battles. Yes many Bothans will die but their noble sacrifice is what makes us love the rebels so much. That quirky band of people willing to stand up for the basic rights of freedom from the tyranny of the Empire's reign. Never forget your might Empire was effectively ended by teddy bears.
  7. Really excited as an IA owner, I even like the larger scale and the fact that they are unpainted.
  8. I was kidding. There are always going to be those types of people but if you live in an area where the only games you can get in are with those types one things for sure you will be tournament ready.
  9. Nope, not at all in fact I stream video games on twitch have a three monitor set up one vertical for chat and one pc dedicated solely to recording and streaming. So I am pretty confident in my ability to use a computer and keyboard short cuts. I think that makes me more than qualified to call out a crap interface when I see one. TTS barely makes codenames or love letter playable. It's a shoddy interface that you can shoehorn things into but certainly not a substitute for a dedicated app. Nice attempt to be funny but it doesn't hold water. My point was, since it seemed to soar over your head like algebra to a two year old, that tts isn't built for this game and although it's playable it certainly isn't my first choice. Anyone who has played magic or hearthstone on a pc using the official apps instead of tts knows exactly what I mean. This being the crux of the original post, an official app. Have you ever played those? If so you certainly can't say TTS can hold a candle to either of them. You can get way better than tts for a board game via computer interface it's been done many times, much better. In fact I listed two above and the original poster even put Elder Scrolls Legends in for fun. The fact that tts wasn't designed for destiny specifically but more a generic fit any board game in here type of interface is precisely why I dislike its functionality. Told you my opinion on this wasn't popular.
  10. I too use this, mine is a MTG binder it was on clearance at Barnes and Noble a few months back. Works great with FF sleeves which are a little bigger than most of the sleeves I use. You could easily double sleeve them. The only problem is lack of expansion for the binder. Both sets fit now even with empty spaces for cards I have yet to get, but a third set is going to be a no go.
  11. So who are they punishing FFG or the local player base? This game will succeed without their contribution, perhaps not in your local community which is unfortunate, but I don't think sales of the product are stagnant anywhere else. Way to stand up for the little guy, fight the power, gg. In all honesty it sounds like they are making excuses because they are mad about all the money they are loosing by not being able to jump in and I can sympathize with that, but to alienate local players because of a product shortage of a collectible game seems like an irrational business move.
  12. Heh.... Love this. Hey on a side note I have 10 Krayt dragon howl's. Officially the most of any one card in my collection.
  13. That's insane I have a flgs here that has NEVER received one single shipment of Awakenings and a total of three boxes of SOR which were all spoken for. They are having a tournament next month. The lack of supply shouldn't equate to a lack of effort from those game stores. I guess they have never watched field of dreams.
  14. I know it isn't popular opinion but I hate TTS for this game its awful. Although I can and have played games of Destiny using TTS it's just not built for the game so for me it's less of a fun experience and more of a tedious pain. The mechanics of dice rolling and moving various items, the lack of communication with your opponent. I just can't get any fun out of it. It may just be a personal hang up of mine heck if your podcast consists of playing games on TTS I am less likely to watch it as it's just that annoying to me. That being said it's all we have. I doubt seriously if an online version of this game will come anytime soon. If the online version is good then people may stop buying packs and just play online instead. If they offer up a micro transaction version I would rather just buy packs. It would certainly be welcome I would love this game in a Hearthstone type format, but it has to make sense for FFG to do it.
  15. I am torn on Thrawn I really want him as a character however I will be forced to use him at all times whether he is good or not. Just as long as they don't make a Porkins at that point I couldn't play them both at the same time and may have to quit the game.
  16. I struggled a little too much with this in the beginning. Finally just settled on neutral, villain, and hero together by color then alphabetical skipping spots for needed cards. Two in each space with a separate trade folder in which the commons are simply stacked in an old magic cardboard deck box. Makes it easy to build decks on the fly or try new ideas without a deck builder. That being said still not sure this is the way to go but it's what I am doing for now.
  17. I got my SOR fix I need some awakenings. If the distribution for it's re release locally matches up with this second batch of SOR I will be ecstatic.
  18. I have some stores in my area that are relatively close to one another. We will compare for this example two stores. One has no stock hasn't since the May 4th boxes they got in. They sold out on May 5th and haven't gotten more in said they were shorted three boxes. They were going to sell over counter but they were not spoken for if I wanted to reserve and that should be arriving on the 25th of May. The other store which is less than 30 minutes up the road has boxes that I can walk in and purchase today. They have had boxes since May 4th and said they had plenty in the back when I asked if they had any since the one on the counter was getting empty just yesterday. This second store with stock is a big store that moves tons of product monthly the other store without stock is a small sole proprietor situation. Now I know this is a relatively small sample size and maybe it is irrelevant but just found that interesting. There is no shortage of product here but luckily I have that store nearby, because if they weren't, I'm afraid the distribution might be closer to what some are experiencing.
  19. This..... Kylo's special is great but it comes down to the luck of the draw both ways; am I going to get that big card out of your hand before you can use it? Rise again is essential for staying power and will sometimes give you the extra turn to finish them. The longer you can extend the game the better in most cases. I am also looking into yellow to get rid of their hand jyn erso's second chance ammo belt and rebel combo isn't a bad start there but who to pair her with?
  20. Just picked up a box this weekend at my LGS that was 84.99 which is the MSRP according to the owner, which I consider to be a reliable source. He is in the business to make money so that's where my mystery numbers come from. So as to "No one selling for less than MSRP" you are correct sir MSRP is 84.99 most are selling at an inflated cost due to supply and demand. Does not change the fact that MSRP is 84.99 just shows what people are willing to pay with a shortage of product.
  21. I tend to pull villains every time thus a shortage of hero characters. Luck of the draw I guess!
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