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  1. When this (Infurnace) creature is put into play it has the 'Play:' ability to "purge up to 2 cards from a discard pile. Your opponent loses Aember equal to the total Aember bonus of the purged cards." So there are 2 questions I am not seeing from the rules on this one. 1) Can the active player playing this monster purge cards from anywhere in the discard pile, (if they know of multiple cards fairly deep down), or are they required to purge them in order of the discard pile (off the top)? Being there is no search text on the card it would leave me think the latter even though the Discard pile is open information, but still requires to be played and stacked in order on the discard pile. But I can also see the active player saying purge "your most powerful card, or X card" since the Discard pile is open knowledge. 2) Does the card have to be the other players discard pile or can the active player purge a card from their own (the active player's) discard pile? So if the active player purged from their own discard pile and it had Aember bonus their opponent would still lose 2 Aember. though the cards still says "a discard pile" it looks like the active would still have to chose their own or their opponents discard pile to purge from. Thanks!!
  2. I am really liking the initial 4 quick build cards that are in the 2.0 core set. Are there going to be more of these? I like the idea of the mix of cards and randomly drawing fairly even games vs friends for quick play. I think these are a great idea and I hope they get expanded upon in the future.
  3. Thanks!! I am mainly looking for what to keep and what to shuffle away in a box or recycle.
  4. So I am swapping out my 1.0 to 2.0 cardboard in the conversion kits. I am noticing some pilots missing, but will save that topic for another post. I am trying to see what I can still keep from X-wing 1.0. The pilot cards and dials are easy to see they are completely replaced. But the tokens not so much. Which tokens are now obsolete, and which tokens are now just "face lifts" of the original tokens? So ordnance tokens look to be out due to "Standard Charges", but that is the only token I do not see that has some sort of token "replacement". I like the look of the "1.0" stress tokens better than the 2.0 am I technically not allowed to use those tokens, or are they still viable as they essentially look the same. Though I do like the look of the new tokens, it makes them look like icons on a car dashboard. Thanks!! Krech
  5. What I would like to see with a big box expansion. How about a big box? I can barely fit in what I have now and keep things sorted and sleeved. Runebound should be in a Descent sized box.
  6. I really looked forward to these end of day videos, be it if I go or do not go attend Gen Con. I was disappointed the videos did not occur last year. (2015) When I am at GenCon I watch the FFG day (1-4 ) videos as a "wind down", to see all the great stuff FFG released per day while I was running around at Gen Con. When I am not attending Gen Con, I greatly anticipated the videos to peruse the great FFG line up vicariously. I am attending this year and can't wait to see the crew there, and hope the FFG recaps for Gen Con 2016 are posted on YouTube again. Hopefully without the Fire Marshal limiting the line this year. =P
  7. FFG, Is there any possibility in adding in with the products section for each expansion which Lieutenant pack(s) would go with said expansion? Yes it is possible taking a bit of work finding out which expansion and LT pack to buy, but perhaps you can make it easier by listing the apropos LT pack with the corresponding expansion? It would probably be good to list them along with the sleeve type/count for the base game and expansions. Thank you, Krech
  8. Tried out one of the side quests where there was an objective was to grab a key before being able to open strongboxes. I do not know if it is planned or feature/bug, but will there be an option even after the "boss/unique" is defeated to allow party to continue scenario? Annotated we defeated the end "unique" and the scenario ended immediately. It did not say in the rules page, but for this case as most of the instances are not a normal search function on a normal turn. Why isn't the party able to go back to those items after retrieving the key and defeating the monster? Or why aren't other remaining monsters suddenly charging from the rear all of a sudden going to give up especially not being a "timed scenario".
  9. The weeks portion is only in the tutorial part so far. Basically it is action point allowance. If there is a quest that says 3 weeks you can only do 3 actions on the map prior to having to engage in that quest. So you can do 2 side quests, and 1 trip to town to resupply before having to engage in the main story line again.
  10. I had some trouble going back through the forums as search is lacking but I have one of the wave examples. Current FFG: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/1/12/tricks-traps-and-tractor-beams/ Past FFG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1410620/wave-8-article Mainly card count and weapons with the packs. In Runebound not as big a deal, but with some of the Tourney X-wing guys, it is all a big deal. These were the most recent and relevant I could find. Either way whatever comes out for RB3 I am sure I will enjoy. I try not to ruin my gaming experiences with the "T word".
  11. Also what FFG puts in the initial article is not set in stone. There was a big commotion where people pre-ordered X-wing wave 8 ships based upon the pre-release article, only to find FFG changed components in the shipping process. FFG later changed the article image after the discovery after wave 8 made it to shelves. So not holding my breath on specifics here either..
  12. So there was the obvious thing I overlooked, and I realized something wasn't right. There are 2 expansions, but no tokens shown. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/4/27/calling-all-heroes-1/ FFG shows off some cards and the sculpts, but not what they will add via tokens with the sets. For all the folks complaining about the price, I am curious how much more is yet to be shown.
  13. Mini expansions were actually pretty prevalent in RB2. Look up all the expansions on BGG. Yes there were some larger expansions, but most were for just one character or class. I am liking this new format of mini expansions much better they are bigger or as big as their comparable RB2 stuff. Though I will also be pumped at the release of other maps in larger expansions.
  14. Being they are saying 3rd quarter I am hoping it lines up with GenCon for release date. I will be in that fire hazard of a long line to get these. Also curious if both expansions will be 20 dollars as it looks like the "Gilded blade" just looks like a duplicated "Caught in a Web" on the FFG/AsMO site. So there is hope that the smaller expansion of 1 mini and some more cards do line up with the Descent LT pack pricing.
  15. Unless 12 points can get you a TIE fighter. Being Scum, it can not. And if you pick Dengar, and someone just happens to be in your firing arc attacking you, you get to shoot that 12 point add-on twice.
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