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  1. The one roll works well, and it makes a good negotiator all that much better if they can lower the price for even basic equipment. However I usually let the situation dictate if the advantages and threats will result in a cost in money or in time. If my players are trying to get equipment for their raid in an hour then I usually have advantages mean they get it in less time (provided they succeed), and threats make it cost more (5% per threat), representing the seller having them over a barrel. Conversely if they have all day and do not need it and could walk away if the price is no good I have advantages reduce the cost (5% per), and threats represent that it's not available that day, but is coming in later (maybe half a day per threat delayed). I do like how this system works out availability. After living in Seattle, then moving to Montana, you quickly understand the difference between something existing for sale, and your ability to find and buy it. I usually say that any item under 4 rarity (after modifications for location) is available for general purpose at cost and doesn`t require a roll. Simplifies things when you are in a core system and can just pop into the local star-mart for common goods, or out in the backwaters of dagobah where you couldn`t find a clean bottle of water for sale if you`re life depended on it. If you have players with long lists (like mine often do), just pick the highest difficulty item, add one difficulty, and have them roll. I usually allow them to get some of the lesser items if they fail. Just a quick and dirty way to get through the often annoying part of equipping characters.
  2. Yea, that because there is only one ion weapon in the movies I am on the side of droids being unaffected by stun. Every other system and all the errata (Sorry, meant canon, early morning, no caffeine) points to them not being effected the same. By the rules it works to have stun work on droids. However there are only two situations I would see this happening. One is the GM is trying to KO the party without killing them, possibly to run a captured/escape scenario. At which point just have some of the baddies with an ion grenade or something and poof the droid is disabled. Option two is that the players are trying to build a droid army by knocking out every droid they find, wiping it and giving it a blaster rifle. Or at-least sell them for cash. More valuable intact and all. I'd at-least require them to buy a specialized weapon to do that. Now for those of us who are believers in physics (though ol'George skirted the issue often enough), ionization works under a different principle than stunning organics. Ionization works by building up resistance within an object to the point at which electrical current can no longer pass, thus immobilizing the target. Funny enough the fastest way to de-ionize is to shut down (like R2 did) and let it dissipate. Any further electrical current will just add more energy to the ionization effect when it cannot pass through. Organics take stuns like boxers take blows to the head, eventually the force overwhelms our nervous system and forces us to pass out as we cannot take it. That's my two cents on it. If you still want stun weapons to affect droids, I would apply double their soak against stun damage. Just a house rule.
  3. Maybe I`m not 100% clear on this. But then couldn`t you follow your logic and have each weapon fire for 110 (Maximum) damage if you just had every weapon fire individually? Even if only half them hit you would dead 55 damage (though armor soak would reduce this greatly). I know that armor soak would apply twice as well, though I don`t think that would make the barrage option much better unless you had 5 or greater armor. From my under-educated perspective though it does seem like firing the two groups separately would be the better option. Unless of course the weapons are supposed to be one battery F/S/P and the other only Aft. But I`m sure there is similar issues with other ships. Another question I had, how does link work in this situation? Would it just add another base damage? Or would it add base damage plus +5 (separate) +10 (barrage)
  4. Heh, If i wanted to do a Super Hero adaptation I would have to start from Heroes Unlimited. Go old school on it. I just loved the character creation, everything from a super spy, to a demi-god, to a radioactive alien. It's the RPG that one day grew up to be a proper video game, City of Heroes. On another note I have pretty much finished the Star*Drive / Alternity Conversion, here is the Google Docs link: Stardrive Resources It is a great setting and I`ve created a lot of resources based upon the technology presented. So if anyone wants a Sci-Fi setting, even if it`s different this would be a good place to start. It would be pretty easy to do a Serenity mod from here, very little changes required. Just drop out the FTL and stick to PL6 or below tech. A few notes however, you need the EotE or similar book (AoR, maybe even FAD) to get anything out of this. The good part is that it covers a heck of a lot of eras, though it is primarily set in the 25th - 26th century. Rename a few of the items and you could have a mass effect setting. To make the most use of it you`ll need the Star*Drive campaign setting and the Alternity Core book, both which can be found online for cheap or sometimes free from less reputable places (Just don`t tell WotC). It's also not 100% completed, never did all the grid stuff I wanted because I only had one player even remotely interested in it. I also didn`t do too much with the Mindwalking psionic powers as none of my players wanted to put any thought into it. Though I put enough of a start that someone could be a mindwalker with a bit of work. Would appreciate any feedback, let me know if I seem to be missing anything in there as it is a rough collection of what I have completed over the last year, and that's all scattered all over.
  5. It doesn`t actually say there is a limit, what it does say (after some digging) is that a player may use advantages or triumphs for the results listed in the 'using advantage and triumph in combat' chart. If you look carefully the only one that says it can be selected more than once is recovering strain. Sometimes I get mixed up when it doesn`t specifically say there is a rule for or against something, just that it is worded in such a way that it implies a rule. Too used to 3.5 and Pathfinder their many many references and clarifications.
  6. Yes, as the rules for spending advantages are per-combat-roll. It's also why I think they cleverly avoided multiple combat rolls per character. I have been letting players spend their advantages however they can cleverly think of using them. Though I think some have taken to using this to just push all their advantages into boost dice waves. Had some players with 5-7 advantage giving the next character 5-7 boost dice. Still hilarious when they failed, but I may be re-evaluating that decision in future encounters.
  7. I love alternate skills used creatively. I would even go further than just and ordinary deception check and instead of using presence use agility, allowing a pilot who isn`t good at deception normally to 'spoof' another pilot. This also allows you to have dirty tricks from the bad guys, using say ranged (light) to make a check as they fire at an opponent or destroy a part of the track, forcing others to back off. I created rules just for dueling and gave people boost die for not using the same skill repetitively. Makes it much more entertaining for those not rolling to watch. I also recommend letting the person racing use unspent advantages and triumphs to give boosts or extra dice to their next check, allowing them to gain momentum they can try to capitalize on with one big check. As far as a 'track' I would simply have a target number of total successes required, 10-15 for a short race 30+ for a long one. First one to hit the final number wins. If you want obstacles you can put general descriptions in a number range. 1-5 is a narrow alleyway filled with trash, 6-10 crosses a busy intersection, 11-15 is through a working industrial district. And so forth. You could even have some preset difficulties or modifiers for each, but a description alone should feed the narrative nicely if you embellish a bit.
  8. The one that is killing me is the Deception skill: "...[advantage] may be used to increase the value of any goods or services gained through the action. The subject might simply believe that he is agreeing to fair terms with the liar." Really wish they had more ideas for that one. Haven`t had a single situation where that description of advantages has come in handy. I had a few ideas of my own, the lie may last another scene, or the person lied to may provide additional details to reinforce the lie. If the check failed they may be spent to delay any onset of trouble, or have the target come to the wrong conclusions of what the truth it. Assuming the targets are hutt enforcers rather than rebel scum etc. Just some ideas for what to do with unspent advantages.
  9. I have a seven player group so the blow by blow narrative is sometimes troublesome. Especially when many of the players are too used to video games that just put a "+1" over a friends head and calls it good. But I had a few sessions where I enforced a mandatory description of how they do it. Lots of stupid ideas later the group is better at it. Not great, but better, some still need some help with the scale of just what a boost or setback dice might look like. I as a GM try to speed things up by tossing in my own descriptions of how it happens when I have a good idea. Helps them feed off of the action rather than the dice pool. If I describe how the storm trooper swings high and misses but they`re forced to backpedal to avoid it, they can then play with that idea. I definitely play up my nemesis characters, making it clear they are a cut above. Though usually those rolls give you more to work with anyways. Nothing like rolling triumphs either, describing how the nemesis just broke the toughs arm over his shoulder after flipping him on his back and knocking him cold in one move. Had some players discussing surrender after that roll.... Sometimes even I am at a loss for how to describe what happened. Had some players rolling six or seven advantage with no successes, even had three triumphs rolled on a failed check once so far. Though the one that always bothers me is the wash, where they have no un-cancelled anythings good or bad. Nothing to work with, kinda breaks the flow if you had a good one going. My players slide into walls and get knocked around a lot (strains suffered), or get sweat/blood in their eyes and slip a little in their grip (setbacks added).
  10. But my unicorn kisses are made of rainbows and give me +5 soak! As a GM I would ignore any pierce when figuring damage to a vehicle with any armor, as a player I would beg for it to count. I always try to fall on the players side of things, so my completely unofficial and unsponsored ruling would be that I would subtract pierce from the 10x soak value from armor, then apply damage and see if they do anything at all. Remember that vehicles also have 10x their HT in WT, so it`s not exactly game breaking.
  11. I had similar ideas when dealing with personal and vehicles, came up with a synopsis and some house rules that you may want to check in another posting: Shooting at people in a moving vehicle I thought that critical hits from people with personal sized weapons should be downgraded based upon the silhouette of the target hit. -20% per silhouette seemed fair, giving those players that like long odds the chance of a crazy critical hit. But lets face it, your best shot at a speeder bike will be drastically different from on say a YT-1300 or a star destroyer. On any vehicles that have a chance of being hurt (below 2-3 armor) by personal weapons I give them a running total of wound threshold, that way a player with a lot of time and a lot of Wound damage output can whittle away at unarmored or lightly armored vehicles. Blast away at an unarmored speeder long enough and she`ll give, though it might be more efficient to kill the driver. I do agree with What on the missile tube situation. Even if you gave it breach 10 it still only does 20 WOUND damage, only 2 Hull damage in vehicle terms. Which is only enough to take out, say, a speeder bike. If they phrased it as an anti-personnel missile it would make better sense, good blast damage, very dangerous to be hit with. But I would expect a weapon that can only be fired every other round and is designed for anti-vehicle action to be able to take down at-least a speeder, maybe a light air-speeder, with a single shot. After all, when they see you prep that baby guess who can take you out in one shot? That's right, big daddy vehicle weapon. Ewoks had better anti-vehicle weapons...
  12. I`ve been playing with my group for awhile but this has come up a few times. The only rules I can find for darkness or being effectively invisible is that you get one setback for darkness, two for total and complete darkness. I thought these were pretty dang weak for attacking or being attacked when you cannot be seen. Now after the first shots you could say that the fire is going to light up you and the area it hits so you at-least have a fleeting glance of your target, but before that it seems rather weak. Anybody have any ideas for firing blind? I saw the daunting perception to look for someone with the cloaking suit, which it describes as almost invisible, but that doesn`t work in my brain for darkness or blindness. I have been house ruling that firing blind, attacking while blind, or if the target is invisible upgrade the difficulty by four. And I only allowed that if they had a reasonable presumption of where the target was in the first place. Does anyone have any better rules they`ve been using? Something more official than my winging it?
  13. Oh I love power gamers, I especially love when the doctor hits them with two pressure point attacks and drops them, or the scathing tirade whittles them down from a safe location. Soak and WT don`t matter for crap against a clever opponent. I would advise against the one wound minimum, there are a lot of other abilities that can only be triggered if the target takes damage, such as critical hits and crippling wounds. Which means that your players are going to suffer many more of those, especially as things escalate in conflicts. Getting hit is far easier in this system than others and if a hit guarantees damage, your players lives will be far shorter and more miserable.
  14. They are not lasers, they are blasters. It's a flung plasma bolt. You could almost argue they are moving slower then bullets if you watch the movies closely. LOL. Googling actually found this: http://www.wired.com/2012/05/star-wars-blaster-speed/ Blasters are actually MUCH slower then slugthrowers (like 1/20th of the speed). I love that **** article. Found it a few years ago when doing my own research. Plus now it's all the more justification for video games having blaster bolts travel at softball speeds (except for 1313, where they are friggin' Startrek phasers). But back to the point at hand: Targeting characters on vehicles - Characters can definitely be targeted with personal weapons, under the called shots rule and as long as they are visible and in range. Speeder bikes would, in my opinion give cover from the front and rear but not the sides. Regular Speeders would provide cover to side and backs, because they only make them open topped I would also give better cover from the front due to the windshield, plus add 5 to soak if they`re trying to shoot them through any unarmored window. So to attack the pilot you would take a maneuver to do a called shot (two if you want to only take a single setback), then give setbacks for cover from the vehicle. If the character is firing from a moving vehicle as well they take setbacks upon their speed. The base difficulty is then set by the distance to the vehicle (or character for extremely large vehicles), then upgraded by the difference in speed. Then apply any talents or abilities the target has that would upgrade or increase the difficulty to hit the character or vehicle normally. Now if you`re wondering about targeting characters with vehicle weapons that gets more dicey. Literally, there's going to be a lot more difficulty dice since a person is silhouettes smaller. Spaceships are just right out of the question, unless you bought the YT-1300 convertible model. Brace is definitely a wonderful talent for firing from a moving vehicle. One of the first things I thought about when I read the description was using it between speeding vehicles, well, that and exploding star destroyers. Precise Aim would be another good one, as I would say they could eliminate a lot of the penalties for cover and speed traveled at. That's my two cents, based upon personal experience and my team of lab monkey's I call players. PS - Don`t try to shoot from a moving vehicle you`ll embarrass yourself and possibly shoot yourself
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