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  1. keschnell

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Regardless of new features, to me the big thing would be integration of the 1.0 miniatures (like what Descent 2.0 did with the conversion kit). If I had to start over because they resized all the minis to Legion size, I'm out. I'm not rebuying everything again.
  2. keschnell

    Going Commando with Han Solo and friends

    I think Han Solo looks more like The Force Awakens Leia than Han Solo. That face seems way off; IA Han looks better. That said, most of the other minis look good, but something is just not right with him.
  3. Thanks, I see it now. It's interesting that MoM added the 5th. I figured it would be four.
  4. Does anyone know if the app will maintain the four hero max (like what Descent: Road to Legend did) or will it convert the bad guy into a fifth hero (like what Mansions of Madness Second Edition did)? The rules don't seem to indicate the max.
  5. keschnell

    One more plea for app info

    I heard that George R. R. Martin is writing prose for the IA app now and it's just another excuse for not getting his next book (or the app) done!
  6. keschnell

    Completed Star Wars: Rebellion miniatures

    I have no idea. I'll ask him if he's interested.
  7. keschnell

    Completed Star Wars: Rebellion miniatures

    Thanks for all your compliments, Yan31! You raise a good point about similar bases, but I have fun basing by terrain. If I were crazy enough, I could re-base one side on a differently-shaped base, but I don't trust my cutting/gluing skills plus have a ton of other projects in my queue. And having too many of my own painting projects is why I haven't really considered hiring myself out. Despite painting a lot, I still have tons of games left to paint, and then it gets a bit odd to start charging a lot of money if you factor in time spent/skill. But I do know there are people who do paint on commission and do a good job. David, if you were interested, I could get you in touch with one if he were interested.
  8. keschnell

    Completed Star Wars: Rebellion miniatures

    Ha, thanks. It's actually been a while since I've played Rebellion, and this reminds me that I need to use these guys again (too many games, not enough time, plus the 2 player requirement)...
  9. keschnell

    Completed Star Wars: Rebellion miniatures

    Why thank you--that's so kind of you! I didn't see the previous post, but I just have them stored in a Plano box lined with thin foam stored inside the regular game box. The box is so deep that everything fit fine.
  10. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/lizard/sku-down/03704#detail/03704_g_1 Not perfect, but that's what I found a while ago...
  11. keschnell

    Broken Gamorean Weapon in JR

    On of my Gamorrean weapons were broken, but I had a Reaper metal axe that I glued on the end to give it some variety. Who knows how long that will last though. I had to cut off on of my Rancor tabs because no forcing or hot water was going to fix it, but I used Apoxie Sculpt to make a new one and I ended up pretty happy with the results after I used the sculpt on all the gaps.
  12. keschnell

    Basing Question

    That's funny--I use the exact same Reaper mini as my reanimate! https://boardgamegeek.com/image/1971785/descent-journeys-dark-second-edition?size=large
  13. FYI, the What Lies Within critical bug regarding nothing happening when placing the Lounge Statue was fixed by this week's patch (at least fixed on an iPad Mini, that is). When I continued the game, it took me right to the puzzle that wouldn't have come up (the ending is pretty appropriate). Good luck!
  14. We just had this bug too on the iPad mini. So sad, as that was the only puzzle left to solve. I can confirm this happened identically on an iPad; unable to interact with the Interact token in the lounge. Please investigate. I can confirm this aswell.