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  1. I currently play a Chiss in an ongoing game. I've represented the 1 Presence as being cold and condescending to people, especially when trying to do social interaction checks like Charm. Most people are going to assume from the way you behave that you lack social graces, but to a Chiss interacting with others you are just superior and you need to remind them, constantly, of their failings. As to other attributes, I think there are a number of above suggestions that are great, and I don't really have anything to add.
  2. Unfortunately for the two team members on the target's ship, he heard you, loud and clear, and he's not very pleased (2 failure). He's a little preoccupied with the Imperial patrols though, blaster fire barely missing his ship as he weaves through the layers of clouds against a beautiful sunset. "You'll have to wait," he gruffly states (3 advantage), never taking his eyes off his instruments. Suddenly a violent KABOOM shakes the ship, and klaxons begin to wail everywhere. With a lurch, the ship begins to fall, gaining speed. You can just see over his shoulder; flashing in that way only terrible things flash, the words CRITICAL ENGINE FAILURE paint a really bad picture for your future (1 Despair). On the exceedingly bright side, you did get a really good look at the emergency escape pod directly behind the cockpit as you followed him into the ship... maybe you could both squeeze in? (1 Triumph) ----------------------------- SCENARIO: The crew has just pulled off the impossible, they've actually intimidated the Hutt crimelord, who is even now babbling about riches and wealth and power he can wreath the heroes in, if they but let him live. Feeling emboldened by their success, they attempt to push it even further, trying to snare and blackmail the Hutt. The temerity. Roll Coercion. THE RESULT: 1 Failure, 6 Advantage, 3 Despair.
  3. But that's kind of the point isn't it? You aren't hitting someone in their fleshy-muscle soakable area. You are hitting them in a nerve cluster, effectively overriding their ability to deal with the pain. The talent is also placed in the doctor tree, requiring a fair few experience for anyone that wasn't planning on being a doctor in the first place (table below). It could probably stand to be a bit lower in the tree (reverse with anatomy lessons), but it still makes thematic sense. If your brawler wants to punch a rancor or a Hutt, I say let them. Hutt's are seldom alone, and seldom without a cadre of rifle wielding thugs with itchy trigger fingers just waiting to full-auto the party. 30 XP - minimum non-colonist cross-spec cost 5 XP - Grit 10 XP - Surgeon 10 XP - Resolve 15 XP - Pressure Point ------ 70 XP
  4. I couldn't find this listed in the thread so here goes: In Chapter 7, pg. 271, Upgraded Weapons: Example of problem: YT-2400 from pg. 265 lists Weapons as: Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannons. PCs wish to upgrade to Twin Heavy Laser Cannons. PCs must spend 2 HP (1 for each weapon systems) to do so because of the text "Weapon systems combining two or more weapon systems always cost one hard point, even if replacing an existing weapon system." Player YT-2400 now has 3 remaining Hard Points. Players later decide they don't like how their Heavy Laser Cannons are performing and replace them with Quad-Laser Cannons. This costs 0 HP because they are replacing an existing weapon system, and even though these are a linked system, they are sold as a bank. Players decide they were better off with the Twin Medium Laser Cannons and reinstall them. PCs must again spend 2 HP to do so. Player YT-2400 is now down to 1 remaining Hard Point despite having done nothing but test out new weapons. Observations: I believe the rule needs some clarity. As worded it seems vague. Does replacing an existing linked system cost hard points if going to another linked system? e.g., Twin Linked Medium -> Twin Linked Heavy Does replacing an existing linked system with a non-linked system grant hard points back? e.g., Twin Linked Medium -> Single Heavy Does installing a linked system over a non-linked system, then installing another linked system over that one actually PERMANENTLY reduce ship hard points? e.g., Heavy -> Twin Linked Heavy -> Heavy
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