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  1. I don't have the core book yet, i was told those are the only two options, can it be any six?
  2. Yeah, i need to see if i can setup a drop-down menu to allow you to select which characteristic to use, on the plus side if i can get that working then I can also use it to allow the custom skill boxes to use any ability score as well. I had a lowink/high contrast version for the EotE sheets and this should be about as easy to put together, i'll do it today at work and update when it's ready
  3. Two or three years ago I posted my EotE form fillable sheet with auto-dice, I had a couple people message me over the last few weeks with requests for an update for FnD, so here it is! I took the official FnD PDF altered the EotE sheet a bit, and added the Lightsaber skill. FnD Form Fillable Sheet w/Auto Dice v2 FnD Form Fillable Sheet w/Auto Dice v2, low-ink Updated v2: Added Drop-down selector for Lightsaber and Custom skill boxes Added High-Contrast/Low-Ink version Modified dice colors for better visibility against white background for low-ink Known Bugs/Quirks The form fields should be editable and save-able using Reader XI on Mac or PC. Some mobile Apps and websites have trouble either 1) displaying the javascript or 2) allowing the javascript to run making the sheet fully editable. Lightsaber is defaulted to Brawn and is included "behind the scenes" as a Brawn skill, modifying the brawn Ability, even with Agility selected, will change the Lightsaber skill, simply 'mouseover' the drop down menu to refresh it back to Agility.
  4. I haven't updated it in quite some time, but the v3 of my character sheet is not the most recent. I've made a v4 with additional talent slots, some modifications and a "high contrast" version that is easier to read for some people and can be printed without wasting all your ink Form Fillable Character sheet v4 Form Fillable Character sheet v4 High contrast
  5. been a bit busy finishing up projects at work and travel, i'll probably be revisiting the vehicle sheet this weekend as well as polishing a couple tab-order issues with the latest character sheet
  6. Some quick notes regarding the way things are done with Acrobat. The dice pools are using fonts, which means The color can be controlled but things like stroke outlines aren't possible. That said I can definitely change the colors to help them stand out a bit more. Also keep in mind the primary design (and why they were done originally) is for digital use on a tablet or computer where the layout calls for slightly different approach than a print out. I'll take a look at the high contrast version and see about rearranging some things, but it makes editing or updating more difficult with each difference between the two versions.
  7. I'm currently collecting ships to include as well as their silhouettes for the ship logo i might hit up the custom ship thread to see which are super popular, but I'll make sure the yt variants get good representation edit: I might split up the sheets into starfighter/freighter/capital ship to keep the selection menu reasonable in size. and a quick preview...
  8. Not a bad idea. I'll mess with it a bit and see i if i can come up with something I like, I don't want to crowd the talent descriptions. As always this can be marked in the summary or name (Grit 2) or however you like Nope good catch, the sheet has been fixed
  9. I'm not sure what you mean. Are there other vehicle sheets you're referring to? or do you mean dice pools from the character sheet? since I'm not as sure how that would apply to ships granted i haven't gone over the ship rules in detail yet this has been fixed and the files updated
  10. Good catch on the duplication bug, I forgot to rename those fields so they're currently just "copies" of the first page. I'll update that this afternoon when I get back to my computer. Dice symbols are tricky and I haven't found a decent way of executing it. However the diamond and hexagon used in the dice pool calculations are found in the wingdings 2 so you could potentially do it yourself manually (in regards to difficulty/boost dice or whatnot) actual symbols would require a custom font and you'd still have to enter it manually....though I just had a thought ill look into
  11. first amazing character builder, love it! Couple issues: there's no feedback (error message etc) or note when attempting to use both of Human's non-class starting skills on a single skill Weapon modifications are not appearing for my gear despite having plenty of credits and hard points. Is there something i'm missing?
  12. its an abstract game mechanic designed to roughly approximate a relative and difficult to quantify characteristic. Ultimately there will be tradeoffs (lack of absolute descriptive power) in favor of other benefits (not having to roll 200 dice) and as always the GM has ultimate say so. So be careful whom you arm wrestle.
  13. Alright guys and gals, here's the first pass at the Vehicle sheet. Nothing fancy or special really. Let me know if there's anything from the character sheets you'd like to see, additional pages, extra space/boxes/information/whatever EotE Vehicle Sheet v1 EotE Vehicle Sheet HC v1 (low ink)
  14. Ask and ye shall receive. Both pdf's have been updated accordingly as well as being better optimized (now back under 1mb each)
  15. let me know if this higher contrast sheet works better New Version! Modified 2nd page from the Core Book standard character sheet to include several new form fields Added 3rd page with extra talent spaces and large area for notes/additional gear/background information NEW Higher Contrast version to help save on Ink Cartridges if you'd like to print the sheet (I don't have a printer so let me know how this one works out) Version 4 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16057259/Edge-of-the-Empire-CharacterSheet-Fillable-v4.pdf High Contrast (Low Ink) Version 4 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16057259/Edge-of-the-Empire-CharacterSheet-Fillable-v4HC.pdf
  16. Sure, it'll just take a little editing in Illustrator, but otherwise should be possible. I can try outlining the gray blocks rather than solid filling them
  17. Talents would probably be doable, not sure why you'd need more than eight weapons on hand though i'll start drafting up a third page with some extra space
  18. adding additional space to the equipment would be tricky, i might be able to include a third page for simply inventory/miscellaneous stuff. Adding a small box for Encumbrance would be easy though, probably place it right next to credits
  19. Can't do a border because it's simply using Wingdings 2 for a font (they have diamonds and hexagons in wingdings, go figure) but a darker yellow should definitely be doable. thanks
  20. It was a pretty genius way of calculating the dice pools. Though our naming conventions were totally different so it took a couple hours of troubleshooting to get the same logic working correctly (once i figured out how it worked and relearned JS) Thanks Tallon! I tend to prefer the official sheets of most games since they tend to have a better 'flavor' than most custom sheets. I kinda shot myself in the foot by not naming the thread with a more descriptive title...
  21. Ship silhouette seems to have a much greater impact on EC than anything else. It's a simple number but remember the difference between each rank is quite significant
  22. Updated the character sheet improved performance drastically decreased filesize Updated Sheet included in OP as well https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16057259/Edge-of-the-Empire-CharacterSheet-Fillable-v3.pdf
  23. thanks! Next up Optimization. File size and performance has bloated a bit, gotta pull it back down.
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