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  1. Yes, FFG is going to replace it for free. That's cool and all. Just wanted to post so others can see if they too had the same issue in their game box. I just bought a second from the same place... will be interesting to see if the issue arises again
  2. Cool - at least now I know they both use the same 6/6 card. Worst case I can still keep playing with it I appreciate the info.
  3. So my wife and I had just got into the game. We bought the original starter box and Edge of Darkness box. Keep in mind we haven't gone anywhere to play yet and only have 1 of each. While going through the cards again last night, I realized that I had 2 'Over My Dead Body' #75(6/6) cards and was missing the #74(6/6) card. I was surprised, but I know errors can happen in packaging, especially since they're both a 6/6 and just one objective set different. I did contact FFG this morning in hopes they'll replace the missing card (I even told them I'd send back the extra one as proof if they needed it). All this to say, has anyone else encountered this? Have you taken a moment to actually make sure you have the correct cards? (As a side note completely unrelated, I remember way back in the day when I played the Decipher CCG and got a blank card in a booster pack. It had the Dark Side back, but a completely black front, lol.)
  4. So what'a a good counter to a capture deck? My wife and I have 1 Core Set and 1 Edge Set, and when she plays her smugglers, I get handed no matter which LS deck I seem to play. Maybe it's because we don't have all the Hoth packs yet? Or maybe they're just really that good. But it seems like any time I get going getting a good card out with maybe an enhancement or two - she captures him. Ugh - ticks me off
  5. Great question as I'm about to jump into this game too. I only have 1 Core atm... and probably won't play in tourney's, so is 2 Core not needed anymore with the newer Edge and BotF sets? Also, can you just get a Core, Edge and BotF and skip the Hoth packs... or are they really worth it?
  6. Great podcast. I used to play SWTOR. If you did a PVP server, and did east coast, I have toons on Prophecy of the FIve and I'd come back to play if you built a guild on that.
  7. Think FFG will do anything with the Proof of Purchase. Would be cool if they did, even if it was something like trade them in for acrylic tokens or something of the like. Remember the good old days when you could trade in your points from GIJoes for something. That would be sweet
  8. I have had no luck on the B&N website as well.
  9. Wow, that's epic! I was at Target here in NC this past Friday (7/19) and they weren't on sale or on clearance. Maybe it's region based?
  10. I've heard so many people say that... but I think it's really location based. In Raleigh, we have a few stores (3 I believe). One only has the Core Set, one didn't have any (said they were the smallest of the store B&N will open), and I had the store with the Core Set search their inventory for the 3rd store and they showed nothing... as in nothing but the Core Set showed up. I think it's just hard right now because there is no supply. Again, maybe that's regional too, but we have 3 - 4 'gaming' stores in the area and most are sold out... and one has good wave 1 stock, but no A-wings or Interceptors. Here's to hoping FFG has better supply with Wave 3
  11. Hello. Just looking to see if anyone plays around Raleigh, NC. I know there are a few gaming stores in the area, but stopping by them I didn't see this game being played. Although one store did carry the game, and had it in-stock, they have nothing set up as regular play on their calendar. Thanks
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