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  1. Let's be honest, The old TSR was Marvel's best game out there. If the Marvel license is once again open for gaming, would and should FFG get the rights to it and publish a Marvel RPG? I can't think of any current companies that would, except maybe WotC, but they dropped all licenses and stick to D&D and Magic. I think FFG could do a good job. Not to mention FFG already has a relationship w/ Disney regarding the Star Wars line of gaming, and Disney owns Marvel. Any thoughts on this???
  2. are the targets of different type? Like, can one target be 4 x-wings in the same firing arc, while the other attack is against a ship (blockade runner) ???? or do the targets have to be of the same type? what if I have 4 squadrons on my left zone and a blockade runner on my left zone, can I attack both targets or on or the other. also, what if the target fits across my zone border, where line of site would be from my front and right arcs, can both attack the same target?
  3. So we played through the basic set up a couple of times, and need a rule clarification or two. Regarding Ships that attack twice. The rules seem conflicted. First it says must be fired FROM the same hull side the original attack came from, the other says from DIFFERENT hull sides (ie: the left firing arc and front firing arc). The rules get further fuddled when it isn't clear if this applies to ships firing on other ships or firing on squadrons. I checked the errata/faq, but no help. If your movement is a zero, and your command is maneuver, is there a way to "rotate" the ship? TIE Fighter swarm tactic: Hopefully this will let me illustrate.... X 1 X2 T1 T2 T3 3 TIE Fighters engage 2 x-wings. T1 is 1 space away from X1, and T3 is 1 spacefrom X2. T2 is 1 space from both. Do BOTH T1 and T3 gain the benefit of swarm from T2's position? Does T2 get an additional swarm advantage (say 2 dice instead of one) as he is in swarm range of T1 and T3???
  4. OK, I'm on board. Just picked this game up along with expansions, should be arriving via Amazon on Saturday. One question though, it says for "2 Players", is this right. If someone else (a 3rd player) had their own Armada, couldn't they also join the battle? I guess the question is are the rules structured so tight you can not shoe horn a 3rd or 4th player? Or do the rules allow some wiggle room, either as an alternative rule set or just a clever game player?
  5. We're on Sullust. we punch in the coordinates for Endor. What is the average time (xDays/xHours) does it take assuming you're travelling hyperspace (apprx, as different ships travel at variations past light speed, but the ":average.") surely by now, there has to be some website/blog/wookipedia thing out there that gives at least ball park num bers for how long it takes going from system to system. anyone come across such a thing? Has FFG come up with a definitive galactic map?
  6. obviously, a sourcebook covering any new races/planets/vehicles.....but also, the period of time leading up to Ep7 wich will have a 30+year history. While I try and remain spoiler free, from what we infer from the trailer, the "Empire" isn't dead, it has been beaten back into one corner of the galaxy, so either the galactic civil war has raged on (making this a perfect extension of the AoR, or a 2nd war has begun (after years of declaring borders) in which case a new line could be warranted. Let's not forget, Marvel is set to publish a mini series (in cannon) of comics that bridge the gap between RotJ and tFA. More fodder for a sourcebook.
  7. I like the whole "legends" spin. In other words, the EU isn't completely thrown out the window, but these things "may have happened"....and if it conflicts with what's on-screen, the new continuity wins. After all, at your gaming table, it's your Star Wars, you tell it the way you want. No point not creating supplements with legend characters/events that fans have enjoyed.
  8. with the debut of the 3rd trilogy about to descend upon us, any word on if FFG will be making supplements/source books for races/events set in this time period? Will FFG be keeping their license for the foreseeable future or not? Just curious if there is any news in this regard.
  9. I think this could be a great asset to the game. none of that mystery box crap, just here's a box of stormtroopers, or rebel pilots, wookies, etc.
  10. So I dropped some $$$ down on both EOTE and AoR, both core rulebooks and various supplements. Now, not all have arrived, but I do see where the EotE core rulebook only have 8 species, and a couple have some more peppered throughout the various supplements. The species that I don't see (as yet, since a few still haven't arrived) but should definitely be included are: Rodians (maybe in the eote core book, I'll double check) Mon Calimari Ithorian Sullustian Gungan Falleen AqualishZabrack Cearen (spelling?) anybody know if they're included and if so which book/books?
  11. been a long time player of SW Saga Ed, looking to get this new sw game from FFG. Are Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, and presumably the forthcoming Force and Destiny meant to be played seperately, or are they compatible? If compatible, why 3 different core rulebooks? Seems redundant for what may essentially be just new character classes/archetypes. Which version, if any, should I pick? If I p/u AoR, for example, can I use any EotE suppliments are are there specific rules in the EotE core rulebook that's needed? any help clarifying is appreciated.
  12. Can an experienced player please provide me with a comprehensive list of when and where one can spend monster and gate trophies? What can you get? when do you spend them? etc? thanks in advance.
  13. I have a card game in mind that has some basic mechanics and some rudimentary playtesting done. Seems solid so far. How would one submit an outline of the game, concept and mechanics to FFG, or any publisher really, for consideration?
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