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  1. However, improved parry is in response to a melee attack only. Defensive slash is an iconic technique of soresu where they turn the momentum of a deflected blaster shot into a lightsaber strike. It's not stepping on the toes of improved parry, but complimenting it. You NEVER want to get close to a Soresu master, especially when he/she is under attack from both melee and ranged attackers. The "Eye of the Storm."
  2. Personally I would replace the improved reflect talent in soresu defender with supreme reflect to represent the style's "turtle defense." The reason Shien was created was to add offensive capability to Soresu. Hence the improved reflect in shien. However I would drop supreme reflect from Shien in order to force the more in-your-face offensive nature of shien. Instead add defensive slash into the soresu defender talent tree. Defensive Slash: Once per round after utilizing reflect, character may make an immediate lightsaber (intellect) check against any target with whom the character is currently engaged.
  3. Yeah, I definitely agree on the no sundering lightsabers rule. Otherwise anytime a fight occurs, that is the first thing anyone will ever do.
  4. I would accept this if instead of deep sixing the improved talents, allow players to spend a destiny point to add despair to an opponents attack. thus triggering the reflect, and reducing damage by 1 (or possibly even countering it). This would maintain the resource management part of the game, would place activation in the players hands without removing the potential for a random deflect, and basically limits it to only one likely reflect per turn. this way no adjustment to the trees need be made, and you get both player intent and random potential. The reason I combined the original parry/reflect and improved versions (as Donovan suggested) was to address the fact that the ONLY spec with improved reflect was shien expert, when we clearly see every jedi of every saber style redirecting shots. This way you aren't forced to take shien to gain the ability to redirect. Everybody can do it, which is more in tune with the lore. Edit: My line of thinking with the lightsaber skill check was to eliminate the "automatic" hit by giving the counter or redirected shot a chance (albeit a small one) to miss. The threat reduction for improved and supreme parry/reflect was to make it a bit more common place to occur instead of 5 out of 120 rolls as in Donovan's example. Also, I do agree that the 1 threat on the supreme version may be a bit much, but when the Jedi focuses on pure defense at the sacrifice of taking offensive action, redirecting and countering should be much easier.
  5. What happens when the person who parrys rolls 3 threat, and the original attacker (the new target) also has parry? Well in that case you fall back to the rule of every other game system that does not allow a counter of a counter to avoid stupid moments of people bouncing blaster shots back and forth like a tennis ball. They can parry/reflect (damage reduction) as normal, they just wouldn't be able to counter a counter or redirect a redirect.
  6. Ok, how about another solution to the problem: parry/reflect: (talents stay as they are in regards to tree placement with the following changes) Spend 3 strain to reduce damage equal to 3+1 per rank of parry/reflect. If attack generates 3 threat or 1 despair, may make an immediate lightsaber combat check vs (parry) engaged target (2 difficulty plus defense bonuses as normal) / (reflect) any target within medium range (using range band difficulty plus defense bonuses as normal, and base weapon damage of the incoming shot). Improved parry/reflect: reduce the amount of threat needed by one Supreme parry/reflect: If character did not take a combat action in the previous round (including counterstriking and redirecting a blaster shot), strain cost to activate parry/reflect is reduced to 1, and the threat needed to trigger counterattack/redirection is reduced to one. Comments? Suggestions? Perhaps make the redirection/counterstrike cost additional 1-2 strain? This is mostly directed at Donovan, but anyone can chime in. This would also help to explain how Obi-Wan was able to withstand the brutal assault by General Grievous (lots of parrying,) as well as successfully counterstriking TWICE, and quite literally disarming him, within maybe 2-3 combat rounds.
  7. So after extensive testing with the beta thus far, I have found a major issue. At no point, no matter how much xp one spends, can a jedi in this system reach the level we see in the films. Even with a decent amount of xp, group of mooks were able to bring them down fairly easily. This is due primarily to the fact that in this system, damage can get to absolutely insane levels where as defense cannot. No matter how much damage a jedi can parry/reflect, they will NEVER match the levels of damage output the majority of you know can be produced with relatively little time and xp. The parry and reflect talents as they stand have the basic problem of just not being enough. The inherent issue is the separation of the two talents. What was discussed between myself and a very good GM friend, was merging the parry and reflect talents with the caveat that they are only usable if you have the sense power up (committed die). By doing this it gives a slight boost to defense while not being overpowered. By the numbers: Consular: 6 ranks (8 total reduction) Guardian: 9 ranks (11 total reduction) Mystic: 5 ranks (7 total reduction) Seeker: 5 ranks (7 total reduction) Sentinel: 5 ranks (7 total reduction) Warrior: 5 ranks (7 total reduction) Keep in mind that with an average brawn (2-3), light armor (+1-2 soak), and using a pure Jedi character, the change is not overpowering, but helps to balance out the broken damage system currently in place. Prior to this change, jedi were easily defeated by equivalent xp characters. Example characters (bounty hunter and guardian) were given 600xp and 10000 credits. Bounty hunter won in 8 out of 10 mock battles. After the change, it went down to 5 out of 10 for a nice even split. However, after looking over the last couple pages, I would agree that simply reversing the numbers (+1 soak with an additional +2 per rank instead of +2, +1 p.r.) brings everything up to better levels without changing any of the wording. I would still add the caveat above which requires the sense power be activated in order to gain the ability of parry/reflect.
  8. I've seen lots of custom talent trees in the past that people have made, but does anyone have a blank template they could link? I'm looking to house rule a few custom specializations into my game and have no idea how to create fillable pdf's
  9. His armor would most likely be some version of Superior grade armored clothing. If you actually look at it it is nothing more than a utility jumpsuit with armor plates attached. Hardly what I would call Heavy Battle Armor.
  10. Yes, you can upgrade from 0 to 1. It doesn't say upgrade ranged or melee defense if defense is greater than or equal to 1 Really, it's not about mechanically adding anything to the armor, because as the description says it only applies to you. Physically adding plates or some sort of makeshift armor weave would make it effective regardless of who is wearing the armor. You are custom fitting it to your character to maximize the item's effectiveness. In the end, you paid the experience for the talent which allows you to upgrade a piece of your equipment. If they don't like it, too bad. Nothing really to discuss. Nowhere does it say the upgrade it up to the GM or the group to approve.
  11. Now if I understand this right, behind cover and using a vibrosword, he'd still have only a defense of 2. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/87276-some-rules-questions-answered-by-sam-stewart/ Q: The rulebook states that different sources of defense don't stack. Is this referring to different sources of personal defense, such as multiple layers of armor, or to any sources of defense, such as armor and cover. A: Unless a source of defense specifically states that it stacks with other sources of defense, then it does not stack. Armor and cover, for example, do not stack; a character can only benefit from one of these sources of defense at a time. Correct. If you are wearing padded armor and a shield generator the your defense will not benefit from cover unless that cover gives you a greater defense value than your generator. Since your generator is defense 2, you would have to find cover with a defense of 3 to gain any benefit. Also, multiple layers of worn armor do not stack. You only count the highest value and apply it to your soak. The only exception is implant armor as it is not worn. Mechanically it is the same as the enduring talent, thus it stacks with worn armor.
  12. Regardless, this is an obvious loophole which can be abused to keep someone from ever having to fire their weapon while engaged. If all you have to do is keep using your maneuver to step back and reduce the roll to difficulty 1 instead of 2-3(depending on the weapon used) then the ranged attacker is always going to be at a slight advantage when he shouldn't be.
  13. No, you can wear them both, but the bonuses do not stack. You would retain the highest of the two in each category. +2 soak from the padded armor and +2 defense from the shield
  14. You can always have them make an opposed coordination/athletics check with a difficulty equal to the opponents brawl/melee skill to see if they manage to break away.
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