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  1. Queue the wailing gnashing of teeth. Over the last 40 years in this hobby i have played many many RPGs and L%R is easily in my top ten. To see this happen after such a short life with FFG is crappy. So much for my optimism when I said "Well, at least it is going to FFG, they are a stable company." Just goes to show how nothing is certian. Here's hoping someone can acquire the licence and bring L5R back with crowdfunding or something.
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    This sucks. Maybe somebody can get the rights and moved to crowdfunding some stuff and show Asmodee where they can stick it. I knew this acquisition was not going to end well.
  3. Rut Roh, Raggy! This is bad. Still waiting on an official word but this could suck. I have a stack of Genesys and L5R books (the latter making it into my top ten RPGs of all time, based on 40+ years in the hobby). Fantasy Fight bowing out of the RPG business would be a blow to the whole hobby. I like some FFG boardgames but I am primarily an RPG guy. Man I hope there is some solution like turning to community based content or even Kickstarters to keep some of these lines going, well-made RPGs seem to do quite well with crowd funding, at least based on the many successful campaigns I have backed or seen.
  4. Well, as to why there are gates there you could retcon the the retcon. In the original film the gate took them to a very distant galaxy, the makers of the TV show just thought that was too big a playground to play in but I think it could be fun to imagine that part of the gate network was just disabled or cutoff somehow.
  5. Great work! When I downloaded it several of the stat boxes in the contacts section are either obscured by the artwork or they extend off the right side of the page and get cut off. I noticed these issues on pages 38-48, other than that I am not seeing anything at first glance.
  6. Yep, it was too **** late and I just read right over "instead," that makes a mess, IMO. I hate it when there are things like this that establish precedents that shoot a major rule in the foot like that. I don't mind temp boosts over 5 but the wording of Overdrive is getting changed at my table with a quickness.
  7. So I know others are working on corrections, but for now, here is a copy with bookmarks I added. I am I mismarked or misspelled something, so let me know if you catch anything. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XGaUi4MGaQJUFW_1yialJDQsiH8Q7jA4
  8. I think the talent is just oddly worded. I am reading that Overcharge gives you a +2, not an additional +1. In the former case, the cybernetic raised your stat from 4 to 5 and overdrive makes it 7, in the latter case, this would seem to allow a base stat 6 with an additional +1 making 7. The key is it says +2 to a max of 7 not an additional +1 to a max of 7. However, I agree it is a bit ambiguous and it stumped me for a while, until I gave it a think 🙄 I could totally see your read. Anyway, I shot FFG a rules question request.
  9. That sucks for those 3 or 4 of us who eschew Facebook.
  10. Sweet, I was in a 2.5-year Earthdawn game where we played for 10-12 hours almost every Saturday. Got to play one of my all-time favorite characters.
  11. Wow, the Morrow Project! This takes me back I think Mr. Dockery would be proud.
  12. Nice, I was hoping for something to randomize the condtion and spell cards but hey every little bit helps. Thanks.
  13. Is anyone aware or any talk about an app for this game in the future? Would people even think it is a good idea? I love Eldritch Horror but the as more expansions hit managing all of the cards is becoming so much of a chore that it seems to slow the game down a bit. Having to sift through the decks to find a card of a particular type or sub-type can get to be a chore. Even if there were an app that just let you click a button to generate a random boon (or whatever) and "set it aside" in an app so you could interact with it when it needs to be 'flipped' when something like a reckoning happens. I play with a large group (usually 6-8) so maybe it is just us. Is anyone else finding things getting harder to manage as the decks grow? Note: Please don't think any of this means we don't still love the heck out of this game, we play a ton of it as it is one of the rare games (along with a few others we have found) that accomdates a group our size. Lately, so many other games out there seem to be for 5 or less.
  14. Thanks I had just picked the game up and was reading the character cards and saw focused mentioned on Mateo's card but I had not even opened the other cards yet, lol.And indeed there it was right under my nose.
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