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  1. Well, I prefer to wait instead have a rushed job, maybe they found some grammar error in time and they had to postpone the work... I'm hyped as hell for the new tanks!!
  2. "Upcomming Releases" still has it marked as being at the printer.It'll be a bit yet before it's in the stores. And it is now marked as Q2 2014 with last update from 28 february 2014.... Let's see when we will get more updates about it.
  3. Well, then I hope FF will consider to make it a big, beautiful pop up book!
  4. Yep, there's still 2 months, for this reason I was expecting some news by FF, a release date at least.....
  5. Sooooooooo, We are already in the Q1 of 2014, when it will be released? Any sneakpeek coming? I'm very curious about this book.
  6. Well, so also Tyranids are in the threat cards, but we have a special tyranid character in the expansion. Anyhow I'd like if the Nemesis units work in a total different way from the "heroes". A set of Nemesis threat card would be cool with lealist enemies to defeat!
  7. Awesome! Also the Nemesis expansion opens the homebrew to a much wider range of characters, from Necron lord, Ork Freebooterz, Eldar aspect warrior and so on! I want Nemesis already!
  8. Can you give us an estimate of how many new vehicles we will find in the book? Or it is against the NDA testers have?
  9. Agreed. They are my first choice for 'only war' opponents as well for exactlly the same reasons. They're also great fun for players for a lighter game - we've run what can best be described as Waaaggh! Trader (an ork kroozer and all ork PCs) and it was a hoot. I like to describe my ork enemies like they was in the old editions of warhammer 40k, more comical, doing stupid things but trying their "da cunning plan" at the same time. The other enemy race dont give the same "troublemaker" vibe that orks give.
  10. Thanks to both for their help! I'll give alook to those books! And yes, a stealth ork is rather "unusual" for their kind, but thats just what an ork kommando does, stealthing in the jungle and ambushing those puny pink humie (yes, I'm a long time ork player in 40k...) My group has already fought some mob vehicles, weyrdboyz and such, I think that for a cunning Ork mekanik boss as min using some "taktiks" shoul help!
  11. Hy guys, I'm designing a campaign for my soldiers in Only War and I've decided to put some good old kommandos inside, just to change the usual ork flavor my player have adpted... Anyhow I dont know in what book I can find the rules to use them, the only thing that I found is the rules to make some blood axe ork, but I was looking for something "different". Any idea? Do you have already used them?
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