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  1. My Favorite TIE is the Tie Avenger! I can guarantee Fantasy Flight I will buy at the very least 8 of them! Please Bring the Tie-Avenger to X-wing Miniatures Game!
  2. Anyone have an AI Card they can share for the Gunboat that is compatible with Heroes of the Aturi Cluster?
  3. I just can't wait to see it be destroyed; maybe that's why they made it so dumb. They're like, "Hey, it's only going to be in 'one' movie, might as well make it suck so bad everyone will enjoy watching it blow up. For those who love it, I have come to the conclusion you would love anything. They could put a piece of poop on a stick and fly it around and hail it as a new fighter and you'd all be like..."AMAZING, I can't wait to fly the Poop Fighter in X-wing!!!"
  4. Exactly what several others of us on the "Villains" thread said. We all were leaning towards Defenders...since its the Imperial perspective. HITAC (Hunters in....) doesnt sound near as good as Defenders or other suggestions.And by the way the Z-95 AI had been made by someone on the vilains or scum thread...it just wasnt colored in. Same thing wth the Firespray. People could spend Decades debating this Topic...I am just glad someone solidified something and is making something out of it. I like Hunters! Rakaydos, how can I help?
  5. I maybe completely off here but... I have been following this thread for a while. I feel like many people are trying too hard to develop an Imperial System and completely over complicating this whole thing. I think I've mentioned this before but the beauty of HotAC is the fact it's straight forward and easy to understand, however, it's open for everyone to develop their own flavor and add to it in their own groups. I don't even know who is officially or actually working on an Imperial system or if there is someone who is actually pushing this to some sort of end. I would recommend, as Ken has said, follow what has already been given and don't stray too far from WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS! The pure genius of Josh's work is that it WORKS. We don't need to re-invent any wheels here, just follow the guidelines given. People can modify it anyway they want after there is a foundation to work from. Sure maybe for Tie Fighters, Bombers, and Interceptors...you get a wingman depending on how many participants..but after that it should follow pretty much the same course. You fly a mission, get experience, upgrade your ship, and then fly the next mission. I feel like playing the Imperials adds an even higher level of excitement because just like the Video game, flying a solo tie-fighter can be an incredibly short lived experience and you'll definitely have to rely on your teammates and strategy to win. There's no need to add the fluff of "this is how the imperials do things" and it should be completely different than "how the rebels do things" or any other nonsense. People can add that stuff on their own in solo or group play. I would highly recommend that this be moved to an actual website or even it's own forums. All I see here are ideas with a few individuals actually trying to make this happen...someone needs to take the lead like Rakaydos or Stefan. And if they or someone who wants to lead this in a community effort; you need to divide and conquer this juggernaut by giving those who want to contribute a job from mission testing, to story writing, to AI testing, etc... Dreams come true when someone realizes that stepping forward towards that dream will make it a reality.
  6. Razgriz and Suriel...I added you guys on steam. I would really like to start trying this out. I bought this a while ago but gave up trying to figure it all out. Thank you!
  7. JCDisaray

    Tie Fighter

    Honestly, I am not sure why they went with just X-wing and didn't go for X-wing vs. Tie-Fighter. I have no issues with it being X-wing, but since originally they've made both factions playable and "equal"...why wasn't it X-wing vs. Tie-Fighter?
  8. LOL, this expansion is similarly disappointing when compared to the Force Awakens Movie.
  9. Rakaydos! Keep it up! I look forward to testing this out.
  10. Thanks Griff for the input. Yeah that is the problem...extended time for so many people. I think you're right perhaps running the same mission simultaneously on two maps would be worth a try.
  11. I know this is kind of a tangent, but I have another X-wing Campaign party coming up. The only thing that bothered me about the last party was we had to break into two groups due to their being 10 of us. If possible I'd like to keep everyone on one board. Anyone have a systematic solution for scaling beyond 6 players? Do you all think I'd have to expand the board space to 4' x 4'? Could push two maps together and have two missions running simultaneous with the possibility of crossing into each others missions. Thank you!
  12. Fantasy Flight's Mission Builder https://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/xwing/ I love your Campaign builds and was looking for specifics: primary/secondary objectives, play area setup, numbers of enemies and when they enter the mission, enemy objectives, etc... If you don't have these hashed out yet, I can try to assist you with them. Thank you!
  13. Rakaydos, I'd like to help you with that. Are these Missions posted up on the X-wing Mission Control?
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