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  1. Anything interesting going on with those species?
  2. That's awesome! I got a player in the Jedi career who will be happy to hear this. I know you just got it but wondering what that signature ability does.
  3. I was reading over the Clone Specs and found them to be pretty great especially Pilot. I was thinking to offer them to players of other eras, could swap Clone for Assault so that you have Assault Office, Assault Pilot, and Assault Trooper. The only unusual thing I can see is the Clanker Killer talent.
  4. I always thought Arkanian Off-shoots were being presented by the stats of Arkanian. They have done this a few times such as the Cosian and Nu-Cosian and the Bith and Y'bith. It wouldn't surprise me if they had intended it that way. That said Xexto/Quermian and Nemodian/Duros hail from different planets and have very different characteristics physically and intellectually as well as unique history write ups and do get split. I agree with these but the others I'm not sure. I kind of wish they went the Aqualish route with some of these and just noted the differences in the stats for Arkanians if there were any. Humans and it's offshoots kind of throw me too. I get the appeal though.
  5. You know, I sat for a good bit before posting that trying to decide if I should engage in this or not. I was hoping that we could discuss this book some more but you know what, you're right, this conversation has flowed to Rey is Mary Sue and the last thing I want to be associated with is controlling others. One of the themes of the Star Wars is this. Maybe I am wrong for liking Rey, I mean she's pretty much one of my favorite characters. I watched The Last Jedi in a rough time in my life and the journey of these characters resonated with my personal life in quite a few ways so maybe I'm just biased. I'll ignore this discussion. Your response has controlled me.
  6. Why are we doing this here, now in this forum? Rise of the Separatists. Clone Wars. This book and everything about it have nothing to do with Rey's character development other then yes, she probably should have the universal spec of Scavenger. Can we show some restraint in hating these movies. They are part of Star Wars. The end. You can have your own head canon or whatever but it's done. Is telling people that Rey is a Mary Sue new information? How is blasting this at us any different then a non-nerdy person yelling at us that RPG is adults playing make believe. If you don't like it or agree with it then whatever. That's your choice but it's entertainment and some people found it entertaining. I don't care that my entertainment has flaws. RPG has flaws. Whatever. This stuff is fatiguing. It's becoming bullying and I'm so over it.
  7. lol Jedi having knowledge (warfare) during this period of time does feel right but also buying it out of career could just be the norm for Jedi or they pick up Clone Soldier, Officer, or Pilot to gain those talents and skills needed for the clone war lol. It would be interesting to see a Jedi take up one of the Clone Specializations if we are going with the name of the career not meaning a whole lot. Or a clone taking up Jedi Padawan... Force Sensitive Clone? Would a Jedi who sensed one of the clones as Force Sensitive, train that clone to control themselves? Can a clone be force sensitive?
  8. I got my book last night and read the description and found it to be wildly appropriate. This book frames an intergalactic war with individuals being blockaded from food and supplies and battles being waged on countless planets. People are going to need to scavenge to get by and the ruins of war are great places for this to occur. I don't think Anakin is the reason this is included in this book. I think it's included here because it is thematically appropriate. When I saw the picture for the Universal Spec that had a Geonosian who looks like a mechanic that crossed into Scavenger with worn Clone armor and pieces of tech on him from the battles of his world, it sparked wonder in me of who this character is. He looks like so much fun to play. Pick any planet where a clone wars battle takes place and you have a character who may have had to turn to scavenger to get by because of the era in which you play. I love it.
  9. Anakin COULD be a scavenger or not but that's not the only reason we could be seeing scavenger in the book. Episode 1 did have a LOT of scavenger references in it. Pod Racers, Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Qui-Gon needing parts, Watto's junk shop, Slaves in need, Jar Jar exiled in the forest, etc... Clone Wars had Gah Nachkt and I would argue Darth Maul and the planet of scavengers. Wasn't there the street urchin girl, Cassie something in an episode as well that was kind of a pickpocket/scavenger? I haven't seen all of the Clone Wars, sorry. My point is that a lot players, myself included have made scavenger like characters and a specialization could make for some cool Dickens like characters. Also we got Jawas and Tuskens as playable species a few weeks ago and the timing is great on that. I see no problem with them being included here finally. I've been craving this specialization for awhile now. Also Entrepreneur and Performer are specializations lol.
  10. Kid (31 lol) who grew up with the Prequels here. My first EU book was The Essential Guide to Characters followed by The Essential Guide to Species. The diversity of species in Star Wars each with its own culture and fleshed out history was literally my favorite thing about Star Wars as a kid. Prequels definitely brought me into Star Wars. My brother always tried to get me to watch Star Wars but I was a lot more interested in Indiana Jones at the time. I had to go back and watch the OT after seeing the prequels and then fell in love with them. My point is I think I may be the one whom you are referencing in your comment so I thought I'd shed some light on my perspective. I specifically LOVE the issues of the species of Star Wars and find them to be so much better fleshed out then the ones of the OT (ignoring the fact that every species is based on the one and only one we see on screen which thankfully the ST is pulling away from). My very first introduction to RPG was Star Wars and I wanted to play a Dug and my buddy wanted to play a Gran. I wanted to show a Dug that actively fought the prejudice of his species, while still being a criminal to make it in a galaxy that feared him. He was perceived with prejudice that he would be selfish but he was very giving to those who were underdogs of the galaxy. His first mate was a brilliant Gran, whose uncle was senator Baskol Yeesrim, and he hated that his family expected him to be involved in corrupt politics. He allowed a terrorist attack to occur on Malastare which caused him to experience the feared Gran exile to the Dug side of Malastare where he met my dug who ended up helping him through his depression and loneliness and they formed a Chewie/Han bond that was a love/hate relationship. The species informed our characters even then when we were 13 for the better and made for story telling experiences that I still carry with me as an adult. The idea of a perfectly functioning multicultural galactic society where all tensions are extraneous to species is not even a thing for me and feels more like it lends itself to Star Trek then Star Wars. Gungans and Ewoks from two eras of movies prove that Star Wars has always embraced developed cultures with tensions and works great also for cartoon shows and even younger audiences. When players stick with Humans the tension will only be character driven and doesn't carry as much culture (which is fine) but the potential for inter species conflict with a party really excites me. TLDR: I grew up with the prequels and embrace them and I love species tension even when I was a kid. I want MOAR!
  11. Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't do the whole kill Jyn Erso thing either. My comment was more in regards to the book existing at all. I want to use these characters as action scene threats and I feel like not having the option to murder them outright but having HP represent removing them from the scene was a cool way of capturing that overwhelming feel and episodic bad guy element to a story. That said I realize that the PCs should be able to remove the villain from the scene without dropping the HP if they come up with a creative solution. But I was just thinking this would be a fun way to essentially put rules to the Dooku, Grievous, Vader, etc... villians where they are unbeatable but still a threat that can be introduced and then removed without oops I killed Boba Fett, which has happened to me in my gaming career. Was more awkward then anything. Not as satisfying as it should have felt.
  12. Speaking to this bending the rules for these special adversaries, the box on page 6 states, "GMs should think carefully before allowing PCs to defeat NPCs such as these through death or other permanent means. In the films, these characters usually have preplanned escape routes or plenty of minions to ensure their safety, so GMs should endeavor to ensure they have the same whenever using them. Destiny Points are also an excellent method for facilitating NPC survival; it helps to make certain a dark side Destiny Point is always available when these NPCs are in play." I was considering this as I was thinking, does dropping an epic level adversary to 0 HP always have to mean death or critical injury? When fighting canonical Grievous, when he arrives on scene, for the sake of the feeling of, "OH JEEZ ITS GRIEVOUS! STOP HIM! RUN!" could the players just call dropping his hit points brings him to narrative defeat with a preplanned escape? Is that really a bad thing? It does still result in stopping Grievous from fulfilling a nefarious plot or interfering, or just may lead to players saying that its not worth it to battle him, hes to strong and go into a chase. Obviously I would discuss this with my players and say this only applies to the major hitters of Star Wars. Call it Destiny or what have you but you can not kill them permanently. Going along with this, I would think it cool to make it so that by narrative structure, if you wanted to kill one of these massive Star Wars characters, it would require the proper planning. Like a skill challengish way of bringing down Palpatine. If Palps shows up any other time, he has an escape route. But if you succeed with a narrative challenge of getting him alone by some means, trapping him, running through a gauntlet of lesser villians, whatever.... you then can face him to the death. This might be useful for BBEGs of campaigns so they can face the PCs in combat and be a threat without accidentally killing him in act 1. Just kicking around ideas of whether this would be a terrible idea or not. The whole game is narrative, so I guess why can't killing major villains be a narrative thing as well?
  13. True but traps were laid immediately by the Empire to destroy the oddballs who somehow managed to be not be near a clone. Also the anti-jedi propaganda was just about to go into full swing and also Vader was ready and willing to go kill some of those fools as vengeance for Padme. This went on for 19 years as was brought out earlier. Still not much hope for those that inherently didn't trust the clones/war. Sure some survived but those are some rough odds having the weight of a galactic empire and its citizens potentially out for blood against the Jedi. I do wonder if Luke had ended up in the academy, would he have been spotted for his force sensitivity and shipped off to the inquisitors like we see in Rebels?
  14. That said, what you do in your games is your business and I would totally play in an all Jedi campaign post Order 66.
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