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  1. This is the only reference to this problem I have seen. It could literally be anything though as the pages and pages of this thread mention. It will come though. We just need to continue being patient.
  2. There is a celebration exclusive from FFG this year for Star Wars. Not the same as a product release, I know. But still a presence. https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-celebration-chicago-exclusives-revealed-part-1
  3. I was thinking it might have been a request by the people holding the Star Wars brand more than say FFG. During discussions, it might have been something FFG mentioned they had ready to release and it does relate to the event. But I also have no idea as I'm only a translator and not very knowledgeable in such things.
  4. That release date falls really close to Star Wars Celebration 2019. That's where we should see our first looks at IX, Mandalorian, Resistance season 2, the new trilogies going forward, and most relevant to this books release, a Clone Wars panel and more info on the final Clone Wars season. It may be simply Star Wars synergy that has held this book back from us this whole time. It's too good from a marketing stand point to not do. I mean I would do that. Like, "Thanks for visiting the Clone Wars panel, on your way out stop by the Clone Wars swag" and there is the new Clone Wars supplement for the Star Wars RPG. It could attract fans who have not played FFG's Star Wars and are fans of the Clone Wars.
  5. Also in chapter 15, of Rogue One: Catalyst, called On the Shoulders of Giants, Galen Erso references the Jedi being closely tied to kyber crystals for tens of thousands of years. This could mean a whole host of things as well. For both factoids to be true, though, the Jedi as a title with lightsabers have existed for tens of thousands of years, and the current order, whether it be a set of rules, or Coruscant based, or some other doctrine has only been for a briefer period of time.
  6. Hmm, how do we not know that before the Jedi Order, force wielders didn't belong to numerous factions, beliefs, and powers for eons that would be refined into the Jedi Order. Bringing together numerous faiths and powers to become the Jedi Order that serves the galaxy benevolently sounds in line with what we have seen of the Jedi Order. Cautiously scooping up any force sensitives found through-out the galaxy to ensure that they don't use the force selfishly or fall into galactic force wielding domination sure sounds like there was a time when that was not a thing and the galaxy was more wild west with the force. I'm just saying that your assumption that the Jedi Order in its current form is as old as the galaxy itself or makes the galaxy feel young doesn't fall in line with what the movie hints at. Force Wielders have been around a long, long time. Refining what can and can't been done with that and also being involved in galactic politics, even to thousands of years before the Republic in its current state is formed is perfectly reasonable. And also Thousands of generations of Jedi is easily hand waved by the creation of Jedi Order. Many Christian Protestant faiths refer to Christians from generations ago even though those they reference predate their own faiths and more likely belonged to the Catholic religion as there was no incarnation of their current religion. Generations of "Christians" is not too different from generations of "Jedi."
  7. Also if we ever see the founding of the Jedi Order in film or tv form, I think seeing Ahch-To in its prime and seeing the very locations we see in the Last Jedi would be pretty cool. I wouldn't mind seeing a show following the prime Jedi and his followers and the split between the brothers of the force who would later become the Sith.
  8. Came here to say basically this. The force is not 6000 years old. The Official Jedi Order as we understand it to be is 6000 years old. The term Jedi is not 6000 years old. The Jedi Order is. Force wielding individuals that follow a code of good have more than likely existed since the dawn of Star Wars time. I for one find that these space religions evolving and redefining themselves to be extremely interesting and more in line with modern religions. Many of the legacy purists don't have a problem with the origin of the Jedi being the followers of Ashla. Or it all starting on a planet where two force using religions fought and took it to space and formed the Jedi and Sith. New Canon is not too different from this very thing.
  9. I personally love how they are doing the eras. Back when the RPG first launched, I was bummed we didn't get the prequels, as I am a prequel baby and not an OT baby and most of the games I played up to that point were set in prequel times. I was really, really, REALLY, hoping we didn't get new cores with reprinted rules for every era... I like these new era books as the size of the sector books and the price per month is decent. That said my current group is much younger than me and is dying to play clone wars style. It's not my cup of tea and I have never finished The Clone Wars... I KNOW I KNOW!!! I'll get there someday! I'm thinking of watching the last two or three seasons in bits, like Asoka leaving the order arc, and Yoda finding Darth Bane arc. I always liked the intrigue of the corrupt republic falling before the war than the outright war. So I am exactly the niche market that this break up of books sells to. Rise of the Seperatists for me, Collapse of the Republic for my players. Also no matter what era or setting I pick, my players always want to play Clone Wars era Jedi so I'm happy there's a specific specialization I can point them to finally. Hopefully... Thanks FFG! Also I'm wondering if the new Clone Wars season will get some representation in some book? Seems to be about a couple months too early. Had they waited a little bit, they could have covered that more relevant to us now, piece of Star Wars as well.
  10. I thought I was doing good making my own books in Photoshop for Star Wars, collecting all the Species and etc.. But the way you've been handling it in In Design... Wow! Great work here!
  11. In the older Star Wars RPG days they showed characters from books and movies that were titled "Era of Play." So was it Luke from episode 4 or 6. Or Han from episode 4 or post episode 6. I first picked up role playing games around that time and always found it odd that role playing games didn't have the option for me to make my own character at its own Era of Play version. Meaning level 1 was never the vision I had for my smuggler, but then again, neither way level 14. I just wanted my smuggler to be level 6-8 and just stay there. I had fun there and it properly envisioned how I thought my smuggler should act and be power-wise. I did grow to enjoy the learning process of leveling up or gaining xp but still it never has sat right with me. That being said, I really agree with @Archlyte on this in that the progression of xp has itched me as awkward for telling stories from day one. I have always wanted to tell my play group to make their characters as capable as they realistically think they should be at those things within reason, according to their character, screw starting xp, and understand that advancement would either never occur or only occur for narrative purposes rarely. That's where I want to start my game and I will customize the challenges according to the players. Advancement could even be handled as optional in between GM set "Movies." Did you want your character to become better at things between episode 2 and 3? You're comfortable? Great! Oh you want to move things with your mind now? Sure! You found a cool weapon and want to be as good as your average movie hero with it? Sounds fun! Now I know this has potential for abuse, and gets immensely more complicated with the force, makes itself less of a game, blah blah, but I can fantasize about my perfect game with perfect players can't I? 😜
  12. If I may, I think a lot of this comes down to player style combined with GM style. I've gamed at tables with both mentalities and found that the death lurks at every corner style to be more suited to a group that as quoted earlier charges at storm troopers. I know in those groups, I've made a choice to engage in a situation that I full on knew could cause my PC's death, as unusual as it may have seemed, and actually found myself on death's door and with a good GM that turned the moment into a story opportunity. Those moments did stick with me. However, I have also played in groups where players are terrified to do anything and literally spend minutes planning out each encounter to borderline paralysis. The GM had to stop us all and tells us he was literally not going to murder us, just choose a plan already, and those moments lead to some fun, memorable, goofy times as well. I've also had players in a shoot-out give me puppy dog eyes when they realize they messed up and are hopelessly unmatched. Note I said players not PCs. I'm not going to ruin their evening over a game. That being said, if it is dangerous, like jumping across a chasm as mentioned earlier, it should be dangerous. If it feels weird for them to die during that moment, maybe don't have that be the consequence. For example, a party of three are beginning a mission to jump from a ship onto a hover train. If one were to fail first roll of the evening and fall to their doom, would it be awkward and hurt a players feelings to have spent the past hour making a character and starting play with death? I wont argue that this couldn't be salvaged but is the air of fun in the room gone? Then screw it, the failure means they dropped a key item for the mission. Now the last roll of a mission from jumping from the crashing train back onto a ship? Let 'em fall! *Evil laugh* but seriously not many checks could spell instant death. Next session could be the hunt for the missing player who fell to their doom? Or was it a noble and well worth it sacrifice?
  13. I hope they have some more info on doing this very thing in Allies and Adversaries! I have always been a fan of NPCs having abilities to surprise the PCs. I loved seeing it in Dawn of Rebellion as well!
  14. This may be an unpopular idea but has anyone who has been dying for a pdf just up and outright made their own. I'm not sure on the legality of it all but I imagine as long as you don't share them you should be fine. I too prefer pdfs of my rpg books, and just scanned them all. It didn't take as long as it would seem and there's so many ways to do it now. You can use a photocopier if you have access to one, which I know many do not, but the scans come in surprisingly great quality. And a lot of scanners now have the OCR option that can be turned on where it recognizes text! Before that I would use a scanning app for phones called scanner pro that basically takes a photo of each page of the book and straightens it out for you and compiles it into a single pdf. Before that even, in my early days, I would just use a computer scanner. It's been great having pdfs of all my books to flip though in bed without a mountain next to me and at the table I just pass my players my ipad and they can flip through a core rulebook that weighs under a pound lol. Again I must emphasize, DON'T SHARE THEM! We want FFG to make money, so they make us more books! I'm just saying, one could put the work in if they wanted them bad enough... I always wondered if I was alone in doing this?
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