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  1. Totally fine with me as well. Let's people have it both ways.
  2. I only have a few on my ignore list, but ErikB was reallllly annoying. They actually, finally, banned him - and that says something here.
  3. I watched that back in the day as a kid when it first happened. Memories...
  4. ****, agreeing with Donovan again. I think pretty much every movie made now is too long, so if you want to cut down Canto Blight, it's fine with me. I do wonder people have such trouble with Leia using a force power. She's had 30 years. Like the filming of the scene or not, it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  5. Cue cards require reading, so those are out. Personal helper to explain each scene to you.
  6. Horse puckey. Remember this? "The movie is disliked by more than some shadowy troll bot cabal despite what the overly emotional here might assert. Feel free to track on box office mojo if you like, unless that's considered another den of heresy by the devout...." That was just 8 days ago that you threw that out. You throw out a crack like "overly emotional" and compare people who like the movie to being in a cult, and then you throw a hissy fit? Please. You are just mad as Donovan laid it out. Feel free to report me as well.
  7. Sorry, but people who aren't white men get to be in these movies as well. I know, the horror, but you might feel better if you accept that now.
  8. The Warmaster's post really covers it well. Good job with that. Re: Rey's parents - I expect that they will change this for the next movie (unreliable narrator and all), but I'll regret it if they do. It's a big universe, and not all Jedi have to be Skywalkers. I'd prefer that you not have to be from the right lineage to be a big **** hero. Re: Snoke - I'm firmly in the who cares category. He's served his purpose, and besides I suspect he'll be covered more in novelization. Re: Poe - there is a great post about this movie and "deserve" on the Order 66 podcast forum. It's really worth a read. http://www.d20radio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=166&t=14774&sid=f60e147ff6773edcb1dad366ef221c69
  9. Do you think the Mouse was going to make him sleep with the fishes? Or that walrus critter?
  10. Rogue One is my 2nd favorite Star Wars movie. But I like a really good war movie, and that last 40 minutes was enough for me. Mileage may vary, of course.
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